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18 April 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

18 April 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Benning, President, Hughes, and Fox
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator.

Marilyn Bower- Dearborn Highland Arts Council- was granted permission to go to Council on May 23 to request funding for the Gateway for the Arts.

Ms Howard of Dutch Hollow Road and Tim Barrott gave an update on their road issues citing the needs of the firehouse, school bus safety, and mail delivery along the narrow roadway. The requested a stripe down the middle of the road. [NOTE: There are issues with striping roads that do not have two full lanes.] They thanked Listerman for getting some of their needs addressed with signs and ditching. Listerman answered Fox’s question on maintenance issues stating that he was setting up a schedule of sequential road counts over the years so that heir could address road maintenance in order of priority. One of the criteria is vehicular traffic volume.

Mary Meleschi for an “unresolved problem” did not show.

Ms Williams, a Bright resident discussed her pond problem, which she attributes to Tucker development. Apparently the runoff from gutters and roadways is ending up dragging mud and debris into her pond in the Carr, Meyer, Brookstone Way area. She has been working with Jennifer Hughes at Soil and Water and had a large packet of materials regarding violations of Rule 5. Tucker has placed large round hay bales as an attempt to stem the flow- she complained that they filled her pond with hay. They can’t get across their dam at times to get to their home now. Previous commissioners (Shell and Dole) told her it was a civil issue and she needed to sue Tucker. She praised current commissioner Hughes for working hard to help her resolve the problem. She went on to state that she figured Benning wouldn’t help because she’s got a campaign sign on Tucker’s property. She then showed them a picture of the sign. Benning apologized – saying she was sorry the sign bothered her. She also stated that she had a man putting signs up for her and he was selecting the sites. Listerman has replaced two pipes on Meyer road- this apparently is not helping. Ms Williams is dealing with Randy Braun- in Indy. Pickens took her number and he will place calls to see if they can expedite a solution.

Old Business: Todd Listerman gave a report showing no records clear back to the 1800s that show any county road in the area of Railroad in Moore’s Hill. They used surveys, deeds, and aerials. They see the remnants of an old road that went from Moores’s Hill down S Adams to the depot, but there are no maintenance records of any county road where Railroad Lane is. As it is currently 12 ft wide gravel- the county cannot take it in until it would be brought to county specs- 20 ft gravel. Ewbank stated- the question was whether or not it was a county road. The answer is no- so the county will not maintain it.

Claims and minutes were signed.

Hughes asked Bill Black to reiterate to everyone how important it was for NIMS training to be completed. Black tied it to federal funding for the schools as well.

Ewbank noted there were 2 more claims filed against the county and they had resolved another one and settled one with the Clerk’s office.

Benning announced that the commissioners had attended the US 50 Community Advisory Meeting that afternoon and that the public meeting on US 50 for the Corridor Study will be April 25th at LHS from 6-8. She noted the county was 10th fastest growing in the state.

Meeting adjourned 7 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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