Monday, December 11, 2006

Of Sewers and Subdivisions...

I do not believe that we should have a yearly evaluation of Dearborn County septic systems. I go back to my same question that no one in any sort of official position will answer. Have we had endemic diseases or epidemic diseases related to waste water? Think of E coli, anterior polio myelitis, parasitic intestinal infestations. I have not been aware of these disease being endemic nor have we had epidemics nor pandemics.

The question in my mind is what is it that Mr. Andres and his organizations are really trying to accomplish. We know that developers want sewer systems essentially paid for by citizens who do not want, nor need a sewer system.

We all know that some people have become potential millionaires by having a sewer system service their land. There is a parcel of land along I-74 near St . Leon that has been serviced by what is in my opinion circuitous routing of the St. Leon sewer system. That land is now on sale for 55,000 dollar an acre.

Mr. Hanklins of the regional sewer board who is obviously medically sophisticated has spoken of the "Gold Standard" as everyone serviced by a sewer system. That is a typical and understandable urban opinion. It is not a rural opinion nor desire.

Essentially the less government tweaking with our lives the better off we will be. If a developer wants a sewer system in his subdivision let him put in his own. Too Expensive? Well then don't develop. Let's not stick ordinary Dearborn Countians with the costs of servicing a wealthy developer's project under the guise of "we're here to protect your health".

Perhaps the developers of subdivision should add the cost of a localized sewage system to the purchase price of the houses they build. This would increase the assessed value of the houses leading to higher property taxes that might help offset the increasing costs of adequetly educating the children.

Alan Stanley Freemond, Sr.
Tanners Creek Farm
Jackson Township

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