Thursday, May 01, 2014

IN Supreme Court Opinion in Brewington Case

IN Supreme Court Opinion in Brewington Case

The complete 35 page opinion can be found on the Register's website by clicking:


justice said...

Have there been any reported acts of violence by Brewington?
How did he do in prison? Didn't he get the minimum time served as all the rest was taken off for good behavior?
There is a lot of rhetoric about feeling unsafe-but the timing of all the precautionary actions taken by the judge are skewed with the timing of the supposedly threatening postings.
Looks like a clever way to appease the big guns on the case so they go away feeling like the "won."
Too bad the 2 little girls lost.

Anonymous said...

There is no way to get justice in that place. They do whatever it takes (legal or not) to win.

indystar reader said...

INDY STAR article:

read it and weep said...

It is pretty clear that the judges had to protect a fellow judge. The statements required very deep research to find some evidence that Brewington might have meant harm to the judge - but the technicalities the supreme court used to wiggle out of their dilemma look weak. It stood out that they could find no evidence of a violent history with Brewington- and yet they state it like it is a fact.
Makes me think there was a lot of negotiation behind the scenes. Lawyers don't leak to each other do they?