Thursday, January 08, 2015


Proposed 2nd County Annex, Could It Raise Your Taxes?

Council to Discuss Proposals and Funding at Jan 13th Meeting starting at 6 PM in County Administration Building at High and Mary Streets across from the Public Library entrance on Mary Street.

Costs Go Beyond the $8 million Money in Riverboat Revenue Saving Account.

Click on Link Below for Pictures and Price Tags for County Campus Project in Thursday's edition of the Dearborn County Register.

Look at your property tax assessment for 2015. It's available online at the Assessor's section of the county website. 
Then scroll down to Property GIS search. You can also use the property tax estimator after you search for your assessment. 

The stakeholders who were on the advisory committee were the county employees or officials whose offices were in the Courthouse and slated to move to the newer spaces. Regular taxpaying citizens were not given a voice on nor view of this project until the design was finished and presented at the Nov Council meeting. Council tabled it for review. Now do you think you should go to the Jan 13th meeting? Or call or email your Council members?

The link below goes to the 7 Council members. Click their name for email and phone numbers. Dennis Kraus, Sr. is the current President of Council.

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