Tuesday, August 26, 2008


In response to item #2 of Mr. Hughes concerns:

It would be nice to be quoted correctly and in context.

In the philosophical discussion of an individual’s rights and freedoms, the statement was made that the individual had the right and freedom to make his views known in any manner he chose. To which I questioned if he felt that meant one had the freedom to punch someone in the nose if they felt like it. I continued stating that our freedoms and rights end short of the other person’s nose! We have the freedom to express our opinion as long as we do not violate other’s freedom or rights!

For example, we have freedom of speech guaranteed by the Bill of Rights; but, we cannot legally slander someone, nor falsely yell “fire” in a crowded room.

The discussion was to indicate just the opposite of what Mr. Hughes’ statement has implied. At no time did I or any one else that I saw or heard intimidate anyone.

The issue goes to the discussion of property owner’s rights. Mr. Hughes has expressed that the property owner has the right to do anything with his property. We questioned, if someone wished to place a junkyard or factory on residential property, in spite of his neighbor’s rights, should he be allowed. He answered the owner had that right. He considered the subsequent devaluing of the neighbor’s property a “taking”; but, had no response when questioned how as to resolve that. The purpose of zoning is to protect all property owners’ rights and as in the free expression of freedoms and rights, our freedoms are limited by the rights of others.

Ralph Thompson
Advisory Board Member
County Commissioner- D-3

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