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20 May 2014 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

20 May 2014 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr.,  President, Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Randy Lyness, Charlie Keyes, and Bill Ullrich.

ABSENT: Maynard Barrett

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Teresa Randall, County Administrator

Prosecutor- Aaron Negangard- Office and travel expense- This deals with Adult Protective services. They are on a fiscal year and not on a calendar year like we are. This $8,000 is money that would be reimbursed at 100%. Morris motioned and Ullrich 2nd Approved.

Depositions-Negangard said- It is difficult to control. They are requested by defense attorneys. We have to pay for our copy of transcripts. He requested $30K and got $20K at budget. He is down to $7,000 now and it won’t last thru the year. Ullrich motioned and Lyness 2nd – approved for $10,000.

Assessor-Gary Hensley-replace PTABOA member- code changes requires this change, He has a resignation letter. As of July 1st the code changes this. Reappointed Bill Hartwell to that position to replace Mary Booker, who did a great job for us. Approved.

Salary change- office manager retired who was also first deputy. $13.08 to $13.93/hr as budgeted. Approved to promote from another person in the office. She also gets retroactive pay as she started on April 14. Approved retroactive pay also. (first time they have done retroactive this year per Kraus, Sr.) There are currently two first deputies making $13.93/hr per Hensley now.

Staff vacancy and level 3 requirements- he is short handed and he thinks it affects their work load and assessments are running late. He is two people short. It will fall into the situation that happened 7 years ago. He asked them to reconsider rehiring for a staff member who had retired. He thinks we will get non-compliant. They have to get them hired and get them thru the certification process. Lyness asked if this was budgeted. He does not want to get threatened by the state. He was denied by the hiring committee. That was a long time ago. There is a June 17 meeting with commissioners and council. He has 5 level 2s and needs another level 3. The family leave person’s time was up yesterday ( TOOK 12 WEEKS) and he cannot discuss that in open meeting. Keyes said he voted for it and he made a motion one time and it got turned down- so he didn’t want to do that to Hensley now. There was previously an ordinance that was unsigned for  a 3 member set of council members to preview filling open positions. Kraus said that was legally questionable. Hensley could meet with the 6 member hiring committee. He will ask again at June 17 meeting for council. There was discussion about how difficult it is to get certified to level 3. None of his staff has passed.  Questions concerning why send them to classes,and he admitted that some staff just weren’t interested in the certification process. He thinks they may need to up the pay and get someone from outside to hire. TABLED.

Health Dept- Mary Calhoun- Nurse’s grant- Pennington ( handled as no one from health Dept was available) said they need Council signature on the grant. Commissioners already approved. They will spend this on a trailer for mobile immunization clinics. New statutes say that commissioners and council have to agree on grants now. These are smaller trailers and is a mobile office. County has to insure and license tags. They have started charging for some of their shots. Council approved signing grant application.

Building Dept- Bill Shelton- PCs and software- covered by Terri Randall in Shelton’s absence. He did send an email in advance. $2783 requested for 2 computers and related software and installation. They are replacing 7 year old ones on Windows XP. It takes a long time to boot up too. This will be from MDI ( Midwest Data)which is a little higher than the HiTech quote from a while back. Just about $20 difference. Approved.

Communications- Charlie Ashley- Transfer funds- maintenance contract with Centurylink is no longer needed for $2500. Wants to transfer that to general supplies. His office supplies budget is running low and this is May. Liz Morris didn’t want to use it. They had office supplies budget of $500. One printer toner is expensive. He has $770 for chair pads this year. Council approved giving him $1200. The rest stays in the maintenance contract fund for now.

Community Corrections- Steve Kelly - Staff education and training- wants this as a new line item. $6500 for IN dept of corrections for MOVING ON- a drug treatment training program for females. They have partnered with Daviess County for this. It costs $770 per person to train. This was approved.

New van- add a line item for $30,000 to purchase the van for transport and community service work for low level offenders.  They are setting up new partnerships for people to work hours for them. This eliminates all the offenders cars being parked all over the road for example. It replaces the 17yr old one. The 3 old vehicles they have will go to auction.  Approved.

He will be back in a couple months for approving a grant of $200,000 for a pilot program for a new ankle monitoring system. He is excited about that. This is all state money. (Which is still tax money)

 Emergency Management- Bill Black- He told Council that sometimes the grant requests come in at a time that he cannot get to Commissioners or Council to get approval before application due. He said the $17,000 request could be pulled back if they do not approve. This is for a repeater. It will be compatible with the pending changes. Ratified Dennis Kraus’s signature on this.

$41,451 got back from the state for half of their salaries also.

State is changing their system for 800 MGHz and Motorola pays for some of this but not the installation. There will be some request in the future for money for this installation cost. ($50/radio) there are 400 radios throughout the county. (Fire and EMS all have them too) That would add to $20,000 installation costs)

 Expenses for the Mobile Command Vehicle- grant runs out on this in June. $3100 needed to cover the satellite system, etc. on the command truck. In the original agreement we agreed to maintain this. This serves 12 counties. Morris asked if the other counties pay for any of this. He thought it ran thru the year- but it was a fiscal year. He is going to look to get some of this changed to cut back on some of this to get things turned on just during disasters. Satellite data is $100/day vs $200 plus a month. Approved.

Siren Maintenance- $5,000- had money left over from last year and that is gone. Has about $500 left in the budget. He has 2 sirens that aren’t rotating and 19 batteries were used up at one time in the past. We have $5000 deductible on insurance. They have 30 sirens and 2 are not rotating. Needs a bucket truck to fix those. They are trying to replace batteries on a schedule. Morris asked if rapid notify might replace this sometime. Tis would render the entire system obsolete. Black told her some people call to get off the rapid notify as they don’t like getting the messages for lost people for example.  Approved. Lansing Nay.

Park Board- Jim Red-Elk: Guilford Park improvements- $48,300 and Kraus supports this. This would complete final design and complete the earth berms. Lansing wants to use their existing funds. RedElk was hoping it would be from another source. Lansing praised the parks- they look great. Advertised to come out of Riverboat. Listerman said that this is IDEM mitigation project for the North Dearborn Rd project and his dept funds the plantings. About 500 cu yards of dirt- 3-4 ft high. Approved the $48,300 from Riverboat Revenue. Lansing Nay. He wanted it out of their regular funds.

Bright Meadows Park repairs- several items due to vandalism. Aluminum seating disappeared. They replaced with treated lumber. Steel doors of restrooms damaged. Locks broken on women’s restroom. Engineered mulch for safety. Downspots damaged. $4360 requested. This will nearly zero out the repair account. These were unplanned expenses. Long range plan for Bright Meadows is security like lighting. [NOTE: There appears to be a lot of vandalism at Bright. Perhaps the sheriff needs to patrol that area.] Approved out of Riverboat.

Picnic Tables- $4900 for EC FFA Club build some new ones. Approved out of Capital Fund. They have to secure these on site Red Elk noted.

Highway- Todd Listerman:


Small structure inspection transferred from bridge inspection- applied for OKI safety funds- 90/10 federal funds. $35,000 transfer out of existing bridge to go to small structure inspection. No new money. Approved.

Stateline Road Realignment at Georgetown Rd-  Only part of the county is in the MPO census area with OKI. These federal dollars can only be spent in that area. It was determined that the accident data for that S curve is significant. About 7 a year in that area. He had to throw out alcohol related and texting related ones. He sticks to the ones curves related. Awarded $880,000. Match is $220,000 from an existing account. Total cost is $1million about for 2000 ft of road. He tries to get as much federal dollars for the county.  Approved $220,000 out of the Transportation Infrastructure fund.  Lyness has mixed feelings as he thinks there may be other needs for the money- but if we can only spend it in one place. HE has never missed that curve…

Box Beam Bridges- new decks/guardrail approaches- He wants to save $775,000 out of the account for 8 bridgeworks. Discussion of what to use and from which accounts to appropriate.  3 of them came off the repair list as they needed to be replaced now. Fixing 8 bridges for what it cost to do 2 bridges. They are putting a concrete deck and sealing over the repairs so they last longer. 45-60 ft is the average length of a box beam bridge here. These will all go out to bid and each will be itemized and have its own design. He will have to do wage hearing on some of these. These are already engineered. Good return for the money. Approved $775,000.

Bridge#138 Bonnell Road- has tried for a while to get the RR (Gennessee and Wyoming- the rail that goes to Honda) to accommodate removing the bridge, to no avail. The crossing stays. The bridge is in terrible shape now. He needs another $375,000 out of dedicated infrastructure account to get that structure replaced. Collier Ridge Bridge is just up the road from this one. Total cost is $925,000. The rest of this was already funded.  Approved.

Bridge #61 Kaiser Road- wants to hold that to budget time. They are in the design part right now. He thinks the fund will be needed for other items this year. They can’t save what is there. Morris asked where it is- Listerman said it is the one by Gehring’s place as you start to go up the hill from the Pribble Rd end. There is $1.3 million in the infrastructure account. Replace Bridge 5 Laughery Creek and Bridge 7 on Woliung-  INDOT is likely to approve these. These have design work. $225,000 for Laughery Creek and $300,000 for Woliung matches.


Crew leaders, Operators, Highway maintenance workers,Garage foreman, Head mechanic, PERF, Social security- Tim Grieve has had one “helluva” a winter.( Kraus thanked Tim for getting his daughter out of a bad spot this winter.) $126,250 short of funds on all the wages on this winter. They are using $60,000 out of the equipment insurance account that commissioners have covered already. They want o apply this toward the shortfall. Terri Randall wanted to be sure the insurance was OK and she wouldn’t be shorted. It was OK per Leah according t o Listerman and Pennington concurred.

Fuel oil and lube- $75,000 for extra fuel this winter. (It has $145,000 in it currently)– use the other $66,000 from here for the winter wages shortfall. This is MvHA substitute and it does not have to be advertised. This also makes it easier for auditor’s system.  Using $70,000 left of this.

The remaining items are coming out of their $2.1 million MvHa fund already appropriated.

Snow and Ice Control- $300,000- to replenish for next year. This is bid thru the state to get a low rate.

Equipment repair $75,000

Aggregate- $50,000

Tandem trucks- the one they used in Bright was in pretty bad shape from 1999. $200,000 for one tandem truck. That is not a misprint!

Roadway paving- Cole Lane- Wilson Creek- piece of Dutch Hollow with over 3500 -4200 cars per day. They will fix Wilson Creek slip before they pave.

Slip repairs- Wilson Creek and Salt Fork. Got hit with a big problem on Laughery Creek- with the creek 38 ft below and the 6 inches from road edge. Working with NRCS on this. They worked with them for match funds on Johnson Fork., Laughery Creek doesn’t qualify.

Approved: $1.170 million for everything (except paving) out of MvHA substitute and $1.2million for paving out of Growth and Development.

They will be back at budget time.

Alcoholic and Beverage Commission replacement- Ralph  Schaefer to Glenn Huesmann who will cover him until he may be able to resume his duties. They get $24/month. Approved.

Auditor- Gayle Pennington- Minutes from March meeting tabled until they can review.

Beginning in June- the meetings will be streamlined as they have added cameras. (Some comments about turning away from cameras, etc.)

 June 17th meeting  at 6:30 PM will be advertised as a joint meeting with commissioners. Commissioners meet regularly that day at 5 PM. They will present the courthouse annex proposal  with design and budget. They can decide to fund in July perhaps per Randall.

[NOTE: Nothing was stated at this meeting regarding the change n voting to simple majority from a 5 vote precedent for salary ordinances. I asked the Commissioners about this at their May 7 meeting.  The County attorney indicated that this was Council’s purview. The county and council attorneys were to meet regarding this. There has been no public acceptance of these attorneys decision at Council. Nor has any written legal opinion been received. Action on paying the increased salary and back pay to the county administrator for her economic development duties has occurred though as if this was accepted. There are two KNOWN cases of salaries and benefits failing due to lack of a 5th vote in the 12 years that Council was using supermajority after the state law change to allow simple majority on 2002. There may be more- but these two came up in an internet search of blog notes. One involves a former county administrator and one with animal control. The County could be liable for those items and any others that exist in that time period, unless they formally change the practice effective in March 2014 to cover their recent change of heart. (At least the majority of the Council’s change of heart.) ]

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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