Tuesday, October 21, 2008

21 October 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Fox, and Thompson

Also present: Messmore, Administrator

Absent: Ewbank, Attorney, and Pickens, Auditor

Gayle Pennington- Treasurer- received approval for Pay Gov (sp?) contract for 1 year with 30 day termination clause to handle just the over the counter credit card payments. There is a 3% surcharge for this service that the payor pays. Ewbank had reviewed the contract per Pennington and he was OK with it. She said other counties used this company and liked them.

Todd Listerman- Transportation Director- gave a 25-minute report:

1. Elvin Miller’s old subdivision in Sparta Township near Moore’s Hill- Commissioners accepted Rebecca Court (.25 miles) into the county road inventory.

2. Listerman will check with Council to have roads that have vpd of 500-999 striped for the first year after they are newly paved. The reasoning is that they are so black and the edges raised that it will help with night visibility until the color fades. Listeman said there are about 72 miles of county roads striped.

3. Holt Road will have a new dry ford built – higher than the old one to help lessen the times it is unusable due to flooding. Funds are in budget and they will do this in- house.

4. Commissioners signed the Bell’s Branch Bridge inspection contract with DLZ out of Indy for $71,773.60. INDOT approved the agreement.

5. Commissioners signed the letter to petition INDOT to allow ROW and preliminary engineering design to be used as a match for the $1million for the North Dearborn Rd alignment. Fox said: “Does any of this strike you as being a little nuts?” (in reference to the hoops that we go through for federal aid projects.)

6. Millings are in place on Schantz and Rumsey for about half the cost of asphalt paving. Listerman is finalizing process on chip sealing to do that before winter.

7. Used guard rail was purchased for $26,500 vs over $110,000 new.

8. Triple whipple Bridge is being painted now.

9. Chesterville Bridge #20 – deck poured and will be completed by the end of Nov.

10. Road in William’s Retreat sub’n (no lots sold yet and it’s 7 years old) will be ready for acceptance soon.

11. Snow preparation – salt delivered and LTAP safety training is being done.

12. Thursday morning scheduled to mill 3600 ft of Pribble Hill due to slippery road conditions.
[NOTE: An accident victim’s father reported to someone in the audience tonight that there is a significant amount of moss and algae on the road itself. This may account for some of that problem- as it is a relatively new phenomenon.]

Claims and minutes signed

Messmore- NOTHING- unless there are any questions – there were none.

Hughes- Building Commissioner resigned. Fox stated that the guy down there is doing a super job, but I know that Ralph likes to have resumes etc. Thompson said- normally he does, but in this instance with certification issues and the state inspectors involved he thought we should continue with Fryman- too risky to change at this time. Commissioners appointed Carl Fryman as Building Commissioner.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


nwquad1 said...

Eubank is a no show, and Messmore has nothing to report...again!!
We pay these guys.

Citizen for the Whole Story said...

Ewbank had a heart attack just over ten days ago. Maybe ask around before you make snide comments about someone being a "no show" at a meeting.

nwquad1 said...

Sorry to hear that. Wish him a speedy recovery.