Wednesday, March 19, 2014


On Friday March 14 at 3:58 PM the following posting was emailed to county employees by HR. It was not posted to the county website for the public to apply.


Executive Assistant, Office of the Commissioners - Overview:  Provide senior level assistance in the execution of the goals, directives, research, and tasks assigned by the Board of Commissioners and/or County Administrator.  Coordinate day to day activities of the Commissioners’ office; routinely handling confidential and/or sensitive information.  Use discretion, independent judgment and make decisions for resolution of problems and various other duties.

Incumbent will have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or strongly related field with five plus years of professional experience.


County Administrator/Lead Economic Development Officer – Overview: Assist Commissioners in the administration and enforcement of County Policies, Ordinances and Resolutions.  Supervise activities of County Government for which the Commissioners have responsibility.  Recommend policy changes and support goals for the County.  Prepare and submit regular or special reports to the Commissioners.  Work closely with the Auditor and Treasurer as needed to ensure the Commissioners are advised of the financial condition of the County.  Negotiate contracts, supervise county property, prepare annual Commissioner budgets, work with elected officials, schedule and coordinate special events, manage risk, ensure compliance with OSHA, ADA and other regulations, supervision of Commissioner personnel, serve on boards as well as monitoring activity of boards, act as media spokesperson, etc.

Baccalaureate or Master’s degree in Public Administration, Business Management or closely related field and experience in substantial work and leadership. 

Employees of Dearborn County may apply in Human Resources until 3/21/14.

[NOTE: This posting is required by the personnel policy handbook- see below. It is not clear why they restricted applicants to county employees only. The handbook does not indicate that, although they encourage internal promotion. This job posting is from the county that recently posted a state of the county report stating that they are open and transparent. ]

Personnel Policy Handbook Section 2.1


Whenever vacancies occur or new positions are created, job information SHALL be publicly posted within the County facilities for a minimum of seven (7) calendar days and until the position is filled. Bulletin boards located in each county building will be used for posting job openings. The County encourages internal promotion and transfer whenever possible.

Newspaper, trade journal, and website advertising MAY be used in recruiting employees. Advertisements SHALL describe the position, basic qualifications, and state that the County is “An Equal Opportunity Employer.”

Basic qualifications of formal education, background, and experience SHALL be determined before recruiting begins and SHALL be based upon job requirements as well as dictates of applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Authorization to recruit and hire to fill a vacancy in an existing or newly created position rests solely with the elected official and designated department heads.


Anonymous said...

The ad is just a formality, I sure the inner circle already made their choice(s)

Jobs R Us said...

Interesting that the economic development director wants to bring jobs to the county, but wants to keep more than one job for herself.