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13 February 2014 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

13 February 2014 Dearborn County Redevelopment Meeting Notes

Present: Dave Deddens, Chairman, Jim Helms, John Rahe, Jim Deaton, Maynard Barrett, and Dusty Burress (non- voting school board member)

Also present:Terri Randall, Andrea Ewan, and Randy Maxwell

Erika Schmidt Russell (Register Publications) covered this meeting

Executive session preceded this meeting at 8 AM. Randy Maxwell and Terri Randall attended the last half of the executive session. Contracts that were discussed at this meeting were approved. [NOTE: These contracts relate to Randall and Hayden job descriptions with the county and covering their time spent on Redevelopment work during the work day. Commissioners will have to be involved in the final decisions on these.]

Minutes from Jan 9TH Meeting were approved

Unfinished Business-

2014 Meeting dates and times- 2nd Thursdays at 8 AM

Billboard on I-74-  Billboard says 80 miles of opportunity and has a website to contact etc. per Randall. may change domain name. Contacts are not available at that website now. Randall said we need to work for DC and also think regionally. Could maybe bring more into that process and get more people to pay for this. Flood plain issues need to be resolved before we aggressively market down there (West Harrison). Randy Maxwell said that we will bring up the discussion about the billboard and consider alternatives. Not illuminating it costs less, Deddins said. He also said Tom Stone would work with them on that. $1600 to do a whole new canvas on this. Negotiate with I-74 Corridor Organization was approved. The contract with the billboard is with EDI and not with redevelopment per Lynch- so the notice clause doesn’t necessarily mean us. Helms said that a lot of counties may not be involved with I-74. The larger cities along the way and Duke energy etc are still in per Randall. She doesn’t think we have paid any membership into this group. Ewan said the old contract with Stone doesn’t exist as EDI doesn’t. So a new negotiated contract would be considered March 1st on per Deddins and pay thru Feb from Redevelopment. Stone is willing to negotiate and said so at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Mills.

Lynch left at this time for work.- 9 AM

New Business-

Financials- $100,000 budget.  Working on CVTB to get $50,000 of this. Talked to Charlotte Hastings new chairperson of CVTB. Maynard also on that board and he said he does not know where they are on this issue with new board members. CVTB ordinance was redone as the membership representations were not appropriate. Dee Hacker and Dave Lorey were not able to fit in with the new rules. They also had to balance political parties. John Rahe asked for the above clarification.

Claims- $1million is still there for land acquisitions – claims of $6527.52 were approved with the billboard payment of $1000 for March until after contract negotiated to our new terms.

County Administrator Report- Terri Randall- Annual Report- in process and London Witte has done it in the past so it will be done by March 1st due date.

Randall reported on a Hardest Hit Blighted Properties Program of 1-4 family residences- NOT commercial properties. This is a state program that recently rolled out. This would be helpful for abandoned housing and it would have up to $8.5 million in 8 counties in the district.

Randall is travelling to check on opportunities that might help with West Harrison TIF. Through the consulting work with Randy Maxwell she is coming across a lot of resources. A former P&G exec working with XU and a website called Brand America is an example. Randy and I loved the articles and called him and he spent an hour talking to us. Mark Neff notified IEDC that I would be the new contact for all county business leads. IEDC reached out to her and she will meet with them to get help and get up to speed. Steve Pope at Epop ran website for EDI and he will work with her to modify this to reflect accurately the people to contact and that we are a right to work state. When you get a lead form the state and there is a long list of information that they need in a week’s time. Got a confidential lead from the state and it was a large facility that needed steam. So this wasn’t available here. She read all the info needed- [ NOTE: Much of this is available at Planning and Zoning. In fact some is in the reports for the next meeting of that master plan amendment group. I the past the master plans have combed and added analyzed census block data to the master plans that were published. The county planning office seems to be more than willing to pull up this data and help the Redevelopment Commission. Wade Kimmons combined with that office may be able to produce and keep that data updated at low cost as they are already paid by the county. I did advise Randy Maxwell of that source after the meeting.] She also reached out to the RR and Gennessee and Wyoming is glad to hear from us and will be here next week to meet. She wants to show the labor pool 10 and 20 miles out from the site.

Economic Development position has been approved and the board has met and will meet with Mayors on a monthly basis. The official line of reporting is to the board- not to her. They are moving forward with getting that person. Wade Kimmon is really sharp with GIS and he is helping on EMS info and showed others what he can do with their GIS to save money. If it means a part time person to help they will up their budgets to help pay for this kind of service. Gayle Pennington supports using him for this also. (He reports to Pennington.)

Randall needs pictures and autobiographical sketch or resume for the website for each of them.

Randy Maxwell hit on 3 things that have to happen:

Labor study is really important- # 1 factor when people look for business sites.

#2 Quality of life, access to labor important. We know it is great but we have to show what we have. He talked to a big distribution center- and he told them about Cushman Wakefield out of Chicago who can do a labor force study and it is not too expensive.

#3 He thinks the story we can tell people is that we have a lot of commuters who would rather work closer to home for equal or better pay. Business climate and taxes are better than adjoining states. That needs to be our model. That needs to be our story.

Last item for RFPs for more survey work for revised flood plain data. He is hoping the river has dredged itself and that may reduce the flood plain. This data will go back to the engineer to see what the data says. You need to know what the survey says before the engineer does any more work. Survey work won’t happen till May or June. [NOTE: Not sure I understand this engineer report. The new flood plain maps exist. If they don’t corroborate that the properties are out of the flood are, then how does a single engineer’s report play. Isn’t flood insurance based on the official flood maps?]

Property acquisition issues already discussed in executive session per Maxwell.

Attorney’s report- Andrea Ewan- She is part of College Success Coalition funded thru the American Student Achievement Institute. They are looking for organizations to sign on. If we sign on then we can access their labor force info. This will give access to data. Grades 6-12 data and FAFSA data, ISTEP scores etc. This is brand new and she wants to include the Redevelopment Commission as part of their membership. FREE. Board approved joining this and she plans to reach out to other Redevelopment organizations to join.

Other Business- none

Meeting adjourned at 9:45AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


Anonymous said...

How does a river dredge it's self?
The footprint may change, but the silt is still in the floodplain.
Look at the Larosa's site on US50, where does all that displaced flood water go?

Anonymous said...

the engineer that did the study are they the one that works for Dearborn county just asking they are going to star earning pay just asking?