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26 August 2013 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

26 August 2013 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Mike Hall, Chairman, Dennis Kraus Jr., Russell Beiersdorfer, Mark Lehman, Mike Hornbach, Art Little (also commissioner), Jake Hoog, Dan Lansing (also councilman).

ABSENT: Ken Nelson

Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director and Karen Abbott, PZ Staff

Invited attendees who are present:

Wade Kimmon- GIS

Rick Fields- Dillsboro

Al Abdon- Greendale

Mark Neff- Chamber/DCEDI/CVTB  Interim

Jim Helms, John Rahe, Dave Deddins, Kevin Lynch (also Commissioner) - DC Redevelopment Commission

Mark McCormack passed out an executive summary of zoning ordinance proposals. These included the changes in zoning district classifications both subtractions and additions, changes in setback requirements, elimination of the minimum sizes for zoning districts, the addition of an agricultural covenant and changes in landscaping standards showing unacceptable plants for certain situations. They also eliminated landscaping requirements on the interior of parking lots. This is the same material he discussed with commissioners in July, 2013.

McCormack opened up their services to the redevelopment commission. He then went over the items on the handout and explained each proposal. He then asked for any questions.

I asked if the setbacks were comparable to the cities and towns. McCormack said that they hadn’t matched them up but that these would be adjusted or grandfathered if the property was annexed at some point. No further questions.

McCormack asked the audience about our current zoning maps He showed the two H-1 areas that will become B-1. There are only a couple M-3 areas both in flood plain by I-275 and along Laughery creek by Ohio County. The I-275 area had anticipated some fill when the interstate went in and didn’t happen. It is also Oxbow area. There is also Pfister and Savage owning a recreational area in that area too. Area east of the Greendale movie area is part Greendale and part County. It needs a lot of fill per Abdon. Dillsboro annexed some area along 262 south of old 50 and part of Daryl Cutter’s farm per Fields. Abdon said the end of Stephens Road which is part Ohio is a good spot for economic development. Wayne Willis owns the other property by HVL. The water tower above Oberting improves water pressure there. Moores Hill tried to annex some homes that need sewer. They don’t want to be in town. They may end up extending the sewer anyway per Mike Hall. Moore’s Hill generally is open for economic development. Moore’s Hill is broke and many citizens are also.

St. Leon couldn’t send a rep tonight. McCormack said that a consultant- Jim Kinnett - had been hired by them (with a grant) to help get economic development and they rezoned 100-160 acres to Industrial to attract it. Stenger and Hallinger (Andres’s daughter) have that property open to development.

The county- per John Rahe sees development in the threeTIF areas. They also anticipate some out by Dillsboro. The county map reflects this on the comprehensive plan. Rahe said there has been a lot of resistance along the I-74 area toward the west side of the county.

Neff said there was a meeting with IEDC in Batesville about 2 weeks ago on I-74 from Ohio to Indy.  He said he would talk with Trevor Lane to see what interest level there is with that. McCormack said they could help write some grants to help with that.

Abdon asked about another road for some connectivity north and south. There is a north south option to connect Bright to West Harrison but it would take a lot of money. It’s on the 2040 plan per McCormack. He said it would be good to have Lawrenceburg present. He said there is talk that they are interested in expanding outside their boundaries for tax base.  McCormack also said that Lawrenceville road is a good N-S road on the west side of the county.

They can do it thru an EDC- economic development corp. per Abdon. DCEDI owns some of the Stone property per Neff. Rahe said that grant money from Lawrenceburg is what would make a big difference to the county being able to get people signed up for projects here. Hall said our permitting fees are so much less that Hamilton County. He detailed the difference with KY using the planning going through the courts also.

McCormack said we are going to update our comprehensive plan and try to get our advisory committee reformed for around October. They will be trying to add an economic development element to this.

They have also dropped some fees on many applications in the county so that we can be fair to the citizens requiring services. They streamlined application forms as well and have moved to permitting software. This will get closer to one stop applications.

Kevin Lynch thanked everyone for coming and praised the services we have in planning and zoning and GIS also. He encouraged people to utilize these resources.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


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