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From: "Dolan, Kathryn" <>
Date: May 1, 2014 9:28:06 AM EDT
To: "Dolan, Kathryn" <>
Subject: SC opinions today and other items
There are a number of items of interest today.  I am sending one email so as not to bombard you throughout the day!  I am in the office, just let me know if you have questions.
1.      An opinion will be handed down today in Brewington v. State.  I cannot tell you an exact time, but many of you have asked about this case—so I have been authorized to alert you in advance as a courtesy that you can expect it today.  Also, there will likely be other opinions handed down today.  As usual, we will tweet and link to opinions when they are online. You can follow us at
2.      Oral Arguments are scheduled through September—so please check the calendar:
3.      State-paid judicial officers and prosecutors will receive a compensation adjustment corresponding to the average adjustment provided to Executive Branch employees this year. That means judges and prosecutors will receive a one-time, 2%, non-base building increase.  The amount will be paid in July.  Reminder, it is the Supreme Court’s State Court Administration which does payroll for judges and prosecutors.  National Center for State Courts data indicates Indiana trial court judges rank 31st in pay in the US.  I do not have data on prosecutors.   
4.      We are assisting Floyd Superior Court Judge Susan Orth with media management in State v Gibson.  You will be getting information soon from Elizabeth Osborn asking whether you want to be on a “media” information list and alerting you to a pre-trial decorum meeting on May 19th Thank you for keeping your eye out for this email.   
Kathryn Dolan
Indiana Supreme Court
Chief Public Information Officer

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