Monday, April 17, 2006


Republican Candidate for DEARBORN COUNTY SHERIFF


Emphasis on Drug Enforcement
More community oriented policing
Re-focusing law enforcement in the troubled and growing areas of the county.
I will make myself available to all citizens of this county.


Law Enforcement since 1995


Chief Deputy of Hidden Valley Lake
Member of the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association
A licensed Private Detective in the State of Indiana
Certified School Resource Officer
A liaison for the Early Warning Terrorism Group
Graduate from the 17 week Reserve Academy
Certified to carry a Taser
Certified in ASP Baton
Certified in Drug Field Testing
Certified in Radar

Training in SIDS, Blood Born Pathogens, Hazardous Materials, Domestic Violence, Fire Arms Qualifications, Defensive Tactics, Crime Scenes, Crash Investigation, Culture Diversity, Police Canine , Rape Investigation , Ethics in Law Enforcement, Community Policing, Criminal Investigation, Aircraft Disaster, US Coast Guard Auxiliary Seamanship, Multi-jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force, Stop Stick Deployment, Basic Court Procedure, First Responder to a Fire, Truck / Bus Crash Reports, Standard Field Sobriety Testing, Basic Criminal Law, Meth Lab Detection and Investigations, Mental Health, Law Enforcement Computer, Traffic Stop, Criminal Justice Standard, Child/Elder Abuse, Dealing with Juveniles, Interview and Interrogation, E.V.O.C. (Emergency Vehicle Optical Course), Field Training Officer, Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism, School Bullying, Gang Violence.
Worked many undercover drug cases.

Paid for by the committee to elect Linda Jordan Estes for Dearborn County Sheriff
Information taken from the original flier
No payment made for this posting

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