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18 April 2006 US 50 Community Advisory Committee Meeting Notes

These notes were sent to CAC members today regarding our meeting on Tuesday afternoon. The PUBLIC is invited to attend a meeting on April 25 at L-BG High School from 6-8 PM. Please let your friends and neighbors know about this as well. There is info in the Thurs. Register also.
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

FROM: Scott Roush, Strand Associates, Inc.
DATE: April 18, 2006
RE: INDOT US 50 Corridor Planning Study and Environmental Assessment

This date a meeting was held at the Adult Learning Center, 311 West Tate Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana from 3:00 – 5:00 with the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to discuss the Purpose and Need of the project. This was the first of three meetings that are required by Indiana’s Streamlined EIS Procedures.

A list of those attending is attached.

The meeting began with a Power Point presentation by Scott Roush (see attached) discussing the results of the Existing Conditions Report and the Purpose and Need statement. The meeting then broke into four small groups with the task of identifying additional issues that affected the operation of US 50. Copies of the draft Existing Conditions Report and the draft Purpose and Need documents were available at each table as well as a blank aerial photograph of the project corridor. Each group then reported a summary of their discussion. Following is a summary of those comments.

· It was suggested that the study should not terminate at I-275. It was suggested that the study be extended to the State Line due to the amount of anticipated development. It was also suggested that SR 1 also be included in this study. SR 1 via Bellview Avenue has a very poor cross section with significant truck traffic. The existing SR 1 bridge over the railroad tracks is a bottleneck.

· The segment of US 50 between Aurora and Wilson Creek Road/Wal Mart entrance should receive additional analysis regarding traffic operations. Specifically, the George Street, SR 148 (Sunnyside Avenue), Wilson Creek Road and Wal Mart entrance (Sycamore Estates) intersections should receive intersection level analysis rather than be included as part of a larger corridor. Additional safety and deficiencies analysis should occur through this segment.

· Chris McHenry should be contacted regarding locations of specific historic structures. Specific structures mentioned were Flowers By Vicki structure and a church in Lawrenceburg.

· Primary issues are congestion on US 50, Bellview Avenue/SR 1 truck traffic and bottlenecks at SR 48 and at Wal Mart.

· There are no good bypass solutions. The River to the south and steep hills to the north make US 50 the only good corridor for improvement.

· Corridor needs access management. Need to limit access at controlled intersections, service roads or combined accesses for 4-5 stores.

· County redevelopment should be included in meetings.

· Portions of US 50 are designated as a National Scenic Byway

· Any proposed improvements should recognize the historic value of individual structures and districts along the study corridor.

· Make sure that the SR 48 realignment is included in project planning.

· In Dillsboro there is poor access to the Solid Waste Management District, the flashing lights that serve Dillsboro and at the casket company during shift changes. Sight distance is also a problem.

· As sewer access is provided along US 50 in the Dillsboro area there will be more access points as economic development occurs. Setbacks should be adequate so that sight distance is not affected.

· There is a cemetery behind Steak & Shake and the overpass in Greendale.

· Hillside development is causing drainage problems due to under sized culverts and erosion

· The Tanners Creek bridge and the floodplain are critical features

· Traffic is currently using Greendale via Ridge Road as a cut through to avoid US 50. This is glutting up existing City streets. Elderly and youth are afraid to drive on US 50.

· Need left and right turn lanes at new developments such as theatre and at Kroger.

Specific Improvement Suggestions

· Turning lane/capacity improvements should be considered at Wilson Creek Road, SR 148 (Sunnyside Road), George Street, and Blair Road in the Aurora area. Add additional capacity from SR 148 to George Street and from Wilson Creek Road to Wal Mart. Also look at new access to Wal Mart from Wilson Creek Road

· The “suicide lane” should be removed and replaced with a median.

· A new bridge over Tanners Creek is needed now. It can’t wait.

· Need computer controlled traffic lights that can adjust signal times based on conditions.

· Cooperate with Ohio to place a new interchange at I-275 and Stephens to take load off of I-275 at SR 1.

Attendance Report

CAC Members
Bill Black, Jr., Dearborn County Emergency Management
Donnie Hastings, Mayor of Aurora
Jennifer Hughes, Dearborn County Soil & Water Conservation District
Jeff Hughes, Dearborn County District 1
LaVerne Kolb, Farm Bureau Inc.
Steven Lampert, City of Greendale
Mark McCormack, Dearborn County Planning & Zoning
Bryan Messmore, Dearborn County
Chris Mueller, County Metro Plan Board
Phil Piche, Grace Church of the Valley
John Rahe, Main Street Aurora
Peter Resnick, Dearborn County Hospital
Michael Rozow, Dearborn County Chamber
Bob Sauerbrey, Miller Township-Citizen
Jay Senitza, Manchester Township

INDOT Representatives
Steve Smith
Mary Jackman
Jim Ude

Larry Heil

Erin Peterson, M.E. Companies

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