Thursday, August 08, 2013

8 August 2013 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

The Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission met August 8th at 5 PM following a one hour executive session. No decisions were announced following the executive session.

Register Publications also covered this meeting.

Members present were: John Rahe, Chairman, Dave Deddins, and Jim Helms.

ABSENT: Kevin Lynch who was in INDY with a friend who had lost his 23 year old daughter in a car accident and Jim Deaton, who was on vacation, per Randall.

Andrea Ewan, Attorney, Terri Randall, Administrator, and Sue Hayden, took minutes.

Maynard Barrett, Councilman, was also in attendance.


Minutes were approved for July with the correction that Wade Kimmon was in attendance.

New Business:

Terri Randall stated that the budget for 2014 was submitted to Council for $100,000 instead of the $75,000 from previous years. CVTB ( Visitor’s Bureau) pays $50,000 and the Council pays $25,000. She is asking Council for additional $25,000 to match CVTBs $50,000. The Redevelopment Commission approved the budget request.

Terri Randall received approval to pay the following invoices:

1.       Lonnie Steele- $400 per month ($800 so far) for mowing in the West Harrison TIF. She researched this price and found out it was reasonable.

2.       Sue Hayden- $80 for 5 hours of staying late to do minutes at $16/hour. She is paid higher that her salary rate as she is a private contractor for this and gets a 1099.

3.       Bayer Becker Engineering- $385

4.       Terri Randall- $63.71 reimbursement for taking broker to lunch in preparation for the grant project.

**They did NOT pay the IN OH Railway as Bayer Becker advised them not to yet- further research on that bill for $630.

Terri Randall reported that they need to contract with DCEDI because they are a separate entity now. DCEDI asked for an updated agreement and payment of $17,000 to finish 2013. She was approved to work on that agreement/contract.

The flood plain proposal by a company for a study in the West Harrison Corridor for $8600 was discussed. Terri Randall will meet with Planning dept and others in the county to see if we don’t already have much of that information already. If they go ahead they will get at least 3 quotes. This is needed for land purchases in that TIF area.

Terri Randall reported that the report for County Council was submitted on time on August 1 and will go to DLGF ( State Board of  Accounts) by Oct 1. It lists the TIFs, parcels, and balances of their TIF accounts.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


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Anonymous said...

why don't the highway dept mow the tif land sence they have the mowers would save tax payers $400 a month.