Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Thompson Resigns Position of "Temporary" Overseer of Animal Control Center

January 29, 2010

Ralph E. Thompson, Jr., PE
9098 Mt Tabor Rd.
Aurora, IN 47001

Commissioner Tom Orschell
Commissioner Jeff Hughes

The Dearborn County Animal Control Facility has improved significantly. We obtained enough donations that food costs for December 2009 and January and most of February 2010 will be $0. We reduced the housed population by actively working with other rescue groups, beside Rescue Waggin' and without increasing euthanizations. We acquired free television advertising on a monthly basis and have a volunteer contacting new rescue groups. With the reduction in housed animals, we reduced the requirements for part time staff. I hope these improvements will continue.

In the fall, we discussed hiring a Director from the remaining candidates of the previous Director selection. Commissioners decided it was appropriate to open the position again for public opportunity. In December, we received three recommendations from the Animal Control Committee, but delayed selection of a director due to the pending status of the new facility.

At the January 26, 2010 County Council meeting the Council decided not to move forward with hiring a new Director or the fourth Animal Control Officer.

I provided donated time and services to the County to manage the Animal Control Facility. This saved the County the cost of a Director for almost a year. With Council's decision, there is no end in sight to this task. Due to my other responsibilities, I can no longer continue to donate time and effort to this endeavor. I hereby resign as Overseer of the Dearborn County Animal Control effective immediately.

Respectfully submitted,

Ralph E. Thompson, Jr., PE

Cc: County Council
Animal Control Board

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move on said...

What a thankless job that turned out to be. Too many competing interests and ideas for what was best for the shelter with little thought as to the costs associated that would have to be paid from somewhere knowing that with this economy the taxpayers are not much in the mood to pay more taxes.

Further, most folks no matter where do not care for an "outsider" coming in to run things. This was a lose/lose proposition from the very beginning. Hire a full-time director and get on with other matters.