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7 October 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

7 October 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Fox, and Thompson
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator

No uniformed police officer was present. [NOTE: Have the commissioners finally given up on this waste of time and money?]

Candidates present in the audience: Phil Darling, Council at-large, Tom Orschell, Commissioner D-2, and Doug Taylor, Commissioner D-1.

Old Business:

Darryl Sears- Pendleton Sears Architects for DC Animal Shelter- tabled last meeting. Commissioners discussed Frank Kramer’s amendments to the contract. Sears had added all to the newly revised ones. There was a problem with the payment schedule and Ewbank wanted more on the side of the county at the construction document phase. He did note that to date the firm had worked for free.

Fox said he has served on boards with Frank Kramer and wants to follow his advice.

Thompson said that construction MANAGEMENT is being done by someone else – who?

Messmore said Carl Fryman (Building Dept) is doing the construction management for the county. We are also doing the inspection so Fryman won’t inspect- another member of the dept will. [NOTE: So another inspector will inspect and his boss will manage the construction that he is inspecting? This appears to be a conflict of interest. What if the inspector and the “manager” disagree? Who set this up? Why do we protect the county in a payout schedule and then slip up here?]

Commissioners compromised on the payout schedule regarding administration and construction documents at 10 and 50% each. Approved contract with those revisions for later signature by Hughes and contingent upon PAWS transferring money into the county account for this.

New Business:

Sandy Whitehead- Educator for Solid Waste District- Talked about Reduce- Reuse- Recycle in the county buildings also. Commissioners approved the resolution for the county offices to purchase items from recycled content thus helping with a market for our recycled products. The state allows a 15% PRICE PREFERENCE FOR RECYCLED PRODUCTS.

Commissioners also approved November 15th at National American Recycling Day in the county.

Mark McCormack- Planning Director- presented Article 1 Sections 160 1nd 165 eliminating VARIANCE and leaving WAIVER as part of the subdivision ordinance to match state code. Commissioners approved.

Lawrenceville street vacations and costs were determined to be $6,000 with the county PZ dept waiving their fees. ($4400 survey and $1600 legal bid) The county interests would be the cemetery out there and buildings we’ve allowed in the ROW. L-ville was platted in the 1830’s. Fox doesn’t want to start the precedent that the county pays. Thompson agreed and added that the benefits accrue to the property owners so they should pay. Ewbank said t be sure the descriptions have the ROW split described in metes and bounds for Assessor etc. McCormack will advise the property owners there and see how to proceed.

McCormack said Bob Laws term expires this year and will NOT seek another appointment. Commissioners need to find a replacement for his position for Jan 1st meeting.

Bill Black – EMA- Had one grant resigned – due to date change needed.(2007) Received another $53,865 grant for public safety and purchased more portable radios to distribute to agencies. Grant signed.

Individuals in the county are eligible for disaster relief via an 800 number. They- EMA- are also working with FEMA to get money for county work on the disaster- County hwy has $80,000, REMC has $414,000, etc of the $555,000 filed for. The state needs $7 million to qualify.

Todd Listerman- Highway- gave a 20-minute report-

Rosewood Subdivision- Frey Road- .04 mile accepted into county highway.

Eden Garden Subdivision- Off Blair up Trestor Hill- accepted into highway- 1495 ft of Eden Dr and 321 ft of Appletree Dr.

Change order for Triple Whipple found issues with abutment when it was jacked up totaling $8596. Our share will be 80% of 20% of this number. Approved.

DLZ will be inspector for Bells Branch bridge- documents to be signed at next meeting.

Letter thanking Randolph County for Chipper loan for storm damage signed.

The design for I-275 ITS system with Artemis was approved by INDOT with cameras and 511 signs and NOT the information sign. That may come later.

Field check for bridge rehab over I-74 at St. Leon. There will be 3 lanes (one is turn lane) and 10 ft shoulders. Project starts in 2009.

Salt Fork and the bridge on SR 1 will be 2010 with less closing of SR 1 as the bridge is MOVING west of its location. It will be on the LEFT of SR 1 as you head north or SR1. Closures will only be needed as attaching the bridge to SR 1 occurs.

Rumsey was finished and Schantz will be this week- using millings from state highway projects. Council approved funding for more of this recycled mix. Cost is 1/3 of paving.
Fox asked about COLLIER RIDGE ROAD. – Council’s $500,000 still available and will go for bids after 1st of the year, They will reset guardrail for winter. Fox asked Listerman to contact the group out there asking about it. Thompson advised notifying paper also for others who travel that road.

Listerman said they are also working on Holt Road- considering a bridge or a higher dry ford there. It connects to Ripley County from North Hogan.

Pickens- Claims and minutes approved.

Messmore- NOTHING unless questions, and there were none.

Ewbank- nothing to report.

Meeting adjourned 7:35 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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