Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin's Speech Online

If you missed Sarah Palin's speech it's available online at

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Dan said...

Sarah Palin delivered an impressive speech. I think that she will play a big role in Republican politics if she makes it through this race.

The thing that really disturbs me is the double standard around her and her family. She seems to be very tough and I look forward to her in the debates but people are already talking about how people can't be hard on her because it might upset women. I believe in ladies first but I feel it's hypocritical for anyone to talk about what a big step it is for her and women's rights but we can't be hard on her. She's tough and impressive. If she can't stomach the media scrutiny then she should bow out, but a vice presidential debate shouldn't begin with Joe Biden laying his coat down over a puddle so she can walk through it on her way to the debate. They are equal. Equal rights, right?

I am a father of two beautiful girls and applaud Mrs. Palin for taking this on but I am appalled by the way she has paraded her family around and then cries foul for people not respecting their privacy. If you run for office on conservative Christian values, don't act surprised if people ask about your pregnant teenager. The pressure the media has put on this girl and her boyfriend pale in comparison to the pressure the Republican Party has put on them. They HAVE to get married because there isn't an alternative plan. Did anyone else find it disturbing that Bristol Palin's boyfriend was on stage at the Republican National Convention? Her boyfriend's mom said they had planned on getting married before they found out she was pregnant. If either of my daughters start talking about marriage at the age of 16 or 17, I'm sitting down with my daughter, her boyfriend and his parents and we are going to talk. I'm not going to say my way or the highway, I'm just going to be involved.

Do I care whether or not Sarah Palin's daughter share the same hotel room at the convention, no. Do I feel it's a fair question to raise, yes. If you run on morals and values, you should be accountable to them and the media is pretty brutal sometimes. If Sarah Palin didn't realize the intense pressure that was going to be put on her pregnant teenage daughter when she accepted the role of the VP nominee, then she really isn't in touch with reality. Is it fair, no; but it isn't nearly the story that it would have been if Chelsea Clinton or one of the Bush daughters would have gotten pregnant. If you throw your child into a hole with Pit Vipers, you can't be mad at the snake.

Press on Sarah Palin and help pave the way for my little girls. The only thing you are entitled to is a lot of credit for breaking barriers and it is well deserved, but when it's time to get down to business, we're all equal.