Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Death of Private Property

Today the Supreme Court ruled that any governmental agency that previously had the ability to wield the right of eminent domain may now seize your property for the public purpose of financial gain. And so they will.

Today the floodgates of corruption and abuse were opened in municipalities and counties across the nation. Forget "blighted neighborhoods", that was only the first insidious step in the process. Now it is justified with only the excuse of increased tax revenue. And it will be.

Today you own property, but if a developer with a friend, or just a corrupt acquaintance, in the right governmental position wants it, it will soon NOT be your property. Moreover, beware if you have an enemy in the right governmental position. All your property may soon be vital to the tax base, purchased at a pittance, and given to a friendly donor.

The scope of potential corruption and abuse boggles the mind.

I suggest an immediate campaign of correspondence with all levels of elected representatives (except of course those who might condemn your home) to do everything possible to reverse this incredible judicial massacre of the fifth amendment to the constitution.

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