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7 August 2008 DCRSD Meeting Notes

The following notes are provided in an effort to provide a summary record the transactions of the meeting without editorial comment, except clarification of events or issues.

7 August 2008 DCRSD Meeting Notes

Present: Chairman, Dave Enzweiler, John Maxwell, Barry Pruss, Rodney Dennerline, Brett Fehrman and Steve Renihan.
Also Present: Benning, Executive Secretary; Tom Quinn, Quinn Engineering; Frank Kramer, Board Attorney; Walter McCann, Jerry Jacobsen; and Ralph Thompson. Bryan Messmore arrived later.
Meeting started at approximately 7:00 PM in the Commissioner's Meeting Room. The meeting was NOT recorded.

Meeting Notes
Meeting Notes for July 8, 2008 approved.

Treasurer's Report
County Study Account $ 49,914.42
High Ridge Account $108,120.50
Aurora Debt Service Account $ 3,535.50
Sewer District Savings Account $ 2,422.82
Serenity Ridge Account $ 74,766.27

Special Requests
Walter McCann
Mr. McCann is ready to get a permit for his house on Serenity Ridge. He cannot get a permit till he has the appropriate paperwork from DCRSD. Kramer has the agreement letters to send to Doug Baer of the Health Department to indicate the sewer is in operation. DCRSD still has not signed an agreement with LMH (still negotiating prices for treatment). McCann asked if there was an additional tap fee. Maxwell indicated there was no other tap fee. Renihan said the only other cost was that to hook in. Dennerline moved and Fehrman seconded to approve the customer agreement. Approved with Renihan abstaining.
McCann indicated a start in 2 to 3 weeks with a completion in spring. Maxwell asked if there were any other forms needed for Health Department or LMH. Kramer said the Owner's agreement bound the owners to abide by the LMH regulations. Benning indicated she didn't have customer applications for each Payer. Kramer said this is all the Health Department needs.

Bryan Messmore
Messmore (County Administrator) wanted to share a thought and start a conversation about the things happening on County Farm Road with the four county agencies, the YES Home, Animal Shelter, the Park and the Highway Department. He wanted to know if it made sense to continue a conversation. Dennerline thought it was an opportunity. Messmore indicated the projects were in various states of planning and the YES Home's existing system was failing. Dennerline indicated the critical path was a discharge point.

Pruss indicted this would be another site for a package plant.

Maxwell indicated this would open the area for public expansion. If we go out there it would be available for public accessibility. Do we intend to foster development out there.

Messmore said this creates an opportunity for the Park Board.
Fehrman asked about the timing.

Thompson indicated there were many different issues and time schedules, as well as, some problems, including effluent from the highway maintenance, status of the Animal Shelter, undefined plans for the park and condition of the YES Home septic system.

Messmore said the YES Home is affected by the Health Board. The system is failing and they have a bid due for replacement. This is under the authority of the Commissioners.
Dennerline indicated the Health Board would work with the YES Home, they had put up with Highridge for a long time.

Quinn asked it there were any streams out there.

Thompson indicated there was a swale at the maintenance facility. The issues involved and the plans for the various facilities needs to be defined and the conditions of the existing facilities and site need more information before any planning can start. Thompson ( District 3 Commissioner) directed Messmore to obtain the necessary background information and status of plans for the facilities and requirements before the DCRSD proceed any further, since they don't have the basis to develop any plan or direction.

Serenity Ridge
The user agreement was approved previously. The LMH fees discussion needs to be completed.
Renihan asked about how the user fees will be collected.
Pruss indicated DCRSD will accomplish that, the new computer program will handle it.

West Aurora Project
Enzweiler indicated, he Steve, Brett, Tom and Dave met at the site and walked area.
Quinn indicated he had a long discussion with Lynn Newlon (IDEM) and she is OK with the project. He also called the chief of the group, who issues the permits. He had to be brought up to speed on the project. He was OK with the plan to do the 54 houses and asked if it could be made larger. He explained the intercept of the pipe to the lagoon to install the package plant. The chief wants to by pass the lagoon. Quinn said the pipe enters on a 45 degree angle and could be extended around the lagoon and connect back to the pipe to Hogan Creek.

Maxwell asked why not move the plant. There is a partially level area 200 feet down the slope. There was a discussion about an easement to the plant and whether the easement was a utility easement or an easement and could be used. Quinn indicated the drawings indicated a 25 foot easement at lots 19 and 20 was shown and a 12 foot utility & drainage easement. John (Draper?) said they could be paved.

Enzweiler asked about the status of the lagoon. Quinn indicated the bacteria will eventually decrease the sludge. May have to dewater ad remove the sludge. Quinn indicated that IDEM made no comments or direction about the lagoon and provided no requirements for its disposition. IDEM had nothing to say specifically about the lagoon.

Fehrman asked if they would have to own it. Quinn said they would prefer not to own _______ could section lot 50.

Renihan asked what IDEM had to say about the lagoon. Enzweiler said Quinn said they had nothing to say about the lagoon. Enzweiler proceeded to say they probably needed to clean up the mess to prevent disease. They have go for additional money.

Quinn talked about what to do with the lagoon including pumping the contents to SDRSD and drying the sludge. There were issues of access and Quinn was concerned about buying an easement to the site. Thompson suggested they consider a temporary easement. Jacobsen (a member of the SDRSD Board) indicated that's activated sludge and asked how much there was (discussions with SDRSD after the meeting indicated SDRSD really did not want the sludge). Quinn and Enzweiler indicated an area of 1 1/2 to 2 acres of unknown depth and discuss how to determine the depth by hauling a boat down to the site and 'sticking' the lagoon to measure the depth.

Maxwell asked about their liability. They may not have to do much; but, need to know. Enzweiler asked who the determining factor was. Quinn responded - IDEM. Enzweiler instructed him to check on it and continue on.

Quinn checked on the review process and indicate the first review would take about a month (Quinn indicated he had one in Ohio EPA that took 2 1/2 months). Quinn has submitted a proposed contract amount of $20,000 for design up to submission to IDEM, which includes some costs for Hrezo for site plan work. Is was the standard agreement for the design.

Jacobsen asked if Ziedan is interested in connecting to the system. Enzweiler said it was discussed at the last meeting and it was decided to concentrate on Highridge. They are under the gun and John would have to cover the cost. Quinn indicated he could make inquiries.
Fehrman asked about the original proposal for 300 houses and now it was down to 54 houses. There are 12 houses nearby and DeVille, Lischge and Starlight. He doesn't want to make it too small. Quinn said they can expand it. Fehrman talked about the houses down 50 and not wanting to make it too small, what is the expansion cost. Renihan said they could run the numbers. Quinn indicated there is a 20% expansion capacity now and not all the houses are there now. This is based on 310 GPD (gallons per day). Fehrman indicated the contract is tailored toward the 54 houses wants to consider more.

Dennerline suggested 100 homes and feeding Hueseman from Aurora. Maxwell suggest 20,000 GPD approx. 65 houses. Dennerline said Starlight is no longer in business (legally). He is out of compliance as of March, 2008. (Note: This was all discussed in the prior meeting and it was approved to proceed on the basis of 54 houses).

Maxwell indicated they are tired and need to fix the original problem. Opening up the discussions again is time consuming and confusing. Let's do it now. We have 7,000 GPD. If they open it up to the public again they will just get beat up. The public is tired of it.

Fehrman asked if a plant designed for 100 houses can be viable for 23 houses. Quinn indicated plant can be compartmented and expanded. Enzweiler asked if there is room to build bigger. Quinn said they could double the size eventually.

Fehrman what is the cost to get a little bigger. Quinn would have to do the costs. Fehrman wondered about the subdivision costs.

Quinn didn't know what it would be in 5 years. Enzweiler indicated if it grew rapidly, they would have to move to a different site. Renihan suggested sizing the plant for 20,000 GPD.
Dennerline said if they have discussions, there are back to not getting anything done. Pick a number and get on with it without further public discussion. If people have problems, they will come to DCRSD.

Maxwell said 20,000 GPD is a reasonable number. If other streets are forced to connect will run into other discussions. "Let's go - let's do it."

Enzweiler indicated the 54 houses are not dedicated to Highridge, only 23 are. Maxwell indicated 20 houses are not even there. If they invite more people they will get into the same crap. Renihan suggested to do 20,000 GPD, that's 3 times the 54 houses. Maxwell agreed, and said then ind out about the existing lagoon.

Fehrman if they got with Dillsboro. Kramer said their meeting is the third Monday. He talked to Scott Fortner.

Quinn said he will do the numbers for 20,000 GPD. Maxwell said if we meet in two weeks they could have the public hearing and review the numbers.

New Business
Del Products $252.10 (Benning indicated that should be all the office supplies they will need into next year.
Per diem for Fehrman, Renihan and Enzweiler for the site visit to Highridge.
___________motioned to approve, Dennerline seconded, all approved.

Next Meeting

Renihan asked who knew Ziedan, "At least let him know." Dennerline said he is under a court order. Pruss said he won't spend the $2,000 now. Dennerline said he will want the sewer board to furnish the lift station and pipe, it's gone past the that now. He can come to DCRSD or hire Tom (Quinn) or whatever. DCRSD can help with easements. He (Ziedan) will want about $50,000 of stuff. He was shut down as of April.

Renihan: "At least talk to him."

Dennerline said one year ago he and Richard Butler told him he would be shut down in March. Fehrman said he is still having weddings.

Maxwell suggested telling him "We are building a plant, do you want to connect." Have Kramer or Benning send a friendly letter to DeVille, Lischge and Starlight to advise them and see if they are interested. Renihan said it is the right thing to do.

Enzweiler said those three are close enough to connect, go with those. Maxwell agreed. Dennerline said send information letter. Starlight has accepted plans and drawings and doesn't want to do it. Enzweiler said to send the letters. Maxwell and Renihan suggested he be invited to the next meeting.

Enzweiler directed Kramer to send the letters.

Enzweiler noted that while they were up there between lots 19 and 20 he noticed the pipes were broke and wastewater was coming out of the ground. He wanted to know if the Health Department needed to be informed. Nothing is currently going to the lagoon.

Next meeting will be August 21, 2008 at 7:00 PM. for the regular session and an Executive Session after the regular meeting to discuss land acquisition (At the last meeting Draper was going to donate the land - why an Executive Session?)

Maxwell wanted the Quinn proposal on the next agenda. Enzweiler directed Kramer to get with Benning to provide the proper advertisement and call Draper. Thompson reminded them to cite the Code section for the Executive Session authority.

Adjourned at approximately 8:10 PM.

Ralph Thompson
Washington Township

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NorthWest said...

Congratulations to the people of Manchester Township, you get to be the New St. Leon, or perhaps the next Bright. Bryan Messmore and the DCRSD has just invited you in to the world of housing developments and forced sewer hookups by proposing a package sewer plant to be installed on what's left of the County Farm. Grab your wallets or your ballots or your pitchforks folks.