Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dobell House and Beyond- Three Sides to a Story

Dobell House and Beyond- Three Sides to a Story
Register Publications- Thursday 1/22/15 Edition

This story plus an editorial letter from Greendale Council and a Q&A from Christopher Libbert plus invoices and expenditures to be viewed online at the Register site.


GRC and GEDC members said...

Greendale Redevelopment Commission Members
Bill Lansing, President
David Lorey, Vice President
Bill Harvey, Secretary
Jerry Abbott, Member
Ty Bowell, Member
Al Abdon, Executive Director
Angela Walters, Deputy Director
Mary Jo Lynch, Treasurer

Economic Development Commission Members
Al Abdon, President
Bill Lansing, Vice President
Dan Lansing, Secretary

Chris Libbert said...

Richard Butler has consistently been trying to spin this story by saying the reason for the original default on the mortgage was due to me not paying rent and that is false period. I paid rent up to the point I was told not pay anymore rent and stop all contact with the owner of the building by the owner's attorney. I then began investing my own money into the repairs. At a point in time I also asked Greendale if they could assist me in repairing the roof since I basically got stuck with a deadbeat landlord and they were of no help. This is not a situation I created or wanted with the landlord it was just the hand I was dealt. They could have chose to help me and keep a store open in Greendale that people could walk or bike to. However they don't recognize the value of a store to their citizens and did what was best to make their life easier.