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4 February 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

4 February 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

This meeting was held in the Library Depot Room due to the grand jury convening in the regular meeting room.

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

West County Line Road name changes - was moved to the beginning of the meeting by Shane McHenry. He checked with Tami Wissman (wife of former sheriff Dave Wissman) to see if all West County Line Rd residents were present or if they should wait to start. She indicated that those she knew were coming were present. He apologized to them for what had happened and said they were doing to make changes so this won’t happen again. Mark McCormack and Todd Listerman were asked to come up for explaining the process and why this was done.  McCormack said that a committee was set up of several departments and they were changing road names to make them consistent. Examples were things like N Dearborn vs North Dearborn. This was so that search engines for assessor, 911, etc would all be able to find these roads. Mark McCormack did further research with former staff who had served this committee. This group met twice a month and went thru all the roads alphabetically to fix these per Listerman also. Letters were sent out to residents so they would know of changes. Some roads were renamed into two parts officially like West and East Laughery for example. The County Line road issues are coming up with 911 as they came across into Ripley County for emergency responders. Charlie Ashley also weighed in on the 911 issues. McCormack said that this was the first road name change of this magnitude and they were previously doing mostly numeric changes. He thinks we should change this process for the future and this should involve the commissioners’ approval. Barkley and Noel were road name changes based on old property owners that had a large amount of property there. They were trying to give it some sort of local flavor. Letters were sent out January 6 and 67 went out. One was to Commissioners as county owns a piece on this road. Letters had been written before Christmas- but waited until after the first of the year so that it wouldn’t affect Christmas deliveries etc.  McCormack did say that he believes the names should be changed if there are any 911 response time issues and postal delivery issues.  Addresses are done south to north and east to west per Listerman.  Road names are now one word like Stateline and no abbreviations or apostrophes. Listerman also explained why Barkley was named and not continued as Coldsprings due to the numbering system we used. He said also that they should have sought more input. Both McCormack and Listerman reiterated their apologies and said they could have handled this better. Charlie Ashley said that 911 was not part of this committee. (perhaps Ashley is unaware of his dept. rep attending when Ron Barnhart was handling the committee in  the beginning)  McCormack said that Ron Barnhart had contacted that dept to be part of committee in the beginning. McHenry said that the bottom line was whether or not West  County Line needed to be changed. He realizes some people may have made changes and some haven’t so some people might still be upset if they did some check printing etc. The commissioners then voted to NOT change the name so it reverts back to the original name. Commissioners asked McCormack to make some ordinance change to make sure all name changes pass through the commissioners for approval. Baudendistel would review this also. They will get this accomplished in the next 2-4 weeks. Public invited to speak. Tami Wissman- said that it was important to keep it the same and thanked them for listening to them. McHenry said that now we have fixed the problem for them and for the future. She also turned in their petitions to commissioners. Rick Hudson- postmaster of Moores Hill will send out letters for the notification to save county money. ( $6 per letter certified) County was appreciative of that help.  Linda Heidt of one of the churches and cemeteries there was appreciative of them keeping it the same. Listerman will have all new West County Line signs at all the intersections when the weather permits. She also alerted the county to signage needed on Boyd Road to alert semis etc of the inability for them to pass thru to West County Line safely. Glen Wright also informed residents that name changes do not affect their deeds. Lynch also thanked everyone for being here and doing part of their job to keep the county in line.

 OLD BUSINESS: started at 9:30 AM


 Highway Engineer- Todd Listerman was reappointed.

911 Director- tabled again

Bill Black- District 9 Planning Council- tabled again


Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack- Proposed changes to Article 8 – Floodplain regulation- Baudendistel said there were some federal standards that changed that affected ours. PC met Dec 16th and forwarded a favorable recommendation to amend the ordinance and added sections. This makes sure we qualify for national flood insurance program. New flood maps are in affect by April 16, 2014. McCormack noted that larger areas are in the flood plain due to development generally. Indiana has one of the largest amounts of flood insurance because of allowances along the Ohio River for building.  Art Little said that it is not good for businesses with the new maps etc. The levee is not recognized by both Army Corps and FEMA now. Just by one of the agencies.  Commissioners approved the changes to article 8.

Ruth Ann Batta- request to approach council for summer art camp funding- this is really a class for kids who love art. 32 in each class and 4 classes. Had 2 kids from Colorado visiting and they took them also. They go to colleges to see art careers. They are going to state parks this year to work with naturalists and do print making, painting, crafts and drawing class. They will go to the Miller House in Columbus IN and see the architecture. They will also do the architecture and history of Columbus while they are there. Program costs $12,000 but the county has funded $2000 a year. Marlene Livingston will guest lecture also. McHenry wanted to know if she had a class in stick figure art. . Commissioners gave permission for her to go to Council for $2000 funding again. [NOTE: It should be noted that Batta goes thru the proper process for this request. Several other kids organizations go straight to Council for their funding. It should also be noted that the county audit every year states that charitable donations are not a proper use of Riverboat Revenue. In any event- as the boat money gets tighter, organizations need to find alternative sources of funding.]

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- unsafe building ordinance tabled until Feb 18th- it has been emailed to commissioners. He sent it for review up to state inspector also. He also sent commissioners a mutual aid agreement with Franklin County in case we need FEMA funds after a disaster. We also need them with the other counties. These are with the coroners of each county. Commissioners approved Baudendistel doing these agreements. He has no issues with Sunman Life Squad paperwork or the agreements with the highway dept to be discussed later this meeting. He will also look over Animal Control ordinance soon. Baudendistel left at this point for court duties.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer:

Signature on housekeeping letter to Beam Longest and Neff, LLC for Stateline Road project. In 1999 construction inspection was part of the contract. (14 years ago) They terminated that contract and are opening it to consultants to get to what today’s needs really are. Commissioners signed the letter.

Change Order 2 for Bridge #41- Lake Tambo- open to traffic and they will do erosion control this spring. Additional asphalt pavement was needed and ROW acquisition to get a catch basin by his driveway instead of open ditch to avoid damaging a tree. $7500.53. Signed by commissioners.

INDOT approved Parsons Brinkerhoff and the county for contract for April letting for Bridge 55.

Was informed by INDOT that bridge 24 Cold Springs Rd for fiscal 2017. Maybe 2016 beginning.  $960,000 is the 80% and we are responsible for the other 20%.

County has obtained more salt but at increased prices. He latest supply came from Cleveland.

Signatures EMS Contract- Sunman Area Life Squad- approved for $40,000 for their 2 units.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall – Whitewater Mill- the Redevelopment Commission is ready to transfer the property to them. Barnes and Thornburg prepared these and reviewed by Andrea Ewan. The first is a vendors affidavit for quit claiming the property to Whitewater Mills LLC- and commissioners signed this. Certification of non- foreign status entity was signed by commissioners. This is for a tax issue that would be dealt with IF the Mills were a foreign entity. The actual quit claim deed was read by Randall. They sold it for $1. Commissioners signed it and Dave Deddens, the President of the Redevelopment Commission, will sign it.

Randall said the groundbreaking was well attended last week.

She wanted to bring the commissioners up to date on the architect selection for the courthouse. She said the Council has approved money for this. The y put together a committee and they have gotten it down to 2 final candidates. John Maxwell was present for this. DLZ and Schmidt Associates are the 2 final candidates. They have historical background and they have a minimalist approach to not overspend. Either one will be able to do the project.  First recommendation is DLZ from the committee. If they can’t get a good contract price then they will go to Schmidt. McHenry likes to follow committee recommendations as they research it well. A vote allows her to negotiate- not to sign the contract- That will come to commissioners meeting. 

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- minutes from Jan 23rd approved. Claims signed.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch said the Highway dept has done a great job. They are really putting the effort in. Messer will be at Janet’s Diner in Dillsboro if any wants to meet Sat morning. Saturday Brett Bondurant will receive keys to their new home at 11 AM.  Little said that salt is in short supply and so sand and grit will happen if we run out. They have found some salt in Cleveland. McHenry said the ALICE  training went well and staff feel much better prepared. He complimented EMA on the course. One of the participants received a cut in the process and is healing. Whitewater Mill was an excellent groundbreaking ceremony. Hopes we have more.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Glen Wright- Recorder- said there is a national document processing service for $88 scam going around. He wants to check and see if this company is even registered or legit. The rest of this information other than the deed is available quite cheaply from the recorders office.

Bill Black presented cancellation of the Yellow travel Advisory from January. They reissued a yellow travel advisory from about 4 PM on today. Listerman concurred. Commissioners voted to let Black issue the advisory whenever he thinks it’s needed today. 

Pennington brought up that the people from Hoosier Square didn’t attend either training session. Black said Judge Humphrey brought that to his attention. He will address that.

Feb 18 is also a MORNING MEETING at 8:30 AM


Meeting adjourned at 10:30

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


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