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20 January 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

20 January 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, and Kevin Lynch
ABSENT: Art Little

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney. 

Jeb Road- Planning and Zoning- Nicole Daily- this is a continuation of the request to rename the private section of Jeb Rd to Jeb Lane. They had also notified neighbors. No additional phone calls or responses received since last discussed. McHenry said the main concern is house numbers are out of sequence. This also distinguishes between private lane which is not publicly maintained and the main road which is per Daily. 


Karl Galey- said he would not reiterate his concerns from last time. He said the mailboxes are out at the main road at the cul-de-dac. He thought that would not affect how the numbers were on the houses. 

McHenry explained why they are addressing those issues regarding mail, emergency services, etc. Galey said that 911 addresses came up one time before and they didn’t fix it then. He does not intend to change his address. 

A woman spoke (name garbled) from Jeb Drive. She did not know what this was mishandled from the beginning. She has frontage on Jeb Drive but her driveway is on the private section. McHenry also stressed they should try to put numbers outside at the end of their driveway even though their mailbox is at the end of the lane at the cul-de-sac. 

Penningon said they have been doing GIS for fire hydrants for FD in Bright.

McHenry asked how they felt about this since they had taken the time to come down. The group said they want to keep their address. They only want the one or two out of sequence to be fixed- but not the rest. 

Baudendistel said that the Planning Dept. has the authority to fix these numbers. The numbers should be 3 inches in height. Haley asked if the out of sequence people were notified. Daily said that they were and they got different letters from the rest. Lynch addressed the side of not changing numbers is not a good idea- from the emergency services standpoint. 

Lynch motioned to change Jeb Dr to Jeb Lane for the private section. Machinery want dot table until Little could be available as he was unwell and had a death in the family. TABLED until the 2nd 
meeting in MARCH- March 17th. Feb has two morning meetings. 


SE Indiana Work Force Investment Board- Kurt Kegerreir- not present

Jail Food Bids- Sheriff Mike Kreinhop- Received no more food bids- so asked permission to use the 3 companies with GortonFoods being the primary provider. Ellenbee Leggett is 2nd one. Tabled to get the price lists from 2014. They did’t get bids in 2014 either. [NOTE: How do we get competitive pricing if no one bids? Can’t we require it?]

INSERTED HERE- NOT ON AGENDA- Harrison Fire Chief. - He presented information regarding how they will cover the Whitewater Mills hazardous materials (Chlorine) in a fire or incident. Whitewater Mills has some automatic shut offs with respect to the chlorine if it spilled. He had given the Commissioners a binder of this material and procedures. They have 2 HAZMAT specialists and others who are well trained in that response. Commissioners thanked him for covering this so thoroughly. They will also be doing some training on this per the fire chief. 

CASA Grant Approvals and Update- Donna Thacker- she planted date seeds of coordinating the adjoining counties on surveys previously and it has worked out this year. Lawrenceburg funded this. CMHC has a 6 month intensive substance abuse program. They are also training smaller police communities for them to receive training on substance abuse. She passed out their annual report. Commissioners approved the report, grant, and all the claims listed.  

EMA Grant Applications for Salary Reimbursement- Bill Black- $93,640.88 was requested and they will approve half of it at 46,844.20. This covers half their salaries. Commissioners approved the EMA grant application. 

Black had a couple questions. He sent out information on the trailer they had available. A couple depts. are interested. Baudendistel said that he mis-spoke last meeting regarding the $5,000 and under value - that was for a group of items. If it is a single item- then it has to be worth $1,000 or less. Solid Waste, Boy Scouts, 4-H were interested. They will try to get an appraised value of sorts. 

No one offered to be on Gr Cinti Hazmat Board. He will take it for now. Mike Eaglen will be the 2nd one to go to that Hazmat Board.  

Certify Appointment of Local Health Officer- Health Board- Dr. Gary Scudder was appointed by the Board of Health. Commissioners certified it.

Appointment of Hospital Board Trustee-Bill Ritzmann was re-appointed to the board effective July 1 2015 for 4 more years.

Approval of Commissioners Certificate Sale Calendar- Pennington said it is their standard calendar. Thurs April 9 at 10 AM is the sale. Approved. 

ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall- only one item-( not on agenda) on behalf of Todd Listerman, who couldn’t be present. They have been working with McCormack and Commissioner Lynch at OKI on projects to help the county grow. One of the areas that has been discussed is to open up the Bright area. There has been some discussion and have OKI using some INDOT funds to study a Stateline Road Connector. They have $160,000 from federal funds thru INDOT and $40,000 match to make up $200,000 for feasibility study. He needs approval to move $40,000 from MvHA substitute account to transfer those funds. They can’t make any commitments until the funding is done thru COUNTY COUNCIL. Lynch and McHenry approved sending Listerman to request that money from Council. Apparently Little is not necessary for this vote, though it is his district. [NOTE: This project is part of the old 2030 plan with INDOT and OKI will do the study. This will answer the question as to what route would be best and what the cost will be. Hopefully there will be more OPEN discussion of these ideas. This current request for study money has been known to officials but has not really been put out in any commissioners or council meetings. It was mentioned during a master plan advisory meeting last fall. ] 

AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington - Covered Bridge certification was signed for our one covered bridge n Guilford. 

Dr and nurse agreement for juvenile center- tabled until Baudendistel could check this with the new contract they signed with the jail medical company. 

Jan 6 minutes were approved. Claims approved.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- Ordinance Transferring Personal to Town of Moore’s Hill - salt spreader from Aurora to us and now to Moore’s Hill. Approved.

Bridge #9 on Sagamaw Rd in Dillsboro has one piece of property that has unknown owner. He needs to proceed with quiet title for the remaining parcel. Approved. 

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch- Just wanted to thank everyone who came to his event becoming president of the OKI board.

McHenry- Moment of silence for Little’s sister who passed away- and said thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family and hope he feels better.  



Meeting adjourned at 6 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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