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Ms Gutzweiler, Which Is the Truth??

Ms Gutzweiler, Which Is the Truth??

Excerpts from:
Page 68
August - September, 2008
VRUC Board Meeting minutes for July 8
"During the discussion period, Jack Arduin asked if the Board got the letter from South Dearborn dated April 18. Jeff Bittner responded that he remembers the letter. Jack Arduin stated that a draft of the contract was given to the Board's official representative, Sammy Gutzwiller. Ms. Gutzwiller emphatically stated that she was never the official representative. Jeff Bittner stated that the only way someone would be an official rep­resentative is if the Board makes a motion to that effect. Jack said that SDRSD realizes that four Board members are against the takeover and they would like an official let­ter from this Board stating the posi­tion of the Board."

VRUC Board Meeting minutes for Aug. 19
Page 78
September - October, 2008
"Dearborn, any negotiations will be a Board decision as to who is on the negotiating committee. Maria also asked why Sammy Gutzwiller represented the VRUC at a South Dearborn meeting recently. Jeff responded that ONLY persons authorized by this Board represent this Board. Jeff said he has told Ms. LaRosa before that Sammy was not authorized to represent us, therefore, she did not. "


The undersigned herein below do attest to the facts, that on June 10, 2008 at the South Dearborn Regional Sewer District Board Meeting, held at the facility in the conference room , Ms Sammy Gutzweiler did identify herself and indicate she was the appointed representative of the Valley Rural Utilities Company as indicated in the partial transcription of the audio tape of the meeting below:

"OK, I 'm Sammy Gutzweiler. I was asked to attend this by the Board. The Board is otherwise tied up at the moment.

Randy Turner: Which Board? Valley Rural Board?

The Valley Rural Board of Directors. I'm an eleven year past member and worked for four years to try to get the utility company bought from the developer. I'm surprised the VRUC Board was not notified of this. We received a call last night at 10:00 o'clock last night, the Board did, that this was coming up on the agenda today.

Steve Lampert: Sammy, it was on last month's agenda. And that document got handed out a month ago. And you had three of your Board members or two of your Board members here.

Well then I guess the Board members didn't notify the other members. And I guess this seems ..

Jerry Jacobsen: Must not be very good communications there.

Well, you got it. I guess this is a kind of a surprise to me. I'm speaking just for me ........."

Signed by SDRSD Board Members, Attorney and staff:

Randy Turner
Jerry Jacobsen
William Neyer
Matt Zerbe
Steve Lampert
Grover Sefton
Charles M. (Mel ) Davis

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