Tuesday, February 09, 2010

9 February 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Special Meeting Notes

9 February 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Special Meeting Notes

These notes are from telephone conversations with Thompson and Orschell after this morning’s meeting.

Thompson, Orschell, and Hughes were present as well as Councilmen Kraus and Cheek. Pickens was present.

There was an executive session preceding this meeting.

The Med Ben claim was settled with Commissioners agreeing to pay copays from Aug 1 to Jan 1 on an employee.

The coordinator position was discussed with Orschell apologizing to council for any disruption their actions had caused. He realized that this was too much to ask one person to do and so they rescinded the previous motion from last week. Hughes wanted to keep the positions combined to save money. Bill Ewbank also noted that it would be too much for him to handle both jobs and do them well. Orschell read pertinent portions of Ewbank’s resume that he felt qualified him for the job. He cited Bill Ewbank’s experience in government, education, business, and not for profits. He was a translator in Vietnam with the US Navy. He graduated with a BA in History form Hanover College and had 8-years experience as our Veteran’s Officer. Under his appointment, Veteran’s benefits went from $1.8 million to $5 million. Orschell felt Ewbank was prompt, professional , and devoted to his office. He thinks he will get up to speed on this coordinator position quickly.

Commissioners decided to hire Bill Ewbank as coordinator for $45,000 per year. They will advertize for the Veteran’s Officer position. (Thompson did not vote as he thought they didn’t go through proper channels) Kraus and Cheek agreed that Ewbank may be the best person for the job, but they didn’t go through the process.

Bill Black brought in a grant, but it was tabled until Witte could review it.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


back seat said...

doors a starting to close be hind you what comes around goes around..

Anonymous said...
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durrr... said...

The process they went through for Ewbank is still wrong. They admitted they did the wrong thing and still tried to save face and make it half right. Let's turn 2 wrongs to a right and advertize the position correctly. If they can rescind the first wrong let's rescind the second wrong. One commish won't admit he's wrong but I think one can...

Hughesisadilbert said...

Glad to see Orshell come to his senses.

Not surprised that Hughes is still a first class idiot.

Observer said...

Thompson is right but should have voted AGAINST instead of abstaining. Given the way they run things why would ANYONE bother to submit an application for the Veteran's position?

One would think that even the amateurs that run our county would have figured out by now that if you don't have a process and stick to it, bad things will happen. Over and over they get into situations that cost the taxpayers because of sloppy administration. The most recent example is the $78,000 paid to Mr. Sears for plans they didn't use because the county didn't stick to the bid process. There are plenty of others I am sure you can think of.

This so called "hiring process" could easily be another one. Anyone care to start a pool on when one of the owners of a resume submitted for the Coordinator position files a discrimination in hiring suit that costs the county (ie. you and me) a bundle. If just one of these applicants is a minority or can come up with some similar scam, they will win and it will be because the clowns that run this circus all act like they can do whatever occurs to them at the time.

Anonymous said...
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