Thursday, August 22, 2013

Indiana Lt Governor Needs Lesson In How To Be a Public Official

Lt Governor Needs Lesson In How To Be a Public Official
by Denise Freitag Burdette
Register August 22, 2013 Edition


trust us? said...

And why did our commissioners not make an announcement that they were meeting? How many other meetings of this type go on without the public or newspaper knowing about them?

Anonymous said...

Really ? I don't know what the beef is you could have stayed if you wanted to and you acknowledge that. Where was the register and the press when the Indy Star told the world what going on down here?

detective wannabe said...

Sometimes illegality becomes more obvious after a meeting. If you leave before the meeting starts, how do you know if there is a quorum of any government boards present?
How do you know if this invitation only meeting is legitimate?
The reporter investigated and reported to the PUBLIC what she found out.
Too bad our county government officials aren't as diligent in protecting the public's interests.

Anonymous said...

can they vote on anything at that meeting?

sunshine law said...

Voting is not what makes this open to the public.
Riverboat Revenue was discussed with the Lt Governor.
Do you think that should be a secret?