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6 April 2006 DCRSD Meeting Notes

6 April 2006 Dearborn County Sewer District Meeting Notes

Present: Hankins, Chairman, Holland, Enzweiler, Pruss, Fehrman, Maxwell, and Dennerline (Maxwell returned after missing 3 previous meetings- it takes 4 in a row to be removed from the board)
Also present: Quinn, Engineer, Baer, Health Dept., and Lehner, Att’y.
Absent: Messmore- liaison with Woolpert and County Adm.
In attendance: Jim West, DCEDI, Jerry Jacobsen, SDRSD, Vera Benning, and 3 citizens.

Greendale was not present but was listed on the agenda as a special request for DCRSD service areas.

Old Business:
Most of this was essentially a rehash of discussion from previous meetings. In summary, Cole Lane and Stewart Street WILL be sent out for bid in a couple weeks and they plan to meet with residents, but have no firm numbers for costs. Board is essentially trusting that Aurora will bill similar to the way they do all outside city billings at between 2.5-3 times the water bill.
Costs looked to be averaging $59.73/mo using $20,000 out of the board acc’t to offset. There were increases in pipe costs and a slight decrease in grinder costs. Cost to connect to Aurora was thought to be $1500 per house. Enzweiler spoke out about not wanting to go to any meetings deceiving people about costs- he wanted numbers and a signed contract with Aurora.
Lehner noted that Aurora has applied for a 6-month extension on Phase 1 improvements and also thought a contract was a good idea. Dennerline and Hankins figure that Aurora will treat them just like a sub’n request. Fehrman is to go to Turner’s office and get numbers. No grants coming- they will need to go to L-Bg Bond bank for operational funds. Lehner noted the bid contracts have to extend bid prices for more than 30 days.

Membership in DCRSD still not settled though the price estimate is $4.4M for a 1.5M gallon buildout allowing 1 M gal per day with $400,000 going to the other members of SDRSD. Hankins noted that one member had some resistance but that seemed to be fading. SDRSD meets next Tues at 10 AM [NOTE: Where is the $4.4M coming from to buy in?]

Prior to meeting, Messmore told Hankins they expect to hear soon (because it’s an election year) on their earmarking requests to see about funds for interceptors.

They will need Hastings to sign again for another variance per Dennerline- on HighRidge Estates request. Lehner has prepared the variance petitions for High Ridge estates and the houses between them and Cole Lane.

Lehner prepared amendment to Quinn’s contract reflecting his change to a limited liability co. (Quinn Engineering, LLC), which was Okd.
Quinn is taking a serious look at and designing an interceptor line for Aurora area.
Enzweiler asked if DCRSD had a tax ID #- Baer said yes.
Holland questioned part of Lehner’s bill regarding review for a complaint filed on the engineering licensure of Quinn. Lehner assured him that Quinn was licensed. Complaint was filed in 2006 and he was IN licensed then.

Board thought they could get Ameritek to help with Aurora interceptor (600,000 gals on a 6 “line) instead of going to Dillsboro- as Dillsboro fees would be higher. [NOTE: It could help LOWER Dillsboro fees if there were more users and volume. Has anyone calculated that effect?]

Claims were paid – mentioning Woolpert consulting and a “big one” for Lehner.

NEW Business:
Hankins brought up the new development on One Mile Road (Maxwell’s zoning request going before PC the end of April- Maxwell did NOT participate in this discussion during the meeting.) Hankins said it was in the CTA of LMH and borders property of their wastewater treatment plant. Per the rules at IDEM etc. “we trump any CTA.” Some people disagree with that. We should let them cover this as we have no means of doing it anyway. We need no vote on this.

[Note: Where does Hankins get off thinking that HE decides this with no vote of the board? Does DCRSD decide when they will apply the rules and when they won’t? And why take in all areas NOT CURRENTLY SERVED by sewers when you have no means of addressing their issues? This just doesn’t pass the smell test – pun intended.]
[NOTE: It would be interesting to draw the CTA’s for all the districts. My guess is that very little of the county would fall outside those lines. So is DCRSD going to use CTA or currently served as their benchmark?]

DCRSD wants office and space. Benning told them Messmore was working on getting the I&M Bldg renovated to house Health Dept. and they could go with them. [NOTE: Per the original plan discussion at Commissioner's meeting- that would be 1,000 sq ft. for each of 4 depts. (Health, Building, Planning, and Highway) – does Benning mean for the DCRSD office to take part of Health Dept’s 1,000 sq. ft.?]
Council meets in May and any additionals they request have to be to them by April 28th for that meeting per Baer.

Meeting adjourned at 8 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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