Thursday, February 27, 2014

Court Dates for Kathy Hess Case

Kathy Hess Court Dates as listed in the court documents:

Call courthouse (Judge Cleary's Superior Court I) to check if these have been rescheduled, if you plan to attend.

First Pretrial- March 17 at 11 AM

Final Pretrial and Plea deadline- May 19 at 3 PM

Jury Trial June 9 at 8:30 AM


Jeff Tempson said...

I guess I'm this a dan brewington thing where everyone hates the prosecutor. This lady killed someone and everyone is talking like she's getting wrongly prosecuted.

blind justice said...

Maybe it is because she didn't kill someone.
Innocent until proven guilty.
In America.
Dearborn County is in America isn't it?

Anonymous said...

True she is innocent until proven guilty (or not) but yes Jeff, this is about the prosecutor. He could prosecute and get a conviction for a serial killer and people would still be trying to make it look like it's a Brewington thing all over again. Brewington's torchbearers are as weirdly obsessive as he is.

Anonymous said...

Dan Brewington didn't make people hate Negangard,Negangard made people hate Negangard. Brewington just publicized Negangard's conduct. Are you saying Brewington is has the ability to gather followers like the pied piper? How could someone with alleged poor communication skills and erratic writing abilities (at least that's what Connor and Humphrey claimed) have the ability to trick so many people? There isn't any debate whether Negangard abuses grand juries. He had Brewington indicted for releasing grand jury information. Negangard didn't even have any evidence to present at trial to support the charge, much less an indictment. How did he get an indictment without evidence? Albert Einstein once said, “Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.” I guess I am one of those Branch Brewingtonians who refuse to ignore the fact that Negangard abused the grand jury in Brewington's case. Or the fact the prosecutor's office argued Brewington should have a high bond because he had disdain for the prosecutor's office. I think it was Kisor that said he felt Brewington, showed "an absolute disdain for the Court and for the prosecution and certainly that's okay with the first amendment as long as it doesn't affect with everybody, affect everybody's right to a fair trial." A $600,000 bond was necessary in order to protect the prosecution's right to a fair trial? Yet Negangard can slew all kinds of slop to his little minions like Debra Dixon to try to influence public opinion prior to jury selection. Lord knows it's not in the public's best interest to know that Judge Humphrey takes away children because parents criticize the courts. I know, it was probably for the greater good because Brewington is a jerk. Yeah, that makes sense. But unfortunately being a jerk doesn't make you dangerous. Humphrey didn't think Brewington was dangerous because he allowed Brewington to continue to care for his kids for two months after Humphrey heard all the evidence against Brewington.

Is Kathy Hess innocent? Who knows? Does Negangard abuse grand juries? I think that is a resounding YES. Even after all that happened in the Brewington case, there are Negangard Honks and/or Brewington haters who would still stick by Negangard if he indicted Mother Teresa as a Dearborn County serial killer even though she'd never been in Dearborn County. If people had the nerve to point out she couldn't have committed the murders because she died in 1997, the honks would be crying "You're just another Brewington supporter!" Before any of you Negangard bootlickers respond, I want you to answer how Negangard can get an indictment without evidence? Then tell me how can someone get a fair trial when Negangard got whatever evidence he needed from a deceased woman to pursue a murder charge and then hurried the body to the crematorium before the defense had the ability to get a second opinion. Oh yeah. Negangard wouldn't lie that bad; he only lies in small affairs. Seacrest out!

blind justice said...

What do the Hess Case and the Brewington Case have in common?

reality check said...

Kathy Hess wasnt charged by a grand jury. It was by affidavit and judge cleary found probable cause that she committed the crime...why all this "negangard abuses grand juries" nonsense...?