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5 December 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

5 December 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, President, Benning, and Fox
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney
ABSENT: Messmore, Administrator.

No uniformed police officer was present.

A public hearing on an unsafe building violation was held at 5:30 prior to this meeting. There was no announcement of the decision from that meeting.

1. Todd Listerman- Transportation Director- reported to commissioners that he had opened bids for aggregates, fuels, and asphalt Dec 4th and moved to accept all bids. Commissioners acquiesced to that except for the asphalt bid, which went to Rohe Paving, which had the higher base bid but no escalator clause in it. O’Mara will be sought as an alternate in the event that Rohe can’t produce the asphalt as needed on some days.

Aggregates went to Harrison Sand and Gravel, Newpoint Stone, and Hanson.
Fuel went to Laughery Valley Ag Coop and Rexner (sp?) Energy.
Asphalt went to Paul Rohe with per ton prices for base at $33, intermediates at $36, surface at $38 and cold mix at $86.O’Mara’s bids were base-$30, intermediate- $ 32, surface $35.50 and cold mix at $75. Plus an escalator clause.

Triple Whipple Interlocal agreement was reworded by Ohio County’s attorney- with Ewbank’s approval it was resigned by commissioners. Total cost to be $1,644,500 with $1,325,600 paid by a federal grant.

Jerry Tucker was present for the acceptance request for Brookstone Subdivision. Commissioners approved the 7 roads in it and accepted them into county inventory after Listerman reported they passed core sampling and all corrections to signage, ditches, etc. were completed.
Benning then asked about Seldom Seen I, II and III, wanting to accept them contingent on completion of Listerman’s corrections requested of Tucker. Benning said she wanted to accept it because it had been out there so long. Ewbank advised against that. Commissioners decided to wait until the core samples were complete and corrections made.[NOTE: YIKES! YIKES! YIKES! Unbelievable- that a commissioner who is elected to protect the taxpayers would want to accept any road that hadn’t passed it’s testing yet. Benning and Tucker were chatting amicably in the audience chairs prior to this meeting.It should also be noted that there is a section of Seldom Seen that has a split roadway that was the subject of a strongly worded letter in the road files from Larry Smith, County Engineer at the time. He gave me a copy of this letter dated Jan 24, 1994, when I was researching road bonds. The road in question is a section of Campground Drive and Smith’s letter states that there is an increase in maintenance as well as liability costs to the county. He states that 1. It’s an example of a developer of a developer getting approval for 1 standard and then building to another. 2. It sets a precedence of allowing grade separations to exist on any new subdivision roadway. 3. This change causes an increase in the maintenance as it increases need for guardrail, drainage structures, mowing and sign maintenance. It has site distance problems with the hill. 4. The area will inhibit emergency response as vehicles may need to turn around to gain access to a residence and may not be able to turn into a driveway as the roadway is only one lane wide.He states to allow this would not be a wise decision and cannot be justified. He asked Commissioners to not allow this change.]

2. Vieste Update- Dick Robertson said he had no report [NOTE: Commissioners claims indicate $22,500 paid to Vieste. Yet they have nothing to report.]

3. NACO Prescription coverage. Hughes reported that the county insurance consultant had no problems with this conflicting with county health plans. Commissioners signed the agreement. Pickens noted that the paperwork for the “mom and pop” drig stores may slow this implementation down by a few weeks, but it should be up and running in about a month. They will get a press release out to county residents announcing this plan.

4. Easement papers for Dearborn County Hospital were tabled until Listerman could research exactly what they were.

5. Ewbank:
Commissioners signed the offer to purchase insurance with Mutual of Omaha so that their underwriters could verify health histories and decide whether or not to indemnify the county health plan.

DCEDI asked Commissioners to ratify their board of directors:Bill Ritzman- President, Pete Resnick, VP, John Maxwell, Treasurer, and Jim West, Sec’y. Approved.

Ewbank also reported that the county hasn’t been sued in over a month.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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