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6 August 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

6 August 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present:, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

ABSENT: Gayle Pennington, Auditor. Connie Fromhold covered for the Auditor, Gayle Pennington


Township advisory Board vacancy Washington Township- tabled repeatedly. Tabled again.

Support Letter for St. Leon- Mark McCormack, Planning Director- asking for a letter required by Lawrenceburg for their land acquisition of about 50 acres and another of 160 acres for economic development. Randall said she might touch base with St Leon about the new policies and rules with Lawrenceburg for their 10 county grants. Lawrenceburg is talking about a maximum of $1million for each county. She thinks that this information and the rest she knows would help increase the likelihood of them getting a grant. Jim Kinnett – the consultant hired by St. Leon- prepared the application so far.  [NOTE: Wouldn’t Kinnett know the Lawrenceburg rules? He worked for DCEDI.] Kinnett has talked with some of the people in Lawrenceburg per McCormack. They are asking for a large amount of money. They may have to pare it back. They want to apply for the whole thing first and see what happens. [NOTE: Lawrenceburg needs to see the whole scope. If they only fund part- then St Leon needs to know whether or not future money will be likely.] Both McHenry and Lynch were supportive and McHenry said that it is up to St. Leon to get this in the proper form for application. But he was supportive of it either way. Randall didn’t want to get sideways of anyone in Lawrenceburg by just approving anything. She wanted them to be aware of the changes going on in Lawrenceburg and also was meeting with Grant Hughes anyway so she could talk to him. Commissioners approved sending a letter pending Randall’s research.



Permission to seek bids for annual cyclical review- Gary Hensley, Assessor said  this goes on at a rate of 25% across 4 years. Having the data as current as possible should make it easier for the consultant to hit the ground running.  Contract will be reviewed by DLGF in addition to the commissioners and county attorney. Baudendistel has reviewed the contract. He is asking approval to seek the bids. Commissioners approved allowing assessor to seek these bids.

Jack’s Forever 3 Walk/Run- Approved with the stipulation that they notify homeowners of road closures on a Sat morning run in September. They will also notify the other depts. such as fire/ems/sheriff etc.

GIS Usage agreement- Wade Kimmon- They used another county’s usage agreement as a backbone. This was to protect the county from solicitation, and other liabilities. Access can be denied to groups based on their intended use of our GIS data. Commissioners approved this agreement letter that has been reviewed by Baudendistel. Commissioners welcomed Wade and said this letter proved he was hitting the ground running.

Building Dept/Planning and Zoning/GIS- Permitting Software Purchase- Bill Shelton said they had reviewed and seen this software running. They wanted to get approval to go to Council to raise fees to keep this running. Ongoing maintenance costs $6500 plus. It would only be about $5 fee increase. If the money is set aside to cover the service it perpetuates the service, per McCormack. Permits can be done from home even. As they build their work flows it can be used in other departments. It can be used for complaints for example. Listerman supports it too. It saves driving and time as well for the citizen using it. It is all tied together and it is a better tracking system. Our fees are moderate compared to others around us. There is a lot of disconnect in the system right now- this would help unify things. Baudendistel suggested getting the auditor’s office to check with the county who uses this system to see about setting up a separate fund for this. Commissioners support this process and approved them going forward to raise fees to get the necessary funding for the permitting software. They will send the fee schedule to Commissioners and them if approved specifically they will take it to Council. They will also see Pennington to get public notice out on the fee schedule.

Randlall said that McCormack has been instrumental in helping them get fees for and wrote the text for RFQ on the county website. Wade Kimmon will be  a big help in seeing how to use IS for economic development etc. The commissioners thanked them for their extra service.

Coroner- Steve Callahan- approval to go to Council for another cot for their vehicle. The one they have is only rated for 250 lbs. One of his deputies presented the information. One is expensive from Striker which is electronic. This eliminates lifting from the couch position which is the lowest position they load from. He cited issues with lifting injuries also. Only 2 cot manufacturers and the other one doesn’t have the lifting abilities needed. Mortuary cots are like lawn chairs and no liability for the decedent if dropped as if when a live patient is on it. Truck is already set up for the wiring on these. [NOTE: Coroner deals with only deceased people.] Commissioners allowed  coroner to go to council to seek $32,765 for a Striker Self loading cot.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer:

Change order- Bridge #34- for over and under runs in the contract and an additional field entrance for one resident- $1341.95 for total cost $483,536.15 for ShortRidge bridge. Approved.

Award Contract for Lake Tambo Bridge #41- 3 bidders $383134.18 McAllister, 389460.55 O’Mara, and 283,287.25 Rohe. Rohe was approved as lowest bidder and will proceed right away.

Tim Grieve, Highway Superintendent:

Truck Quotes for the 3 pickup trucks that council approved seeking. He tried to get them appales to apples but some are red delicious and some are yellow delicious. The differences are in heated rear glass etc. Haag  $27,712 each.  Herlinger Chevy  $28489.85.  Lawrenceburg Chevy  $28986.78. Wyler  $36,000. Lawrenceburg Chevy was actually late at submitting quote. Commissioners approved the low quoter – Haag Ford.

Request to talk to hiring committee to replace some of staff that they lost. It is not asking for extra help- it is in the budget. Employees that left either quit, fired, and one promoted to Listerman’s staff. And two more before that. Commissioners approved Grieve to go to hiring committee with his request.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- Lynch and she had final meeting with Dillsboro EMS. She has their contract  for $40,000 for 2 units. Approved.

60 parking spaces blacktopped in the Votaw Shumway site. Will be landscaped soon. The commissioners may want to designate this space for a certain use. She also said there are issues with Health Dept visitors in the lot behind the adm building also. They are trying to get employees to free up these spaces as well as the lot in front of the adm building. Eric Hartman and she will come to them before the next meeting on how to manage this. The lot in front of the jail should be open in the next two weeks.  They will still lose 4 spots there. The goal is to make it convenient for everybody. McHenry wants to be there when she and Eric meet and also include Pennington’s input.

Brad Ruhlman from Maxwell Construction on the jail progress. They are on schedule and on budget. They had sewer connection issues, etc.  They are doing the geo piers and helico piers. They are pouring curbs for front lot and starting on foundations next. They are going to get share CSX lot for some vehicles. They installed a conduit from existing jail to EMA building. Perfect time now that the ground is torn up. Indicom ran fiber over there to get rid of Centurylink’s monthly fee. Total cost was about $8,000 for the complete setup. The Centurylink fee was $600 per month. The conduit access was $2000 plus. Payback is a little over a year. Gravel and drainage is being worked out in the lots too. Baudendistel asked for lien waivers to be reviewed and the first payment application is working its way through. This protects the payment o suppliers and vendors.

Another vehicle auction is coming up soon.

AUDITOR: Connie Fromhold presented for Pennington. July 16th minutes signed and approved. Claims approved.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel:

Redevelopment Commission Fund Ordinance- Auditor’s office needs these monies separated into their own fund. They were managed by the Lovell Group and Aug 1st the county is now handling them. He cited that they can assume any power that is not expressly denied by statute. Baudendistel read the ordinance and Commissioners approved it with Lynch abstaining as he is on the redevelopment Commission.

Drug Free Workplace Ordinance- tabled

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS – Lynch wished Randall happy Birthday on Friday. And also Sue Hayden who had a birthday yesterday.

Baudendistel will be absent at next meeting due to pending birth of his next child.



Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


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