Friday, October 31, 2008


This editorial appeared first in the Tuesday Journal Press.

When voting for a candidate, we vote for his or her vision of the future. In the case of the candidates for the county commission, we have a clear choice.

Vera Benning was the only commissioner to vote against the planning commission’s comprehensive plan.

She managed to remove both commissioners who supported the plan and replace them with “yes men” for Vera Benning. They even ganged up on one of their own party members who wouldn’t tow the line.

Benning’s subsequent removal from the commission by the vote of the county sent a clear message about what the community wished for its future.

Benning, however, still shows up at the courthouse many times a week keeping her boys in line.
Jeff Hughes’ and Rick Fox’s vision for the future is clear from their records. They have destroyed lands that were precious for the people of this community.

They have consistently voted on the side of “development,” which, for them means concrete and houses which can be sold quickly for profit.

Hughes and Fox then tabled the land use plan to stop the people of this county from having any say in the future of the county.

If you want to see Hughes’ vision and Fox’s future, look at Butler County and Warren County, Ohio. Uncontrolled and unplanned development will destroy this county as it has those.

Tom Orschell and Doug Taylor support the voice of the people of the county. They do not fear to hear from the electorate as Hughes and Fox have indicated by abolishing the public input part of the commissioners’ meetings. Their vision is clear: planned development that takes into account the needs and views of all the people in the county.

In this election, we are voting for our future, for what we will leave our children and grandchildren, and for a promise of protection of the county or a license to exploit it.
We cannot afford more years of Benning’s puppets who share her narrow and destructive agenda.

Bob Sauerbrey
Miller Township

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