Friday, March 14, 2014

Register Publications Solicits Comments on County Report

Register Publications Solicits Comments on County Report

What do you think?

Below is a link to the State of Dearborn County report. Let us know what you think about the state of the county, if you agree or disagree with items in the report. What would you, the county resident and taxpayer, like to see happen or know more about?

Send us your comments on Facebook, via our website,, or email them to us. You can remain anonymous, but keep your comments clean, polite and germane to Dearborn County. Trolls will not be tolerated.

Email comments to or, and put “State of County” in the subject line.


1 comment:

Hypocrisy said...

The report puts Economic Development as a big priority- listing it first and with the longest narrative.
Fiscal Responsibility is next with 3 items- and technological efficiency opportunities is last in that list. That could actually be the item that would promote the county as a whole AND benefit the citizens and staff.
Does the county commissioner board recognize the many workers it takes to accomplish these goals?
Unfortunately the open door that the county boasts about in the report is a farce.
How can I get to a meeting when I am at work or just leaving work when the meeting starts? Commissioners meeting times are the worst for adapting to a working class of citizens - the same group of citizens they say they are trying to attract by spending all that economic development money. Seems hypocritical to me.