Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Attacking Fiscal Failures - Other facets to consider

Mrs.Loveland has done a masterful and obviously time consuming job of explaining to us the financial situation of our educational system in Dearborn County.

Her point of attack is that of the wrong use of what educational funds are available. I tend to agree with her premises although my faculty career was not at the primary and secondary school level.

What we must do is have a three pronged attack. The first is as described by Mrs. Loveland.

The second point of attack concerns the almost indiscriminate conversion of agricultural land to residential land which results in the building of subdivisions and hence the importation of more and more students to homes from which the state and county taxes are insignificant. The subdivisions bring in people who find Dearborn County property taxes and Indiana income taxes a relief as compared to their cumulative tax burdens in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hamilton County Ohio, and the state of Ohio.

The third point of attack must be to improve the ratio of residential to industrial tax receipts. So far the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development people have failed in this task.

I have complained about the burden placed upon our school system by the development of subdivisions for many years. Other than one elderly developer who years ago replied "something always happens" no one answers my question about subdivisions and school finances.

At the present time subdivisions are a negative for this county. They contribute nothing.

Alan Freemond Sr.

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