Thursday, June 23, 2005

Protect the Flag

This message was sent to Senators Lugar, Bayh and Representative Sodrel of Indiana with regard to the current consideration of a Constitutional Amendment to remove flag desecration as a form of free speech.

If you favor a Constitutional Amendment to protect the flag, send a letter or e-mail to your Congressmen.

"Flag burning or desecration should be outlawed by Constitutional amendment. Burning or desecrating the flag should be no more legal than burning or desecrating a Church, school, someone's home, a park or a business as a form of free speech. Some might even claim the right of free speech in harming or killing a person. We have considered all of these illegal, so should we for the symbol of our Country.

You may say the flag is a piece of cloth and of little value; but, as a symbol of all the Americans who have served and especially those who've died for it, invest it with much more value than a building. If it were not of such value, why would someone burn it to get attention?"

Ralph E. Thompson, Jr., PE, CPE, NSPE

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