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Citizen Watch
Dearborn County, Indiana Dearborn County Citizens’ Committee for Responsible Development

Issue 3 November 29, 2006

IMPORTANT MEETING - OPEN HOUSE FOR MASTER PLAN Monday, December 4, 2006 - 7 to 9 p.m. Sunman Dearborn Middle School Cafeteria YOUR ATTENDANCE IS IMPORTANT !

This meeting is to determine the public’s response, and seek comments from the public regarding the Dearborn County Plan Commission Advisory Committee’s work-in-process, regarding the future land use of Dearborn County.


On August 18, 2005, Comprehensive Advisory Committee members, representing cities, towns, and county economic development initiatives were invited to the first meeting. The Plan Director, Travis Miller, stated anyone in the county, interested in future land use designations was welcome to attend. Focus Group Workshops were held to discuss Agriculture, Green Space, Residential, Commercial-Industrial and recommendations were made by these groups. Travis Miller resigned at the end of the year, and Mark McCormack was designated the new Dearborn County Plan Director. On September 20, 2006, the Dearborn County Plan Commission had the first (re-organizational) Future Land Use Meeting with representatives of all areas, and interests in the county.

There have been additional meetings: The OKI Land Use Commission Meeting on October 16, 2006, and Future Land Use Plan Meetings with the Advisory Committee on October 18, 2006, November 6, 2006, and November 20, 2006. Future Land Use Designations are Agriculture, Rural Residential, Residential-Low-Density, Residential-Medium Density, Residential- High Density, Commercial-Services/Retail, Commercial-Office/Hi-Tech, Industrial, Mixed Use-Residential & Commercial, and Mixed Use-Corridor Area.

Although the Board of Commissioners and the Plan Commission already approved TIF areas for businesses before this process was completed, it is important that citizens become aware of the categories, and impact, the Future Land Use Plan will have on Dearborn County. Citizens of the county may express their opinions in support, or make suggestions regarding land uses to reflect their view of the county. There have been many man hours spent on this process, and citizens are now invited to give their input on the Advisory Committee’s work so far.

Please take the time to review the Advisory Committee’s work.

If by some chance you cannot attend, Mark McCormack, Planning Director, stated this is the first in a series of several meetings planned in the community to spread awareness of the Future Land Use Plan.

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