Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chuck Andres Clarifies A Potential County Wide Septic District Proposal

Chuck Andres Clarifies A Potential County Wide Septic District Proposal

It is unfortunate that Doug Baer and none of the DCRSD gave a complete and fair idea to the public regarding the proposal I made to the DCRSD on behalf of the RWWTF (Rural Waste Water Task Force) to partner with the Task Force in establishing a County wide Septic District to address the issues with septic tank problems through out the State. This district need not be separate but part of the current District. The $200 figure was established in the Allen County Septic District and included charges for a long list of items that would not be necessary in all Districts. This was not a figure that was recommended but rather as a idea as to what it may cost that would include a whole list of specifications which Baer obviously left out.

I also serve on the State Department of Health's Onsite Septic Task Force that is looking at establishing new rules for installation of septic systems, new technology, maintenance, and many other aspects of onsite wastewater collection. By my working with both of these State wide groups, I felt it would be a great opportunity for the County to engage in a 'Pilot' program that would have the support of ISDH and IDEM. Sad to say the DCRSD was interested in closing their meeting that night rather then listen to what I had to say. I thought it would be great if Dearborn County would for once be in on the ground floor of something 'new' that would be beneficial to the lifestyle of the citizens of this county and go a long way toward protecting their health rather then be forced into something down the years.

There are Counties in the State that understand the problems and want to correct them and will be willing to partner with the RWWTF to establish pilot programs that will eventually be adopted throughout the State. Hopefully when we have the ground rules formed I will have another opportunity to present it to the County and they will be more willing to participate.

Chuck Andres
St. Leon

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