Thursday, December 07, 2006

When Does the Public Get to Hear Vieste's Plans for the I-74 Corridor?

After my reading of Mrs. Mueller’s notes about the County Commissioners’ meeting and the Public Meeting on the Future Land Use Map, both held on December 05, 2006 one begins to wonder what’s going on here.

When the principal of Vieste made his sales pitch to Dearborn County and offered brochures he was rather effusive. We learned all about his proud heritage going all the back to the village Vieste, Italy situated along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Sentimentally he named his company after this little village.

Since then we have learned nothing about what this company is doing. Recently this company, Vieste, was paid 22,500 dollars of taxpayers’ money. Does this not beg the question “paid for what?” Mr. Robertson of Vieste had opportunities on the evening of December 05 to report to his payors, the public, as to what Vieste has done and is doing. He said nothing.

This is worrisome as secrecy seems to be the hallmark of some of the denizens of the Dearborn County Courthouse. Additionally the secret meetings and closed door meetings of that clubby group of wealthy movers and shakers of Dearborn County the DCEDI adds to one’s concern about secrecy regarding the use of taxpayer’s’ money.

Has the local government put a gag on Vieste? Has the DCEDI with its vast influence and money recommended or demanded a gag on Vieste?

How about it Honorable Commissioners Fox, Hughes and Benning, say something! Demand that our hired consultants report to us. Or tell us why you won’t demand periodic public reports.

Are there other hired consultants who are not publicly reporting their activities?

Alan Stanley Freemond, Sr.
Tanners Creek Farm
Jackson Township

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