Thursday, August 14, 2008


DEARBORN COUNTY COMMISSIONERS SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES from 12 August 2008 contained a passage that Hughes essentially READ at the meeting. It is being posted for those wishing to see the complete statement along with a press release regarding the Building Department.

“President Hughes stated that the last commissioners meeting (8/05/08) was called to address the resolution regarding the Dearborn County Building Department and the state department of code enforcement which is now under the Homeland Security. The subject was brought up at the last meeting but fell short of our less than 5-day policy. The thought was that the county should refrain from breaking policy although policy was not law. The people of the county (Bryan Messmore, Don Townsend, Carl Fryman, and Jeff Hughes) have been in constant contact with the State Department, certain state elected officials, the business owners that the state singled out and the mayors and community managers. The county also consulted with engineering firms and code enforcement officers. Person thanks went out to the gentleman who had initialized organizing the meetings and contacts. President Hughes reviewed the information in detail and tried to ascertain the effects on the resolution business meeting in the department. He also expressed that he wanted to move forward with a county resolution.”

(The above is typed exactly as they released it with no corrections for person, tense, or typos.)

Press Release- from Bryan C Messmore Dearborn County Administrator [ NOTE: Way to spin it, guys!]

August 13, 2008

Dearborn County Commissioners approved a resolution that will help secure re-instatement of the inspection responsibilities in Dearborn County. Dearborn County Building Department has reached a milestone achievement towards a new set of standards for “inspectors” in our county. Carl Fryman has completed “state inspector boot camp” and has been assigned the task of translating his training to the balance of the department.

In coordination with this effort, Don Townsend has announced his retirement effective year end 2008. Don suggested this timing to help offset the economic downturn that has reduced the workload in the department. Don and Carl will work closely together throughout the rest of the year to transfer the remainder of the office responsibilities.

Respectfully submitted,

Bryan C Messmore
Dearborn County Administrator

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