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16 Sept 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

16 Sept 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Fox, and Thompson
Also Present: Kramer (Attorney, substitute), Pickens (Auditor) and Messmore (Administrator)
ABSENT: Ewbank (Attorney)
No uniformed police officer was present.

Commisisoner Candidate Tom Orschel was present.

1. Level 1 Travel Advisory was ratified for Sunday Sept 14th Wind Damage. A Disaster Declaration was also signed in case Bill Black can get aid for the county if we reach a certain level of damages. Commissioners discussed the opening of a shelter- Black decided to help case-by-cases instead as neighbors and families were helping each other. A church offered showers and Heart House offered showers and freezer space. Greendale and the County both sought and found loaner chippers from other counties and towns to help clear debris. There were still about 40% without power in REMC and Duke areas as of 3 PM Tuesday.

2. Carl Fryman’s letter of information was signed and sent to cities and towns in the county regarding the Building Dept status.

3. Darryl Sears of Sears Pendleton Architects had plans and services reviewed for the Animal Shelter. Changes need to be implemented, so this was TABLED until October meeting. They hope to break ground in January 2009. [NOTE: Kramer (for Ewbank) met with Sears prior to the meeting to go over the issues and changes needed by the county.]

4. Listerman Transportation Director- gave a 15- minute report. Listerman, Pickens, Messmore, and Fox were still without power in their sections of the county. Thompson’s came on Tues afternoon. South Dearborn going on 2 –hour delay Wed. Sunman Dearborn still closed as some of their buildings are without power. Lawrenceburg never closed.

Chassis and body bids for service truck came in under estimate at $76,401 total. Woody Sander chassis at $35,778 and Kaffenberger body at $40,623. Haag and Bloomington also bid for chassis.
Salt bid is 100% increase over last year at $98-99 /ton. We have 3200 tons guaranteed and hope to be able to get more if needed, but there is a shortage. Last year we used over 4,000 tons. 3200 is a 5 year average.
Some counties can’t even get quotes this year due to shortages and will be using sand or cinders. We mix ours with sand.

Listerman was approved to go to Council for milloings from Rohe’s project on SR244 north of Greensburg. Rohe will store the millings at their Penntown site for the county.

Triple Whipple hopes to be painted and finished by October 31.

Bridge 20 and Chesterville- beams set today and completed hopefully by Thanksgiving.

SR 1 is open tomorrow (Wed Sept 17) at 8-9AM. They are still working on issues, but the road is usable.

Fox asked about all the accidents on Pribble- Listerman looking to get something to rough up the pavement on the hillside there. Road damage as alternate route for SR1 not too bad.

5. Pickens tabled minutes for Hughes’s corrections and had commissioners revote on sheriff’s fund as it didn’t come through on the tape of that meeting. It was already signed. Claims signed.

6. Messmore- Administrator- NOTHING unless you have any questions for me. He was asked about the wind disaster and said he had a debriefing session with Bill Black on what we’d do differently if this happens again. Referral programs for assistance maybe. Hughes asked for a better way to communicate with utilities locally. Messmore said the Pubic Info Officer for the utilities needs to give consistent clear messages and we need updated phone numbers for these people. There were issues with how to clear trees with wires down and no one to contact. Listerman said he goes thru Bill Black for that.

7. Thompson said the Horse abuse and Horse Rescue issue in Franklin County is being looked into by that county.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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