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5 February 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

5 February 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Fox, and Thompson
Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator

A uniformed police officer was present

1. Commissioners tabled the employee manual again.

2. Fred Emley of Wilkerson Road asked for his road to be paved as the chip seal is deteriorating. There are now 21 homes on the 1 mile dead end road. He reminded the commissioners that when the boats came, the public was promised the roads would be paved with that money.

Hughes asked Listerman to explain the road priority list. Listerman went through the usual spiel about how road are selected for the list via a point system and that Wilkerson wasn’t on it yet.

Fox said that Listerman was telling the truth.



Pickens said there is $13.4 million per year total.

Fox said- we are not picking and choosing- we have a standard point system.

Emley said- well- at least I tried…

3. John Zeidan- well- we just heard there is no money. So we need business to pay for the roads. Zeidan went on about his last presentation to the commissioners and was upset that he turned on his computer and found pages and “pages about me and you” on it. [NOTE: He’s referring to comments on the blog after the meeting notes.]
He said we need improvements and subdivisions and that we are in trouble. When are we going to realize this and start doing something about it? I pay a lot of taxes and people are not happy about me saying something that will improve the county…

Thompson: How will these comments affect us?

Zeidan: You are not on the site- they are happy with you. But it looks like you are closing the garage door on US 50 so no one is coming up. A neighbor of yours nearly died from mosquitoes- (he tied this to sewage.) Businesses need sewage.

Thompson: There are more problems than just sewage- US 50 and road issues. I’m for smart growth- not for cheap subdivisions. I also am for economic growth.

Zeidan: You are working your agenda- you need to work for US. You don’t work for us or for our area. I think I put the wrong person in that chair. Kids can’t find jobs here.

Thompson: You gave this speech before…

Zeidan: You don’t want sewage because of forcing others on- but they have to. There are cowards on this site with pages of things that made him angry.

Hughes: They have first amendment rights. They can say what they want.

[NOTE: It was unclear if Mr. Zeidan was only complaining about other’s comments on his last presentation or if he was complaining about Thompson not working to get his sewage needs met for his business – Starlight reception Hall- on US 50. Zeidan is evidently caught in a tough spot- he bought a reception hall and it has now sewer to it. The health dept. probably figures in this also, as they would be in charge of deciding how Zeidan can operate without complete sewers.]

4. Don Townsend gave his year end report and highlighted some figures comparing 3 categories of permits with those in Franklin and Ripley County:

In 2006 Dearborn issued 203 single family, 94 remodel/additions, and 104 commercial. In 2007 Dearborn had 138 single families, 101 remodel/addition, and 64 commercial. [NOTE: I checked with Planning and Zoning and in 2005 Dearborn county had 292 single family, 6 multi family, 6 multi family, and 32 manufactured homes. In 2006 PZ had 200 single family and 3 mobiles. In 2007 they had 129 singles, 2 mobiles and 1 manufactured home. In 2006 PZ had 3 commercial and in 2007 they had 2. So I am confused- it seems that the single-family numbers are close- and the commercials are off. PZ office staff thought it was because Townsend was including the city and town permits also. In any event it is clear that the county is feeling the pinch of the economic downturn. Numbers for the county residential development have remained steady for a number of years up through 2005 at about 300- ON AVERAGE.]

RIPLEY County in 2006 had 121 single family, 30 remodel/additions, and 19 commercial. In 2007 they had 86 single family, 63 remodel/additions, and 33 commercial.

In FRANKLIN County in 2006 there were 79 single family, 45 remodel/additions, and 5 commercial. In 2007 they had 77 single families, 49 remodel/addition, and 10 commercial.

Townsend also told commissioners that his staff all passed their weights and measures test and that he can operate with just 4 inspectors right now- saving the extra salary for when construction picks up again. (The 5th inspector quit this year) The building dept. is in the black with their fees covering their expenses.
Dutch Hollow building finally got torn down today and Union Ridge has another building that will need to be torn down.

Fox complimented Townsend- saying he’s done a tremendous job here.

Townsend also answered Thompson’s question on the pigeon infestation on a Moore’s Hill property. It’s been condemned due to histoplasmosis (lung disease caused by pigeon droppings).

5. John Watson and Frank Leone presented a request for a letter of support to Lawrenceburg for the St. Leon Waste Water Plant expansion. They are going for a grant or loan for the $4.68 million expansion for an additional 720,000 gpd. They plan no line expansions. They are at 75% capacity and will start hearing from IDEM at 80-85% capacity- they want to plan ahead. They are willing to commit to economic development but don’t know how much they can offer. DCRSD said they need 500,000 gpd. Watson believes they are still interested but they haven’t signed the contract with St. Leon yet. He said St, Leon needs to move forward.

At their 2nd meeting with Lawrenceburg – they recommended a grant/loan combo. If west Harrison TIF needs sewage the developer will have to bring the line about a mile to St. Leon’s point. There are also citizens in St, Leon who want commercial development.
Watson sees this as mutually beneficial plus it gets jobs. They NEED a letter of support from the county, as Lawrenceburg requires it.

Fox: I’m familiar with all this from eth time I was in the SD school board. Getting sewage to the schools was a tremendous benefit to the taxpayers. The only thing about this is the forced hook-ons. None of us is in favor of that. If you get cheaper funding, then people get cheaper rates. I want to see the customer base without forced hook-ons. I believe you could get Lawrenceburg to help and cushion the costs of the forced hook-ons. I don’t think we can restrict your use to commercial versus residential. I don’t think it’s legal to do this.

Watson: Planning and Zoning controls development- not sewage. Sewers are needed for commercial. Your staff provides services for the town of St, Leon- we have a minimum lot size of 1 acre- we’re more restrictive than the county. He complimented our PZ staff- as giving them excellent value for their money spent on them.

Thompson: How big a grant with Lawrenceburg?

Watson: 80/20 grant for $1million.

Thompson: How will you pay it back?

Watson: We’re doing a financial study- maybe the county could get a grant also so we may get it in a cost-neutral way. Our sewer rates are favorable when compared across the state and have been the same since 2002. Our TAP FEE is high. But we charge the same- inside or outside the town. The only rate differences were due to a grant that financed the free grinders in the beginning.

Leone: We worked for 3 years with Bryan Messmore and DCRSD- with bids and IDEM approvals. The first payment on the debt is 2 years away. We’ve had requests on the Stone property in the west Harrison TIF to get certified with the state.

Thompson: Why are you forcing the people if you need the capacity for economic development?

Leone: It’s just two different issues- they are separate. They are promised to hook-on. [NOTE: Leone did NOT answer this question.] Woolpert supports this . we wont build any lines- you can choose where the development goes. We just do the capacity.

Hughes: We’re not going to tell Lawrenceburg what to do. But we can cultivate a seedbed in a TIF to get new business. [NOTE: I do so love these farming analogies.]

Fox: You can direct this money to retire the first bond and then get rid of the forced hook-ups. [NOTE: Holy cow! A creative way to get around the problem!]
Get this bad taste out of everyone’s mouth. Retire the old one’s first and the new ones will be cheaper.

Watson: We send 970 bills a month. 115 not hooked are down to 42 not hooked. 18 are being sued. We’ve made on offer on reduced hook-up fees to $800 and financing the grinder over 2 years.

Hughes: Why are we getting involved?

Watson: They (Lawrenceburg) want to see county support.

Fox: Motioned to send the letter to Lawrenceburg.

The second was interrupted by Cliff Eibeck telling them that Ziegler was turned down years ago by them.

Thom Hammond asked to make 2 points. He wants to work with St. Leon- but wants the forcing issue to cease as a condition of the support letter. He wants the 18 lawsuits dismissed- and the thorn will be removed from this process.

Fox: This should help- go to Lawrenceburg and this gives St, Leon the loophole to get you out of this.

Hammond: The opportunity is here- it’s so close- let’s get these suits off. Simply ask them to drop the lawsuits and THEN you will give them the letter. Your citizens have been coming here on bended knee to ask for your help.
There are 970 users, 117 mandatory letters, and 18 lawsuits.

Thompson: I’m in favor of expansion for economic development- but I won’t second this because I don’t hear them saying they won’t force hook-ups or restrict this to economic development.

Hughes: We can’t even farm without subsidies. People go out of the state to work. We can’t just look at this as one issue only- don’t want it to be held hostage for one issue.
I second the motion. [NOTE: but it’s OK for your citizens to be held hostage to some bond document wording.]

2 ayes- Thompson Nay.

Fox: Motioned : I want a letter to say that if this pans out we want them to stop forced hook-ons if at all possible.

Thompson 2nd. All ayes.

[NOTE: Now do you think that second letter will get written? And will that – if at all possible line- be another loophole?]

Fox took a break at this point but the meeting went on.

6. Dan Stroup was appointed to Historic Hoosier Hills.

7. Lifetime Resources letter in support of a federal grant was signed.

8. Todd Listerman -Got contract and title page signed for Bells Branch Bridge.
Faulkner Construction from Louisville will do the Triple Whipple to begin in April.
Listerman informed Hughes that PZ office is monitoring bonds and that ordinance will be coming to them soon from PC.

9. Pickens got 3 EMS contracts signed for Dillsboro- St, Leon, and Moores Hill.

The annual financial report showed rounded off figures for County General as $2,897,000 initial balance. $18,357,000 receipts and $17,332,000 in distributions, leaving a final balance of $3,900,000. No deficit.

Thompson approved the claims except questioning the checks being sent out for 2 cents etc on reimbursements on taxes. He thought that was dumb- as it costs more to send it than the refund.

Pickens will check with state about this.

10. Messmore had nothing to report.

11. Ewbank said the insurance has been invoked to clear a lawsuit by a prisoner against a cop on excessive force.

12. Hughes asked if John Rahe should be appointed to WorkForce One region 9. Commissioners agreed to hold this till next meeting to get more info.

Meeting adjourned about 8 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


Anonymous said...

John Zeiden needs to sell his reception center and purchase land already sewered.

There, fixed.

That way he won't be forcing his neighbors to subsidize his poor business decision of opening such a business where sewers are years away from servicing his business.

Anonymous said...

[NOTE: Now do you think that second letter will get written? And will that – if at all possible line- be another loophole?]

Surely we can trust St. Leon and the DCRSD!

For example, look at the bang-up job the DCRSD has done fixing High Ridge Estates sewer mess!

And as far as Zeiden is concerned, how many tens of thousands of dollars did he save by purchasing property not on sewers?

Now he wants both the benefit of low price and sewers subsidized by the rest of us!

And when did they isolate the particular sewage puddle where the particular west nile carrying mosquito was born that almost killed Ken Cleeter?

I missed that particular News Flash!

Anonymous said...

Mosquitoes can fly up to several miles! And they can reach far off places by taking shelter in motor vehicles, ships and aircraft.

Could the offending mosquito had come from John Maxwell's septic system?

Anonymous said...

Rick and Jeff brought the dcrsd into existence with little or no public input. From its very inception it was about forcing hookups to pay its way. The dcrsd has not offered one alternative that does not include forcing those who do not want nor need its sewers to pay for it. Rick and Jeff had the opportunity to send a message to the dcrsd by not reappointing Ensweiler and Pruss. They reappointed them both anyway. Hillary Clinton is a beacon of honesty and straight talk compared to Rick and Jeff. Just more Ewbank scripted politiking trying to save his strangle hold on this county. Vote these bastards out of office.

Anonymous said...

Hughes and Fox are full of it concerning forced hook-ups.

Everyone knows the game plan.

The Bo Bo Doug Baer will condemn every septic system needed between the treatment plant and some politically connected realtor/developer's newly acquired farm purchase.

Hughes and Fox just Flim-Flaming away for their development superiors.

Anonymous said...

Remember folks, these clowns are now talking "availability fees," which are not per se "forced hookups."

These people simply cannot be trusted.

Maxwell, Fehrman and friends want sewers subsidized by the rest of us to pad their pockets.

Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

"And as far as Zeiden is concerned, how many tens of thousands of dollars did he save by purchasing property not on sewers?"

Expect Zeiden to be the next board member to be appointed to the dcrsd. You know, to enable more diversity of opinion of its membership!

Anonymous said...

Fox: Motioned : I want a letter to say that if this pans out we want them to stop forced hook-ons if at all possible.

And the weasel word "seeds" are already being scattered onto the freshly plowed garden...

Anonymous said...

"Zeidan: You are working your agenda- you need to work for US."

Yeah John, take a visit to all your neighbors and see if they want to be included and pay for your "Us!"

Because of the mortgage crunch, these people cannot give away their houses today and you want to burden them with tens of thousands of dollars of more debt because you feel entitled to more profit?

Get real.

Anonymous said...

Notice that the SDRSD does not give quarter to such self-centered and one-sided development nonsense that would burden its customers such as the plans of St. Leon and the DCRSD do and would. Hopefully, after this year's elections, the newly formed commissioners office will stem such blatant pick-pocketing of the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Watson is never going to stop threatening suit to force hookups.

Giving him a dime of our money to force more residents onto St. Leon's sewers is criminal.

I'm so tired of these people!

Alan S. Freemond, Sr. said...

Zeidan: You don’t want sewage because of forcing others on- but they have to. There are cowards on this site with pages of things that made him angry.

Zeiden, you knew what you were purchasing or did you not?

Are you getting desperate?

Here's a couple of choices for you:

1. Put in your own sewage system
2. Go away!

Anonymous said...

Is Zeiden the only non dcedi board member the board has to show up at these meetings to support their sewers? Wow, maybe forcing folks on sewers they do not need that do not work when the power goes out is not all that popular. Who would have thunk it. Maybe the Hughes' family phone polling service can survey Zeiden's neighbors and see what they think about such sewers?

Anonymous said...

Zeiden, you knew what you were purchasing or did you not?

I own quite a bit of land out in the sticks. I could be rich if I subdivided my land. But my cheap-ass neighbors don't want to get loans to help me realize my dreams of having them help pay for my needed sewers. Injustice, I tell you!

Anonymous said...

No, Mr. Zeiden, we don't have to hook on to your sewers.

Although, we are all well aware of your efforts to make us subsidize your sewers.

We will remember your efforts in the future if we ever have the need of a Reception Center.

Anonymous said...

Zeidan: You don’t want sewage because of forcing others on- but they have to.

Rick and Jeff are pretending once again that they are against forced hookups but here we have them propping up John Zeiden as their number one supporter of dcedi sewers who is for forced hookups.

You got to hand it to Rick and Jeff and their level of duplicitous stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Boohoo John is angry about comments made on this blog? Hey John your comments make me just as angry. Go buy some property with sewer and don't expect the taxpayers of Dearborn County to "increase" your land value by forcing others to hook on. You are such a moron.

Anonymous said...

Zeiden needs to put on his bill board in front of his Hall that he is the number one supporter of forcing his neighbors into thousands of dollars of debt for sewers they do not need and that do not work when the power goes out.

Anonymous said...

For what Zeiden saved by buying non-sewered land, he could buy his own sewage pumping truck.

Too bad the dcedi crooks pumped all their nonsense into his brain housing group.

Listening to the dcedi crooks long enough you would think that not being a crook makes one anti-growth.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Zeiden for being willing to take your time to voice the opinion of the silent majority in Dearborn County.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Zeiden for being willing to take your time to voice the opinion of the silent majority in Dearborn County.

Which is why St. Leon and the DCRSD have to rely on "forced hookups" because the silent majority backs what they are doing?

You should write for Pravda.

Anonymous said...

The silent majority does not show up for these enforced hook-ups at the polls. Nor at the comp plan. Nor did the silent majority support Benning in the last primary. It would seem the silent majority only exists in the mind of those who want to cancel out the mandates of the real majority when the real majority is not in lock step with the development self appointed masters.

Anonymous said...

I put on this blog before that Zeiden always wants something for nothing. I am telling you people again this man will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He has screwed so many people on other business deals and on his rental hall. This man is is a crook plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

I reckon the "silent majority" will get lost on their way to the polls to support Fox and Hughes in the primary too?

It would seem that the "silent majority" is always a day late and a dollar short when it is time to heap all their support and praise on all the altruistic development interests in this county!

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Mr. Zeiden. It seems to me that a Sewer line along US 50 makes good sense. It should have been put in place 20+ years ago! As a practical matter- Let the US 50 traffic issue prevent the residential growth you seem to fear! There does not seem to be a solution to implement for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

This man is is a crook plain and simple.

Chris Mueller, remove this post please. Someone is trying to bait you into a libel action.

Anonymous said...

"I also agree with Mr. Zeiden."

Gravity sewers would be acceptable, not the cheap and on the fly pressurized sewers that are extremely expensive to maintain for the homeowner and do not work when the power goes out.

Further, forcing those already on septic systems into tens of thousands of dollars of debt to hook on these shoddy sewers is grossly unfair and unrealistic just because a few folks feel entitled to our savings for their own personal benefit.

Anonymous said...

Let the US 50 traffic issue prevent the residential growth you seem to fear!

Let the market and existing and reasonable proposed future infrastructure determine the spread of residential growth. As it stands today, both the market and infrastructure cannot support leap frogging development into far flung areas far away from existing development.

Anonymous said...

Residential development?

We now have a glut of homes that now have "For Sale" signs taking root in their front yards.

So, lets load them up with more debt to pay for sewers to farm land purchased cheap by few a "connected" realtor/developers, to sell homes that would be cheaper now than the already existing homes now buried in more debt.

Do you ass clowns ever think about anyone other than your greedy selves?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can make all the unsalable homes due to the crushing debt burden place on them by greed developers, into section eight housing? Since that will be the only option left for these homeowners trying to unload their homes. I'm sure Rick Fox and Jeff Hughes will support their "property rights" to do what they want to do with their land. It will add some nice diversity for these new subdivisions to be surrounded by the poor and downtrodden.

Anonymous said...

By subdivisions, are you speaking of the newest plan. RRT LLC. (Rick Fox, Randy Fox and Tom Kent). The land borders Yorkridge, Fox Rd and Bonnel. This should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Fox and Hughes say they are against forced hook ups. But, they quickly forget about being against forced hookups to sell their support for their development friends.

They are good at not really supporting the citizens. The voters should be good at not supporting them.

If people do not like what John Zeidan is demanding, they can vote against him by simply not using his business. If enough people don't use his business, he will get the message!

Anonymous said...

If all this proposed development is supposed to reduce our taxes, why are taxes so much higher in all highly developed areas?

By that argument, the more developed an area becomes the lower the taxes should be.

Seems funny that a lot of people are leaving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to come here for lower taxes!

Chris Mueller said...

Comments on this blog need to stay on point and eliminate undocumented accusations. The comment section is a privilege- but with it comes responsibility. Act like adults- keep the language family friendly- there are clever and creative ways to get your points across without calling names making accusations.

Anonymous said...

Chris makes a good point. Discussing corruption in our local government is the right thing and calling it anything other than corruption is just a "little bit" wrong. This blog would be so silent if only a little bit of corruption existed. The problem is 2/3rds of the commissioners are corrupt and about half of the county council have agendas to satisfy their superiors or business friends.

tph said...

Remember when Fox said that they couldn't help the endangered crowd fighting the St. Leon lawsuits because their hands were tied?

When Fox and Hughes had an opportunity to assist Hammond and the regulars of the county by withholding their endorsement for St. Leon's approval letter, unless, or until, St. Leon dismissed the lawsuits - they tied their hands back up. Then they acquiesced to the forced sewer, taxpayer funded, marching band of clowns, scoundrels and short shooters. They did preface their comments by adamantly stating that they were against the practice of forced hookups however.

The psychologists call that pathological. Dearborn County representatives call that normal.

Anonymous said...

"Rick and Jeff are pretending once again that they are against forced hookups but here we have them propping up John Zeiden as their number one supporter of dcedi sewers who is for forced hookups."

Any proof of the prop up, or just another moron shooting his mouth off!

Anonymous said...

Rick and Jeff: Willing to lie for all things development related.

Maybe Jeff Hughes' Family Phone Survey Group can survey Priests, Pastors and Reverends and their congregations in the County see what that "silent majority" thinks about such practices.

Anonymous said...

Any proof of the prop up, or just another moron shooting his mouth off!

Show us one act or deed, beyond lip service that Rick or Jeff did to curtail forced hookups?

Hell, they formed the dcrsd that had no other plans and have offered no other plans other than utilizing forced hookups to pay for their sewers!

They publicly supported the development democrat who ran against the republican who was against forced hookups.

Lies are lies.

And your development cronies have a sewer system full of them.

Anonymous said...

You didn't answer the question? I have noticed that when unfounded accusations are made on this blog, you can never get your simple questions answered. And you say Rick and Jeff have an agenda!

Anonymous said...

Any proof?

Gives us a break. Hughes and Fox have done their very best to facilitate forced hook-ups. Your dishonesty cannot be shielded by quick lies and then a pounding of the gavel down any longer. Is the sunlight making you feel a bit uncomfortable there tootz?

Anonymous said...

Still no proof!!!!!
Just shooting you big mouth off!!!
Why don't you do something important, like volunteering at the hospital.
Oh I forgot, that would involve assisting others without the ability to complain.
No, you could find something to complain about, you would just make up stories to fit your agenda and state the unfounded motives of others..

Anonymous said...

You didn't answer the question?

Your question was answered.

But heres a little list for you:

Rick and Jeff formed the dcrsd, patterned after St. Leon's forced hookup model.

Rick and Jeff have continually voted for funding for the dcrsd.

Rick and Jeff reappointed Ensweiler and Pruss who have repeatedly supported dcrsd's board's forced hookups intentions.

Rick and Jeff have not taken one meaningful step trying to help those in St. Leon being sued to force their hookup.

Rick and Jeff supported a development democrat over the chosen republican nominee who was against forced hookups.

As of the last commissioners' meeting they voted support for St. Leon to go to Lawrenceburg for more money for their sewers with no promise whatsoever from Watson that they will stop with their forced hookups and drop the suits.

Now, you provide us with a list of any tangible actions of Rick and Jeff showing they are against forced hookups?

The balls in your court, Francis!

Anonymous said...

"Still no proof!!!!!"

I think the person answered your question.

Show us some "proof" that Hughes and Fox have done anything to fight forced hook-ups.

Like Thompson has.

Anonymous said...

And how does that prove that Rich and Jeff propped up John?
You still aren't anwsering the question but it becomes clear that you can't, so you do the usual run around that has become so common on this blog.
Like hitler said, " say a lie often enough and people will believe it"

Anonymous said...

No proof of you sewer scammers have any other plan for your underhanded dealings to subsidize your sewers without using forced hook ups. You people have no shame the way you lie continually to support your development masters.

Anonymous said...

You guys can't even understand the simple question! And you think you know what is best for the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

Oh, maybe I'm mistaken that when Ewbank tore into Hammond and he and his dipsy twins tripped all over themselves humping Zeiden's leg a few meetings back was just more of their support for being against forced hookups.

Give it a break, shill.

Anonymous said...

I have no masters and have not even decided on the sewer issues. I an just calling you to be accountable to what you say and suddenly you are ready to sell me into slavery! Why don't you run for commissioner if you have all the answers? And no more of the
"corrupt RINO retorick"

Anonymous said...

now that's family friendly language! Didn't you read Chris's admonition a few contributers back?
Oh yea, no one is going to tell yo what to do. You must be a treat to live with!

Anonymous said...

You guys can't even understand the simple question! And you think you know what is best for the rest of us?

The fact that you don't want to acknowledge the answers do not mean they were not answered.

Again, Zeiden is for forced hookups.

Rick and Jeff never once challenged Zeiden on that matter while they continually allowed their attorney to tear into Hammond at that commissioners meeting a few weeks ago and now Zeiden is back before the commissioners and still no challenge from Rick and Jeff along with their continued support for St. Leon sewers pretty much a answers your questions.

Now, you give us proof that Rick and Jeff have done anything to fight forced hookups!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see no one has offered any support that Hughes and Fox have done anything other than fully support forced hookups?

I guess it this May will be mighty painful for the puppet masters after Hughes and Fox crash and burn.

Oh for the good old days of lying and no one being able to call you on it.

Anonymous said...

They cannot point to one instance that Rick and Jeff have done anything to put an end to forced hookups. Nothing. We can go to the record and see just how much real support they have given to St. Leon and the DCRSD. They formed the DCRSD under the ruse that the DCRSD was going to fix High Ridge. We all know how that is going.

Anonymous said...

Still no evidence given what Rick and Jeff have done to curtail forced hookups... who Rick and Jeff throw their support to in the general election after they lose the primary...

...I will wager it will not be the candidates fighting forced hook-ups!!!

Anonymous said...

"The balls in your court, Francis!"

Come on Francis, shoot the ball sometime today!

Anonymous said...

Maybe francis and friends hurt their backs carrying around all that massive amount data showing jeff and rick's working to stop forced hookups?

Anonymous said...

Thank the Good Lord that Mayor Cunningham and the Lawrenceburg Council have real backbones and will stand up to these sewer scammers and bullies!

Anonymous said...

I see still no support for the premise that Rick and Jeff are against forced hook-ups!

Now I see why they call their supporters the "silent" majority!

Their silence is deafening!

Anonymous said...

Poor John Zeiden. He is for forcing hookups if gets him sewers out to his business, but with Rick and Jeff being on "RECORD" being against forced hookups, he will have no one to vote for in the primary.

I wonder whose campaign signs will be in John Zeiden's front yard this spring?

And the development hokie-pokie of duplicity just never runs out of music to dance to.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who even tries to suggest that Fox and Hughes are not on the same page and are working together with Zeiden to push for forced hook ups to support sewers for a few greedy businessman and developers is being disingenous at best.

St. Leon and the dcedi have no plans on dropping their need for forced hookups and Fox and Hughes know that.

These two cannot be voted out of office soon enough.

Anonymous said...

So, I guess the local silent majority are in agreement that Rick and Jeff are lying relative to their adverse feelings concerning forced hook ups and that they are working with or promoting or keeping John Zeiden up to date as to commissioners' meetings and when to show up at commissioners' meetings to work his clumsy magic in defense of forced hook ups?

Anonymous said...

"So, I guess the local silent majority are in agreement..."

Are you refering to the silent majority that could all fit on Bob Ewbank's couch during their weekly "American Idol" get-togethers?

Anonymous said...

"I also agree with Mr. Zeiden. It seems to me that a Sewer line along US 50 makes good sense. It should have been put in place 20+ years ago! As a practical matter- Let the US 50 traffic issue prevent the residential growth you seem to fear! There does not seem to be a solution to implement for many years to come."

Why should a sewer line be placed along US 50 when there is currently very little to pay for and support it. That's part of the problem with coming up with the cost!

There is already an industrial park on US 50 that is largely empty, even though it has sewers, so sewers aren't the problem stopping industrial expansion.

A sewer line is only needed along US 50 to put in more cheap high density subdivisions and save John from his expensive pump and haul permit, which is costing him and preventing him from expanding his business.

John wants subdivisions and businesses. What about all his many neighbors who do not. Do John's wants out weigh everyone else??

Anonymous said...

"Do John's wants out weigh everyone else??"

When John's wants coincide with Maxwell and Fehrman's wants, John's wants are paramount over what the rest of us may desire. crooks out of office.

Anonymous said...

Dissolve the dcrsd ASAP. Let development near the existing sewer systems drive development, not "way out" spot development drive the infrastructure. If the developer/bankers/lawyers want "way out", unconnected, development let THEM find a way to pay for good gravity sewers. The taxpayers of Dearborn Co. WILL NOT pay the price for their need of sewers at the distant areas. Dearborn County has other more important projects to utilize their TAX dollars ,roads and bridges for two examples.

Dissolve the dcrsd NOW!