Wednesday, February 20, 2008


2008 Lawrenceburg Municipal Development Fund Final Budget
Total amount budgeted $90,509,561. Total available $115,063,265

Salary Council 10,000
City Manager 114,729 -3.5% raise
City Manager secretaries 75,006 -CM sec’y and construction mgr sec’y
Salary Mayor 11,000
Salary Clerk treasurer 16,670 -as directed by Council
Salary Pool 40,000
Temp help 5,000
Longevity 6,020
Overtime 5,000
Human resource person 44,998
Sick Pay incentive 2,400
Social Security 31,000
Medicare 7,100
PERF 49,000
Unemployment 60,000
Assistant City Mgr 40,000 -1/2 year salary
Court Part time help 29,120
Union pension 13,000
MDF Clothing allowance 1,575
Construction inspector 70,898 3.5% raise
Utility Maintenance staff 90,000 2 employees
Office supplies 6,000
Computer equip/services 10,000
Fall Fest 350,000 there is no carryover this year
City Christmas party 18,000 same as last year
Copier maintenance 5,000
Eq and computer repair/maint 20,000
MDF Pool servicing 6,000
MDF pool supplies 45,000
Law’bg bond bank 0 current balance $2,493,309
Winterfest 110,000
Council private business loan 8,000,000 same as last year
Council public entity loans 5,000,000 same as last year
Training funds 50,000 15,000 canine- rest for safety training
Remedial operation 200,000
Water dept. support 225,000
Riverfront garage operations 225,000 increase to cover raise and ops
Electric bills 356,000
Water bills 110,000
Sewerage bills 60,000
Services and consultants 350,000 includes GIS contract
GIS mapping 30,000 going to contract
Survey and misc 75,000
Legal fees and services 350,000 up $250,000
Annexation 250,000
Spring and fall cleanup 25,000
Travel and other expenses 20,000
Postage 15,000
Telephone and fax 100,000 up $40,000 cover police station
Business cards/stationary 1,000
Health insurance 2,200,000 from union contract
Infrastructure master plan 25,000
Council donations 75,000 up 35,000
New scholarship fund 100,000 same as last year
Old scholarship fund 400,000 same as last year
Main St Association 275,000
MDF Housing Grants 25,000
City/Argosy mowing 12,000
Subscriptions/dues 2,000 same as last year
Gov’t support grant program 12,383,045 last year of 3 yr Honda commitment
Franklin Cty revenue share 500,000
Upgrade at Hilltop station 0 complete
Fire safety Ed’n trailer 0 complete
Fire dept training bldg 1,000,000 on track for 2008
Public warning siren replace 0
Riverfront Dev. Phase II 0
Alley projects 250,000
Ludlow Hill Phase II 2,000,000 see note below
Ludlow Hill 2,000,000 repair SR 48
Ivy Tech landslide 0
Adult Center Improvements 0
Argosy electric substation 450,000
Annex’n utility improvement 1,250,000
L-bg Aurora trail 0
US 50 utility mains 200,000
Water treatment plant 300,000
Electrical substation 40,000
SR 48 utilities relocation 300,000
Downtown underground 500,000
Unfinished projects 500,000
Tate St. Park 0
Property acquisition 1,000,000
Dearborn Cty Econ Initiative 0 end of 04-05-06 commitment
Dearborn Cty Chamber 25,000 increase to support Bus and trail
Agner Hall Renovation 50,000 complete ceiling installation
Fairgrounds Improvements 100,000 catchall throughout park
Utility Meter improvements 50,000
Utility dept & MDF vehicles 473,000 see note below
Env study for Rt 1 Bypass 0 Project is Most Likely Dead
YMCA Bldg improvement 0
Community Center Program 500,000 operations+ 105,000 from foundation
Swimming pool exp.iceskate 2,500,000
Tanners Creek Bridge Project 8,000,000
Dearborn Cty Foundation 1,800,000 same as last year
City Marketing program 100,000
Small business grant program 100,000 same as last year
Stormwater improvements 275,000
Parks Maintenance fund 2,000,000
Industrial Dr. improvement 250,000
Bldg/monument maintenance 2,000,000
Library Improve Bond Pay 750,000 ongoing until 5 mil paid off
Ivy Tech Buildout 0
Riverfront Condos project 50,000 to study River View condos
Fairgrounds Race Track Exp 4,500,000 project is underway
Riverfront Phase III Dev 5,000,000 meeting center/hotel project
Special Crimes Unit 100,000 annual giving
Walnut St Row houses PhII 500,000 begin property acq for PhII
Holt Hoffman Housing Dev 20,000
Arch St Park Improvement 0
New Storage Building 0
Police K-9 seminar 30,000
Vance Tousey House Ops 10,000
Dearborn hospital Improve 500,000 2nd of 5 payments
655 SR48 Lift Station Imp 750,000
Dearborn Cty School Grants 2,000,000 raise 1 mil plus carryover
Senior Housing Development 3,000,000
Ludlow Hill Ph III 200,000 finish current projects
Little League Exp Fgds 225,000
Fairgrounds RVarea Imp 150,000
City Compound Gravel 0
Downtown St Improvement 3,000,000 to be decided at later date
Streetscape Maintenance 150,000
Stockpile Concrete Bumpers 0
Traffic Control Safety Eq. 25,000
Tanners Cr Dock Imp Ph I 350,000
Fire Equipment 175,000
LERU Equip 50,000
LERU part time wages 50,000
Capital assets 20,000
City election expenses 0
Walnut St Row house const 2,500,000 should cover all 13 units
Animal Shelter match grant 0
Self insurance fund 2,000,000
Crime stoppers fund 10,000 same as last year
CVS site development 700,000 mostly st improvements
Fuel expenses 250,000
Police tech equipment 100,000
George St Park 350,000 rehab park and lift station
Tanners Cr Dr Fill 400,000 continue to fill at post office
Security Management 35,000 manage security camera system
Riverfront reconfiguration 250,000 Budget for the Riverwatch
Homesteading Program 1,000,000 to be developed
Transfer station 500,000
County match to DCF Endow 100,000 Match DC grant to foundation

Notes- Includes rehab of Fairview, Sunnyslope, Edgewood, Heiner, Quarry, and Bielby

Vehicles- 1 ton dump for 2000 1 ton dump 40,000
Trash hauler for #42 110,000
Zero turn mower for J Deere tractor 10,000
Garden Tractor replacement 2,500
Crew Cab P/U to replace 1 tin dump 30,000
1 salt spreader 5,600
New roll off truck 150,000
New bobcat for old bobcat 48,000
Replace ass’t Fire Ch car 28,000
Replace city mgr car 23,000
New truck body for utilities 25,000
Total vehicles not counting police 472,100


Anonymous said...

Lawrenceburg has enough money to pay for all this stuff, but they can't throw a few bucks Watson's way so he can futher exploit the good folks up in St. Leon for the Benefit of Maxwell and friends?

What is up with that?

Anonymous said...

Could it be Mayor Cunningham and the Lawrenceburg Council may have compassion for all those folks Mr. Watson is trying hurt to benefit himself and his clients/buddies? One could presume, that the good Mayor and the Council do not spend much time slumming with the St. Leon sewer thugs or with Jeff, Rick, Charlie, Maynard, Liz, three or four lowlife attorneys and the county republican leadership?

Anonymous said...

Could it be Mayor Cunningham and the Lawrenceburg Council may have compassion for all those folks Mr. Watson is trying to hurt to benefit himself and his clients/buddies?

Trying to hurt? I'm sure Mr. Watson has been instructed to employ a more Orwellian euphemism such as:

"People who choose not to comply with the chosen few who run St. Leon's sewers for the sole benefit of the chosen few alone, would not be punished. They would simply incur an..."unpleasant outcome."

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I hear something screeching late at night from my barn: "unpleasant outcome...unpleasant outcome!!!!!!!"

Upon venturing out to the barn with my Dollar Store two dollar flashlight (batteries included) all I spot in the rafters is L. Parvin Price hanging upside down from my barn rafters winging and clawing through his bat rolodex of like-minded bloodsuckers in Dearborn County!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

L parvin price has Tucker and LMS in his claws, therefore expect the unexpected in the northern district of Dearborn Co.

"Birds of a feather flock together"

Anonymous said...

The three or four republican leadership toadies left, who have yet to notice the rest of the county has been laughing at them for some time now, need to flex their sagging and atrophied political muscles and strong-arm Mayor Cunningham and the Lawrenceburg Council and make it clear to them who once ran this county…before the republican leadership became the laughing stock of the county that is. Maybe Bob and Gary could show off their Frank Linkmeyer pictures in their wallets to prove their bona fides as once cross-party political powerhouses. They could trumpet their political savvy as they were able to put together a bi-partisan group of development interests and still lose the election. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of our more wayward and lost development types and the lesser angels they seem to attract and employ, made up of the spiritually needy and greedy, who have given up all for the gold and silver of promised fast and easy riches, could be blessed to get some religion, or at least some sort of rudimentary faith that there is indeed a Higher Being keeping account of their actions. Maybe just maybe that will be enough encouragement from up High to demonstrate to these lost and vainglorious egocentric souls, their failings as to their previous, existing and anticipated treatment of their fellow brothers and sisters of God’s family.

Anonymous said...

John Maxwell says God ,which car company makes them?

Anonymous said...

God makes John Maxwell feel a little crowded in Dearborn County.

He has been consulting with Bob Ewbank to arrange God to give him some elbow room, or else.

God would not want to receive a forced hookup letter to Maxwell's sewers, now would he?