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6 May 2015 Commissioner Meeting Notes- SEE ANNEX MEETINGS SET UP AT END OF NOTES

6 May 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.   

ABSENT: Gayle Pennington, Auditor. Leah Bailey covered the meeting in her absence. Pennington came in later but Bailey kept notes.
Recording equipment was not working. McHenry said I should be their witness that they didn’t do anything wrong. I said that I would have to see what they do first.
Future Road Name Change Discussion- Hardintown- Tabled until 5/19 meeting

Election Updates- Clerk of Courts- Rick Probst- passed out election data. Thanked his poll workers and highway workers who moved polling equipment. There may be a couple 
recounts potentially as the races were close. Facilities might need to be increased for a  presidential election next year.

Roadside Littering in Dearborn County- Celeste Calvitto of the Beacon. They called me Celeste the pest all my life and now you know why. She said that he website lit up 
after the last meeting and she is serious about the seed money for signs. Recycling educator said she offered help. Listerman is trying to get signs to post for No Littering and the legal fines that can be assessed. McHenry said they need to get the area cleaned
up and coordinate the effort.

Dennis Kraus, Jr and Mark McCormack- presented the interlocal agreement with Aurora for code enforcement issues there. 
Guinevere Emery was notified of the fact that the county provides these services for other communities in the county. There are some minor issues with Aurora regarding their Historic area, unsafe buildings, and the 
city court processes. The disbursement of the money is an issue as it would add about 25
extra hours for their part timer. He was asking Commissioners if they were OK with this idea before he approaches Council. He wants to get it settled now. Baudendistel said that Jeff Stratman the city attorney for Aurora would be OK either with county or Aurora 
doing that. They have to get a board together also. Aurora’s attorney handles the legal issues if they go to court on anything. Guinevere Emery said that they have a good partnership with the county and that this was a good opportunity for Aurora. She thinks there is a level of excellence here in the county that is beneficial to them. It would also 
provide a steady income stream to the county. Violations go to a hearing board and appeals to circuit court. They have applications for their ad- but are waiting until they
see what happens with this partnership. McHenry said it is a good opportunity. Lynch asked how they came up with the money to pay us and if it would be adequate. McCormack said he has crunched the numbers and thinks he can make it work. They may have to rework the agreement to include termination language and also increases in pay 
and benefits. Baudendistel will work this over with Stratton. Commissioners agreed to
allow McCormack to move forward with this and approach Council.

McHenry also asked if they wanted to handle the board appointment. Commissioners
approved Eric Lang - surveyor and engineer from Dillsboro- to the Plan Commission to fill out Mike Hall’s term. Hall was chairman of the PC and died unexpectedly last month. 

Highway Engineer- Todd Listerman:

2014 Annual Report for Roads and Streets- approved.

Permission to approach Council for Bridge #38- Schwipps Rd- $675,000. This will be under the new state law where they do not have to use common wage. To be done by the fall. Approved.

Bridge #61 Kaiser Rd at the bottom. $625,000 needed. Commissioners approved him going to Council. To be done by the fall. Approved .

Approval to sign contract for Bridge #9 - Land and Water $21,420 was lowest quote for testing and inspection. Approved for him to sign. 

Baudendistel said Art Wenzel found the owner of the sliver of land for a ROW to the owner of a parcel form a McKittrick subdivision. They will get that fixed soon.  

Grant Application Approval- EMA Director- Bill Black- was notified on Thursday night and it had to be in on Monday. $14,117.54 was requested to replace some of the
computers in the office and command truck. They are old Windows XP and not supported
anymore. He thinks he can get the computers cheaper than this maybe- with sales. Commissioners approved McHenry’s signature on the grant.
$39,779.80 reimbursements for salaries has been approved per Black. 
Baudendistel said that after July 1 they can donate the old trailer with the new law without an ordinance for donating to a non-profit.Lynch asked if 4H could use it during the fair. Black will see Phil Weaver about that. [NOTE: Bill Black is retiring soon.]

ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall:
Legal fees are unpredictable and again she has to go back to Council on this. $25,000 will be requested from Council. Commissioners approved. 
Lawsuits and settlement fees- to be requested. There was a $25,000 deductible on all claims coming out of the jail. Now with the new jail she says the deductible is dropped. Requesting $35,000 for old lawsuits and settlement fees. This is a new insurance company now per Baudendistel. There is also a direct line to Jack Prarat to get jail data for these claims.
Quote from Casey’s Outdoor Solution was given in the fall ( $10,000). 
Goodwin Landscaping also bid at $22,773. Casey’s was $14,119.64. They are looking for less maintenance. Approved to go to Council. [NOTE: How did the price go up by 40% on Casey’s and if they were bidding apples to apples how did Goodwin’s get to over twice the original estimates?]

Tim Grieve shut down Jamison Road Highway location. They are talking to Sunman Dearborn about the area around the school shut down. This might work for the county highway site.

McCormack is doing some Regional Trails Planning with Green Umbrella per Randall. Lynch chimed in that Jack Sutton ( Aurora resident) is also with Hamilton County Parks and tying our trails to theirs.

AUDITOR – Leah Bailey - Claims  approved. 

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel:
Governmental Affairs Services Agreement with Lewis and Kappes $63,360 and we are responsible for $24,000. Baudendistel said their new contact there did a good job this last session. This would also get Lyness’s signature at Council. Randall said she gets weekly 
calls every Friday. They tell her all that they hear and they really keep us informed. Approved.

Ordinance on the Disposition of Property Held by the DC Sheriff- This spells out how the
sheriff can auction off seized items and the money goes to county general. Property is held for 90 days and trying to find rightful owner. Evidence can only be disposed of 
by court order. Approved. 

Lynch wanted to recognize Probst and staff for running an efficient election. Thanked all 
those who stepped up and ran for office. Next week is public service recognition week, There is a celebration on Fountain Square in Cincinnati. Through his role with OKI he 
will be there. Mary Beth Hedrick from Lawrenceburg Community Center and Terri Randall County Administrator will be 2 of the 6 recipients. Congratulated them.

Little- thanked Celeste Calvitto for binging up the littering issues again. He thought about it a lot since the last meeting. He thought maybe the realtors should be involved as it affects property values.

McHenry- said with the Courthouse project and what was said about the entrance at the committee meeting, they had worked on it. The plan is to rearrange meetings in May.
Cancel May 19 meeting and move to May 26 Commissioners 5-6 PM, then special meeting from 6-7 PM for them and Council for a presentation of options.NO DECISION that night. Council will have to change their meeting to 7 PM start time.  
Then change June 2 Commissioners meeting to evening meeting starting at 5 and address the Courthouse issue and public can address commissioners on June 2 and they hope to make a decision that evening on the ANNEX. 
He also congratulated the two public servant awardees and the city election candidates.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Listerman- construction of berm for Guilford Park will be worked on this summer. Lynch want the trees planted to be registered on the taking root website. 


Meeting adjourned at 10 AM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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