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Because all candidate statements are important to the voters in an election and due to the fact that the last local paper was already published - the DC Public Forum offers the following correction received from Register Publications to all our readers. For other candidate's statements pick up the April 30th Register.

In our Thursday, April 30, Primary Election edition of The Dearborn County Register, the candidate statements for Bryan Johnson and Tyler Alan Rainey were inadvertently omitted. Please read their statements below along with their opponent in the race.

City of Lawrenceburg District No. 4 City Council

**Bryan Johnson's candidate statement was inadvertently omitted from the Thursday, April 30, Dearborn County Register.**

Bryan Johnson

Age : 41
Address : 181 Hardwood Ridge Drive,Lawrenceburg, IN
Political Party : Democratic
Office Sought : Lawrenceburg City Council District No. 4
Incumbent : No
Public Office Experience : Currently serving my second four year term on the Lawrenceburg Community School Corporation Board of Trustees.
Public Service Experience : Past President of the Dearborn County Girls’ Softball Organization, Current Board member for the Lawrenceburg Lions Youth Baseball program, Several years coaching youth baseball, girls softball, & Upward basketball.
Education: LHS Graduate 1991, Attended Cincinnati State Community & Technical College
Family Status: I have two children, Bailee & Cooper. I lost my wife Melissa to cancer in 2005. Parents are Bob Johnson (deceased, 1995) & Tess Johnson.
Awards / Achievements: Being the best father for my two children is my biggest achievement, Journeyman Tool & Die-maker, 1998
Interests / Hobbies: I enjoy golfing & fishing; spending time with family & friends; attending my kids’ sporting events.

Why are you running for office?
I am running for office to make a difference in my community. I would like to keep our city thriving and prosperous for many years, for my children and grandchildren. Being a lifelong resident of Lawrenceburg & Greendale, I have always followed local politics closely and I believe that I have something to offer our city.

Why are you the best person for the office?
I am the best person running for office because I am able to make good, sound decisions based on the facts presented. Even under pressure from public audience or outside groups that may have a vested interest, I will vote for what I believe to be the best decision for our city and its constituents. I am a good communicator, and have the ability to work as part of a team, knowing that I may not always get my way, but being able to move on and not hold a grudge that will impede the progress toward meeting our goals. I have no ties to the city that could be considered conflicts of interest and have never worked for or personally received any grants, loans, concrete, or favors from the city. However, I have benefitted from the many amenities that the city has to offer.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking?
The most important issues facing our city and council over the next four years is obviously the declining revenue from the casino and the lost tax revenue from AEP. What can we do to continue to promote the “Event Center” and the downtown revitalization plan? How is Southeast Indiana Port Authority going to help Lawrenceburg? What kind of jobs will it bring to the area? How will it benefit the taxpayers with it being the TIF district? These are all very important issues & questions facing the city. We can’t afford another four years like the last four – constant fighting and bickering between council and the mayor. This is unprofessional, unproductive, and draws a lot of negative publicity to an otherwise fantastic city. I would encourage anyone to call me with any questions regarding anything related to my current campaign to be the next District 4 councilman 812-584-6400.


Randy Abner
Age: 55
Address: 172 Hardwood Ridge, Lawrenceburg
Political party: Democratic
Office sought: Lawrenceburg City Council District 4
Incumbent: No
Employment: Proximo, Distillers Indiana
Education: Lawrenceburg High School
Family Status: wife - Nina, son - Scott
Public office experience: fire chief - 16 years
Public service experience: Lawrenceburg Fire Department - 34 years, life squad
Interests/ Hobbies: Following Lawrenceburg Tiger basketball
Comments: Board of Dearborn Adult Center

Why are you running for office?
I want to help get this city back in a positive direction again. It shouldn’t be about what I want but what’s best for the citizens.

Why are you the best person for the office?
I have lived in, went to school in, and worked in Lawrenceburg all my life. I only want what’s best for our city. As fire chief, I learned a lot about the inner workings of the city and have met a lot of people.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking?
Unnecessary spending, keep from raising taxes/rates needlessly.

City of Lawrenceburg Clerk-Treasurer

**Tyler Alan Rainey's candidate statement was inadvertently omitted from the Thursday, April 30, Dearborn County Register.**

Tyler Alan Rainey

Age: 32 Years Old

Address: 524 Arch St., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Political Party: Democrat

Office Sought: Clerk Treasurer

Incumbent: No

Employment: Office Administrator

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Administration at Indiana University

Family Status: Married

Public Office Experience: If elected, this will be my first term.

Public Service Experience: Board of Directors for Lawrenceburg Babe Ruth League; Active Volunteer at Church

Awards/Achievements: Academic Honors Diploma in High School; College Scholarship; Dean’s List in College; Co-op Program at Procter & Gamble.

Interests/Hobbies: Spending time with friends and family; camping; hiking; bike riding; fishing; playing sports; Cincinnati Reds and Bengals games; listening to music; playing cards; watching movies; reading, politics, and economic (business) development.

Comments: I would greatly appreciate your vote for Clerk Treasurer of Lawrenceburg. I want the opportunity to work for my community, in my community, and with my community. My motto is to always do right, and always do your best.

1. Why are you running for office?

I want to run for Clerk Treasurer because I want to serve the community and help resolve any issues that pertain to the office. I have gained a lot of support from my peers due to my educational background in Business Administration at Indiana University and work experience in the administrative field. Born and raised in Lawrenceburg, I have seen this city industrialize by leaps and bounds over the past 32 years. As a young man, I can help the city prosper even for years to come.

2. Why are you the best person for the office?

I am the best person for the Clerk Treasurer position for a number of reasons. I have years of experience in administrative roles through both college and work. I will establish great rapport with my co-workers to make the transition to Clerk Treasurer smooth. I will perform all duties by the book morally, ethically, and legally. I pride myself on honesty, integrity, and reliability-a perfect fit for the Clerk Treasurer position. I will ensure that all of Lawrenceburg’s finances are served in the best interests of the city as well as its residents.

3. What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking?

I will make sure that the office meets all of the requirements set forth by the State Board. I want to work with the Mayor and City Council to make Lawrenceburg an even better place to live. It is important to serve the taxpayers by assisting them when in need. Last but not least, the Clerk Treasurer role is important because I am responsible for keeping track of all financial records of the city, preserving the minutes, and serving the best interests of Lawrenceburg.


Angela Freeze
Age: 38
Address: 1200 Sycamore Estates, Lawrenceburg,
Political party: Democrat
Office sought: Lawrenceburg clerk-treasurer
Incumbent: No
Public office experience: None. However, I have knowledge of public office as my father served as the street commissioner and zoning inspector in the town I grew up in, and I did attend meetings and helped out with paperwork.
Public service experience: Spent a lot of time helping where I could at the Pregnancy Care Center of Lawrenceburg since 2004. I also work with the public on a daily basis and enjoy helping others any way I can, always listening and willing to help where I can.
Education: Associate’s degree, diploma in medical assisting, RMA certificate - registered medical assistant for all 50 states, and CNA certified nurse aide for Ohio and Indiana.
Family status: Single mom to a very active 8-year-old son who attends Lawrenceburg Primary School.
Awards/Achievements: President’s list, perfect attendance and finished my degree with a GPA of 3.2.
Interests/hobbies: The best interest of all is my son’s sports. We also love camping, going to parks, the zoo, Lawrenceburg Speedway. Can’t forget the weekends spent fishing according to my son.

Comments: I have prior experience in accounts receivable and payables also in general billing including medical billing. I’ve also done end-of-year reconciliations of the books and prepared tax papers. I am familiar with all aspects of what it takes to run a busy office.

Why are you running for office?
I would love the chance to give back to my community and have the opportunity to grow with the city and help it advance for the future of our children.

Why are you the best person for the office?
I am a very hard worker. I believe in getting things completed in a timely manner, staying apprised of all the situations that may arise and being on top of my game. I am always willing to accept any training offered that may advance my knowledge in the position that I am seeking in the area I may have a question about.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking?
The transparency of the city’s money and the ability to work side-by-side with the mayor and the council members, also the accountability and responsibility for the city’s money.

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