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22 February 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

22 February 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Hall, Chairman, Kraus, Jr., Hoog, Lansing, Hornbach, Lehman, Nelson, and Thompson
ABSENT: Beiersdorfer

McGill, Attorney, McCormack Plan Director, and Barnhart, Ass’t Planner also present

OLD Business remained tabled.



McCormack relayed that Todd Listerman, Transportation Director, said the county standard for local roads is 8.5 “ asphalt. There was a thought that Augusta Drive should be at sub collector levels to take possible traffic from Stateline hill. Augusta is 8.8 “ average and Oakmont is 6.8” average. Three proposed options: add 1.5”sphalt for $150-200,00. Chip seal for $57,000. Chip seal Augusta and 1.5” asphalt for Oakmont for $62,000.

The TIF possibility was considered and the laws in Indiana and the Redevelopment Commission said it should be for areas needing redevelopment or for and economic development area. The county attorney and the Planning attorney thought the TIF should NOT be pursued. Rozow of the Chamber agreed that it was not to be pursued.

Ownership questions were narrowed down to about 8 parties with 5 Macke related and 4 Tuke related as of the 2007 county suit. The new Golf owners are FT Golf Course Management. LLC. They bought it 22 Jan 2010 from a real estate arm of UCB, who got it from UCB ended up with it from MT Investments- the original owner. ( MT = Macke and Tuke)

Owners and LLCs were researched from secretary of state and clerk of courts of Ham Co. Eagle Golf (Pebble Creek) is shown as inactive – the others are still active.

Legal status- the PZ attorney met with the county attorney ( Witte) who is pursuing First Financial to get a copy of the bond to see to whom it was released.

Greenspace lands are the only properties not tied to companies in the lawsuit- low taxes on these so they did not end up in tax sale.

Jim Espelage- Lot 110- thanked the county for snow removal- is opposed to chip seal- thinks it will look bad and wants the 1.5” asphalt option. Lansing told him HVL was chip seal. Lehman said this road is better than most in the county- need to preserve that.

Another resident- road is deteriorated in some spots – need to fix before it gets worse.

Robert Irwin- Pres of Villages of Sugar Glen HOA- thought maybe a loophole like creating a public park could get them qualified for a TIF. They sold 5 condos last year and have 3 building pads left- still selling in Sugar Glen.

Lisa Taylor- Carl Tuke is one of the owners- and owns part of the golf course- do you have a plan. The homeowners need to know what to expect next. Witte is finding the letter of credit next.

Hall said the PC recommends to commissioners – but commissioners decide. We are committed to not losing this road. Probably at least one more meeting after this.

McGill said attorneys will meet privately to discuss this before anything goes to the commissioners.

Nelson still likes the TIF option- may need to reframe the question to get a different answer. Put the traffic light on it too- if possible. People need to stay involved to keep this going.

Thompson said the problem didn’t get created overnight and won’t be solved overnight.

Lansing said it would be cheaper to just fix it that go to TIF. But county has no money.

Thompson-Plus it would set a precedent for other developers to not finish and leave it to the county.

Next meeting- probably April on at the earliest on Sugar Ridge.

COMP PLAN- REMINDER- March 31st at 7 PM

Fiscal Impact Analysis model- now under Travis Miller’s direction at OKI. Hope to have it up to testing out here soon. Big discussion on this model impacting the economy. Also issues with taxes being reduced due to economy. McCormack said the parameters can be adjusted.

Grant writing has been accomplished on 4 areas in the last 2 years for $2million. Staff is keeping busy helping in many areas to serve the county now that development is slow.

County plan staff anticipates providing more help with county parks plan and 208 plan.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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