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5 February 2008 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

5 February 2008 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

Present: John Rahe, President, Grant Hughes, Vice President, and John Maxwell, Secretary.

Absent: Rick Fox. (Bryan Messmore attended for him- and said Fox needs meetings to be after 2:30 PM. Apparently that is a problem for the other board members.)

Also Present: Mike Rozow, Chamber Director, and Richard Butler, Attorney.

Citizens present: Mark Hall and Chris Mueller

Meeting began about 9:25 as Maxwell thought the meeting was at 10 and not 9 AM.

2007 annual meeting minutes were approved.

Grant Hughes informed the board that they need to get a replacement for him as well as for Jim West. Commissioners will be notified. Board suggestions for possible replacements include: Al Abdon, Paul Filter, Tom DeVille, and Jim Helms. Mark Hall suggested they consider someone from the NW part of the county. John Rahe thought that Maxwell served that area, but they took note of that option.

New officers for 2008: Rahe- president, Fox, VP, and Maxwell, Secretary.

Board members signed their oath of office prepared by Butler.

The board will meet in 2008 as needed.

Rahe commented that the people of Dearborn County don’t realize how difficult it is to market the county to outside business. We don’t have what it takes to market, besides the casino. He noted they will have to set up a meeting for the new members when they are appointed.

Cary Pickens has set up 3 accounts for each of the TIFs per Rozow- and they have captured a very small amount so far. Jim Higgins of London Witte checked it out. Hughes asked about income from Aurora Industrial Park area. Rahe said we don’t get the taxes till a year after they finish the project.

Annual meeting adjourned and the quarterly meeting began immediately.

Quarterly Meeting:

Minutes were approved and the 2006 audit and 2007 year end financials were approved.

The 2008 budget was approved. $403,122.47 is available in the budget. Of that, $300,000 is site acquisition money that was given to them by Council.

Rozow also included an email from Jim Higgins of London Witte on TIFs in their packet.

Grant Hughes was involved in an economic development project in Rising Sun and outlined what happened there as an illustration of what kind of competition we have for economic development- even in the local area. This project involved expanding a business to another site where they were GIVEN 2 acres in the industrial park and received funding of $550,000 at just below 5% of a $750-800,000 total project. Rising Sun’s Econ Development also bought the client’s old building for a new business. The USDA gave the guarantee for the loan. This Economic Development Fund in Rising Sun kept 25 jobs there.

Mark Hall noted that 3 years ago the Redevelopment Commission turned over marketing to DCEDI and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (public and private money) and he wanted to know if they accomplished anything.

John Rahe said they haven’t really done anything. DCEDI was frustrated- and there was no political will to compete in the Cincinnati area. It is unknown if DCEDI will get a new executive director now that West has resigned.

Board members cordially discussed several topics brought up by the two citizens in attendance. Topics brought up included:

the possibility of taking the economic development possibilities to the people in an open forum,

sewer issues both in the northern and southern ends of the county,

the possibility of Lawrenceburg using funds to help bring Aurora up to the same level of sewer transport capacity as Lawrenceburg and Greendale, thus opening options up on the SW side of the county,

land in the TIF’s that is still unable to be developed due to family members not being ready to sell yet,

attracting and/or retaining smaller businesses,

possible usage of Lawrenceburg MDF money for projects now that they have opened it to Dearborn County Economic Development projects in 2008, etc.

Meeting adjourned around 10:30 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


Anonymous said...

"Mark Hall suggested they consider someone from the NW part of the county. John Rahe thought that Maxwell served that area..."

Maxwell serves Maxwell...

Anonymous said...

" TIF’s that is still unable to be developed due to family members not being ready to sell yet,"

Problems with the pesky public who do not want to uproot their entire lives because a few politically connected developers need a quick cash infusion to stay solvent.

Anonymous said...

Until these development "leaders" start treating the landowners as co-equals in the "plan for profits" for these landowners' land, they will continue to be complete failures.

Instead of always trying to get the best deal for a handful of prominent development interests in this county, how about shifting the focus of profits to those who actually hold the titles to the land these development interests so desire?

Anonymous said...

how about shifting the focus of profits

No, no, no...it has already been predetermined that the DCEDI class profit from development in Dearborn County.

Why do you think the same ole development interests were canvassing to buy land up in the NW Quad utilizing information that should have been public information to make sure the landowners were the last to know their land's respective value?

Anonymous said...

Someone give the Redevelopment Commission Chuck Andres' phone number. I heard he has some prime land, with sewers subsidized by his neighbors, up for sale!!!

Anonymous said...

Those of us up in St. Leon had to chip in for Chuck's sewers so he could make his attractive to development...now the tight bastard is asking a small fortune for his land...and we have no more development...and we are out of pocket tens of thousands of dollars to connect up to sewers that don't work when the electric goes out. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

How about another angry, haranguing and pedantic letter to the editor from John Rahe?

Maybe he could throw in “anti-everythings” and “do-nothings” somewhere in the body of his letter?

That has so spurred more allies for his development wishes in the past!

Look at all of John Rahe’s polititcal develoment successes to date using such tactics!

Anonymous said...

What next? Is John Maxwell going to try to get on a few local school boards and mandate they need new swing sets built by Maxwell Swing Set Company?

jb said...

Board members cordially discussed several topics brought up by the two citizens in attendance.

Note- discussion was CORDIAL.
Unlike the comments.

Anonymous said...

Not to make excuses, but some folks are just at wit's end. This has been a very trying time in this county. Cordial seems to be a last resort for some in this county when they do not get their way forcing their wills on others. It is hard to be trusting in this environment. Let us all see what the future holds.

Anonymous said...

If only the St. Leon sewer suits and the planned dcrsd sewer suits would be so CORDIAL.

I judge cordiality by how people act when they are in a position of power, not when their power is waning.

Anonymous said...

Let us see how cooperative these development folks are when they believe they have the upper-hand once again.

Do not forget the lengths these folks are willing to go.

Think back to when the development owned republican leadership supported democrat Linkmeyer!

As Reagan once said: "TRUST BUT VERIFY!!!"

Anonymous said...

As the wolves try on their sheep costumes, do not ever forget they are and will always be wolves. Their strained and calculated dress rehearsals to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

Maxwell and Rahe are being so "CORDIAL," I wonder what two Commissioners they will be supporting in the primary, two Commissioners who are willing to give leave to those willing to give the least "CORDIAL" and "politically connected" in this County all they want, at the expense of the rest of us, if they should be re-elected?

Anonymous said...

Who will Republican Charlie Fehrman be supporting this year?

Could it be two Republican Commissioners who supported a Democrat against the Republicans' choice of Republican Commissioner because such Democrat was a Development cheerleader over the best interests of the residents and taxpayers of this County.

Anonymous said...

The DCRSD, with its local poltical failures ever-looming in its Board Members' minds, is branching out to producing and marketing cat-boxes, complete with mini-feline generators in case of power failures!

Anonymous said...

The number of campaign signs of Rick Fox and Jeff Hughes this primary, will be more than twice the number of voters pulling the lever for them.

If only MONEY could buy all the votes necessary to keep a couple of easily romanced "MARYS" willing to do all for their courting developers who come a courting.

Anonymous said...


Allied Van Lines Files for Bankruptcy
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The company, which is based in Westmont, Ill., listed assets of $924 million and debts of $1.2 billion. The company has more than 100,000 creditors.

Sirva filed for Chapter 11 protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan after reaching a deal with its lenders to cut its debt by some $200 million.

Under the company's "prepackaged" bankruptcy plan, Sirva's lenders will trade a portion of the debt they're owed for a 75 percent stake in the reorganized company. Existing shares in the company will be canceled.

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In addition to its heavy debt load, the company's relocation services business has been slammed by the downturn in the U.S. housing market.

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The company said it intends to stay in business during its bankruptcy case and expects to exit Chapter 11 in two to three months.

Copyright 2007 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed

Anonymous said...

How many buildings is Mr. Dr. Rahe knocking down this year? REDEVELOP Aurora and Lawrencburg. LOOK AT ALL THOSE EMPTY BUILDINGS IN AURORA and LAWRENCEBURG. SAD SAD SAD. Hell, knock em down! Right Mr. Dr. Rahe?

Anonymous said...

"We don’t have what it takes to market, besides the casino."

Step down then old man....Which one of you is going to take credit for the casino?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Rahe: Growth requires pain, "Marathon Man" pain.

Growth is what the "good" doctor prescribes it to be.

The fact that such growth is "palatable" only to the "good" doctor, at the rest of our's displeasure and tastes, is not to be discussed.

Anonymous said...

Afford me what it "takes" to “market” what I have to barter with, John Rahe! Other than melting away and bequeathing my land to the likes of Maxwell, how can I possibly make a dollar in your “Brave New Outside Business world?” Or am I just another resource to be expended for you and your buddies to prosper?

Anonymous said...


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Dies
By MIKE CORDER, Associated Press Writer

Tuesday, February 5,
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a guru to the Beatles who introduced the West to transcendental meditation, died Tuesday at his home in the Dutch town of Vlodrop, a spokesman said.

When reached for comment, both Dearborn County Commissioners, Rick Fox and Jeff Hughes, expressed their sympathy for Yogi's family, especially for Yogi's long time companion, Boo Boo Bear!

Dracula said...

Hughes asked about income from Aurora Industrial Park area. Rahe said we don’t get the taxes till a year after they finish the project

Are there bills to be paid now? Who's picking them up? THE TOOTH MAN???? BTW dOES HE DO HORSE and Mules?

Anonymous said...

Does Maxwell really have the high score at playing Butt darts

cc said...

People people people!
What kind of business do YOU want here in Dearborn County?
and WHERE would you put it?

Anonymous said...

The only way you idiots are going to get it, is when your job gets effected by the down turn in the economy that we are experiencing.

Until that happens you are going to ride the idiot train.

And for the ones that have been given what they have and don't want anybody else to have it, well you will not be swayed one way or the other because you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The only way you idiots are going to get it, is when your job gets effected by the down turn in the economy that we are experiencing.

Most of us have experienced downturns in our lives. But what seperates us from your kind, we did not try to exert our political influence to force others to buffer our downturns. We did not try to rig elections to keep the dollars flowing into our pockets. We did not feel entitled to the savings of others to subsidize our incomes. And finally, many of us did not pout and lay on our asses and went out and got second jobs or educated ourselves for another job entirely. We are much different than your kind, who expect to reap all the good years and have the rest of us balance out your bad years.

Anonymous said...

"Down turn?"

Do you give a rat's ass if those you are trying to force onto sewers to soften your "down turn" how it would affect their individual financial "down turns?"

Hell no!

You only care about your wallets and pocketbooks!

You could care less about the rest of us!

Other than telling us we might be able to low interest loans to pay YOUR sewers for YOUR development!

Spare us!

Anonymous said...

Money has been tight for the last few years in my household. But I have yet to run to some politician to get him to coerce my neighbors into improving my personal finanial position. Or to let me buy up land at rural prices then have some politically flunky rezone it for me, affording me great profits through my political connections. It would seem we have some development interests in this county who are simply big cry babies when manna does not flow down from Heaven into their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Vieste and the North West Quadrant failed because of its narrow focus of benefiting a narrow group of "connected" people in this county, over the citizens who actually have title to the land in the Quadrant.

Now the "connected" people in this county are sitting on the Comp. Plan because they cannot condone having the "little people" involved in the process.

There is ample opportunity for growth in this county.

But that is not enough for the priviledged few.

They want all the profits while the rest of this county is to make any sacrifice necessary to deliver such profits.

The Comp. Plan would have been a good "start" to working with other interests in this county and building out from existing infrastructure, thus enabling "some" growth in this county.

But the "connected" few want it all.

No boundaries.

No limits.

No hinderance from those who actually own the land the "connected" few want to develop.

I have little sympathy for the likes of Maxwell and his cronies.

Bullies affect me in that way.

Anonymous said...

You all are no different then the rest. Do not tell me you are not part of the same hypocrisy.

Do not give me "You only care about your wallets and pocketbooks!

You do too idiots.

Anonymous said...

Do not give me "You only care about your wallets and pocketbooks!

Well of course we care about wallets and pocketbooks...

...we just do not follow your ethics in trying to "force" growth in an environment where the market forces are not presently permitting the level of growth you wish for.

Market forces, including the mortgage crisis that will be with us for the next decade or so, should be telling some in your industry to rethink and retrain their focus on differing lines of work.

But you all just want to bunker down and wait for your political foot soldiers to continually supply you with charity in the form of work that the rest of us are forced, by operation of law, to subsidize.

Anonymous said...

"You do too idiots."

We all cannot be as smart as you. What are you, just one election away of having to go out and drum up your own business and profits? Just like the rest of do every day? It must suck being you. Having to face the harsh realities the rest of us have to face day in and day out. Bullies with no one left to bully.

Anonymous said...

Market forces are for the "little people!!!"

Our "entitled class" demand that the rest of us pay for and build them a firewall to protect them from such market forces!!!

Anonymous said...

Infrastructure! We must work out from existing infrastructure. Not work out from some farm, out in the middle of nowhere, a realtor/developer bought cheap. It is not the job of taxpayer to make sure a realtor/developer gets the most return possible for his investment dollar.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Our "entitled class" demand that the rest of us pay for and build them a firewall to protect them from such market forces!!!

Market down?

Nothing that cheap sewers and forced contributions for such cheap sewers and permitting politically connected developers to buy up rural farm land and rezoning it after the titles change hands will not fix.

Anonymous said...

Tornado and high wind damage is in the news today. How many homes lost power? Think of the public health consequences if many of these homes were on St. Leon and DCEDI style sewers and could not flush their toilets due to widespread power outages. This is the kind of mess our self-interested and self-centered development interests are willing to leave us for their quick profits.

Anonymous said...

WalMart and White Castle are open 24 hours.

We could run shuttle buses to and from areas experiencing power outages to WalMart or White Castle in order for these folks can "relieve" themselves when needed.

No sacrifice is too great on our part to afford our local realtors and developers an increase in their base profits.

Anonymous said...

the possibility of Lawrenceburg using funds to help bring Aurora up to the same level of sewer transport capacity as Lawrenceburg and Greendale, thus opening options up on the SW side of the county,

Lawrenceburg and Greendale sewers have been works in progress that have taken decades to expand. Providing "real" gravity sewers at an economical cost to their customers.

With the dcedi, we will be presented with a costly cluster-freak of substandard pressurized sewers because there is no one connected with dcrsd who views the customer first.

The dcedi is just another tool for our entrenched and spoiled development interests to line their pockets as fast as possible, damn the long term costs to the rest of the county.

Anonymous said...

Dissolve the DCEDI and spare this county thousands of dollars. Go to their website and look at the names and businesses. Pretty easy to decide if you would like to do business with this group. Just like the Road Dog gas station. Do you know who is connected with their gas? Do you want to do business with those on DCEDI? Look at the names. Some you have to do business with, but most likely others you really have a choice.

Anonymous said...

And while we're at it, dissolve the DCRSD and save even more money.