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21 June 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

21 June 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Benning, President, Fox and Hughes.
Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, Messmore, Administrator, and Ewbank, Attorney.

1. Sheriff Dave Lusby presented Senator Johnny Nugent with an old badge (1940’s) from the Sheriff’s Dept. for Nugent’s collection. Lusby said it was in appreciation for his years of service to Dearborn County.
Nugent thanked the commissioners and stated how proud he was of everyone who helped- a team effort- to keep the Riverboat Revenues safe in SE Indiana. Hughes also thanked Nugent for all his efforts.

2. Kathy Nevels from Family Connections for Healthy Families America requested to be on the commissioner’s budget for 2006 for $2500 or more if possible to use as grant matches for their programs. Commissioners voted to put them in the budget, but noted that Council decides what is allowed.

3. Chris McHenry requested Historical Society to be put back into the Commissioner’s budget for $10,000 now that the CVTB no longer funds them. Commissioners used to do it prior to that. She cited the fact that they house the microfilm for recorder’s and clerks office for historical documents and thus relieve those offices of much of the hassle for those requests.
Commissioners voted to put them in the 2006 budget, also noting that Council has the final say.

4. Mark Seiler – Transportation Dept. presented the request for Arbor Ridge sub’n road to be accepted into county roadways. Residents had petitioned to be accepted. $22,000 left on the bond for 700 ft of road off Georgetown. Road has stood 3 years with no problems. Fox wants core samples- ON ALL ROADS TO BE ACCEPTED. Ewbank noted they should use the bond money to pay for the sampling.

5. Mike Davis- Transportation Director noted that the 2 roads left from 2004 are being finished now- Shangri-La and North Hogan. Private company is testing the road.
The 2005 –2006 list was accepted to go out for bids once Ewbank has reviewed paperwork. They will be bid separately as paving, chip/seal, and widening. Plans to do widening in-house possibly. [NOTE: Does the county have the equipment to perform this?]
Davis also wanted to use $15,000 for the testing services- expecting to pay less than that.
White’s Hill will be finished in 3-4 weeks. Fox wants guardrail on appropriate places between Dover and New Alsace on North Dearborn. Hughes wants to get designation numbers for projects for Stateline, Sawdon Ridge, and Mt. Pleasant- the same as was done for North Dearborn. [NOTE: It took years for North Dearborn to get to this point.]

6. Alan Brietenstein – presented a constitutional issue on tax payments. Ewbank noted that he needed to get the federal gov’t to answer the questions, as it was a federal issue.

7. Cary Pickens presented the EMS contracts for 2 ambulances for Aurora- which were signed. Claims and minutes signed.

8. Bryan Messmore- Administrator- got commissioner’s OK to proceed with the bid for camera-recording devices for the sheriff’s dept.
He also received permission for the sheriff to donate old uniforms to Switzerland County. These old ones do not fit the current color scheme of the dept., which is now reversed. [NOTE: Why reverse the color scheme if the uniforms are still good?]
Transportation Plan- identified 26 interested parties to serve on the committee.

9. Bob Ewbank- att’y- presented two ordinances for fee and permit changes in the building and in the transportation departments. Both passed. They will be effective once published for two weeks – probably August 1. (Fox motioned and Benning 2nd on this with all 3 ayes.)

10. Benning yielded to Chris McHenry who made brief comments on Dave Denman’s death last week. Denman contributed much to historic preservation in the county- and will be missed.

11. Benning read into the record that the sewer district had a $357,000 loan from council and currently has $366,939.29 in their fund. The fund is 394.00 in the commissioner’s budget. She noted they were in need of money.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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