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6 January 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

6 January 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

 Election of Board President- Shane McHenry

 Re-appointments of Department Heads
 Administrator- Terri Randall
 Animal Control Director- Marlene Underwood
 Attorney- Andrew Baudendistel
 Building Inspector- Bill Shelton
 Emergency Management Director- Bill Black, Jr. as recommended by their Board
 Engineer- Todd Listerman
 GIS Coordinator- removed form list
 Highway Supervisor- Tim Grieve
 Maintenance Supervisor- Eric Hartman
  911 Director- Jared Teaney- effective Jan 17, 2015
Boards that Commissioners Serve (All 3 serve on Solid Waste & Drainage Boards)
Common Construction Wage (Shane currently)
Emergency Management (Shane currently)
Juvenile Board (Shane currently)
OKI (Kevin currently)
Personnel Advisory (Shane currently)
 Plan Commission (Art currently)
 Region 9 Workforce (Art currently)
 Southeastern Regional Plan Commission (Art currently)   
All kept the same as currently appointed       

 Citizen Boards – Re-appointments
 Alcohol Beverage Board – Jim Dole
 Cemetery Board – Lois Harper
 Convention &Visitor’s Bureau – Tina Bojack, Marilyn Bower, Ellen Perfect, Charlotte Hastings
 Library Board, Aurora – Sue Manford, Angela Burkhardt
 Library Board, Lawrenceburg – Dan Toon
 Planning Commission – Jim Thatcher
 Property Tax Assessment Board of Review (PTABOR) – Mark Neff, Mark Hardebeck
  Board of Zoning Appeals – Jim Thatcher
 Other Appointments – ADA Coordinator - Terri Randall 
No changed in these appointments above   
 ACH Advanced Correctional Health Care Contract- Baudendistel and Randall said that it wasn’t signed yet- Baudendistel said that “everyone” was very happy with the changes so Commissioners signed it. 

 Jeb Road - Nicole Daily- TABLED

 Property on Conwell Street - Guinevere Emery -(Resolution Regarding Transfer of Property to the City of Aurora)- covered under Attorney later

Southeast Indiana Workforce Investment Board – Kurt Kegerreis- unable  to be here- stuck in INDY due to weather.

Community Corrections Grant Approval – Steve Kelly - 2015 thru 2017 by DOC rules and regs to have grant start in July 2015 and ends in June 2017. They asked for $100,000 more to add a new J-Cap counselor for the additional 16 J-Cap beds added to the jail. $40,000 salary plus benefits and the rest will go for work release staffer for that pod. Baudendistel reiterate that they need this for the Drug Court issues. They need an additional staff member due to HB 1006. They want to add an employee in the jail to work for the work release pod. checking people in and out. They had $493,000 and now will have $593,000+. McHenry brought out that if the grant goes away, then the position goes away too. Council can’t fund this.McHenry thinks expansion of Work release is a great idea. Baudendistel said that if they are going to serve a year or less, then they spend it locally in jail or work release etc and not in DOC. Level 6 felonies will be served here. Kelly said hey are asking for this extra money due to this. The $493000 was annual for the last 15 years. They are due for increase he said. Grant Approved.   
Homeland Security Sub-Grant Agreement Approval – Bill Black- already approved to apply for - $17,000 to get a portable repeater for the 800MgHz system in areas with no coverage. This is for 2014. Signed. 

Black asked about getting a transfer of a 30 ft box trailer from AEP and since they can’t use it- they want to donate it to Boy Scouts Troop 637 of Aurora.  It is worth less than $5000. Andy will type it up- value is about $3,000.Lynch wants Black to be sure no one in the county gov’t needs it first.

Regional Trails Alliance – Mark McCormack -(Resolution of Support for the Regional Trials Alliance Trial Plan)- presented the model put together by Green Umbrella. In Dearborn County there are 2 connections - Whitewater Canal area to Brookville and also along the levees down by the Ohio River in the US 50 area. There are areas for further areas for study- Old rail line and Laughery Creek areas. Baudendistel has a copy f the resolution. We are planing to put this in our comprehensive plan as a point of reference. Baudendistel had no issues with this. Commissioners adopted this resolution. Kevin Lynch pointed out as an officer of OKI he didn’t think he needed to remove himself from voting on it- thought they were involved with the Green Umbrella group too. 

Cancellation of Bond with RLI – Acceptance of Bond with Travelers (cell tower)- $25,000 bond and RLI is insurance company. There i a new bond with Travelers to cover this same amount. 15141 Leffler Road Aurora is the tower location. Approved. This was sent back to Sue Hayden then. 

Ratify Signature for Lutz Auction Contract- This was for sale of personal property. Terms similar to last year. McHenry signed this on Dec 31. He did the auction Saturday. Ratified. 

Jail Project Change Orders – Brad Rullman- multiple ones. one more after this-and he anticipates being under budget. Final will be in February meeting. Bulk of construction wrapped up in the next two weeks Change orders:
Core slab structures delete- $1,100 deduct. Approved. 
Banta Electric- added a pre action panel for sprinkler system- $ 5,240.95. Approved.
Valley Interiors - additional framing for firewalls that had to be modified and replace ceiling tile $1,320 additional. Approved. 
Valley Interiors- Repair wet ceiling $2520 added to them tat was deducted from contractor tat caused it. Repair in Lusby’s office also for $3,378 total with the $2520 coming back from Triton services later on. Approved.
Jail Correctional Products $2468 deducted for work done by another source previously.Approved
Jail Correctional Products- door for food passage needed to be able to lock differently- $1054 Approved.
Kirkland Roofing- $1125 for multiple roofing plusses and minuses for repairs or changing of roof drains. Approved.

Approve public official bond for Glenn Wright- Recorder- Approved

ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall-thanked them for her reappointment. She presented:
Contract for Volunteer Recruitment Program - Randall said they had $100,000 from Council last year to reduce the amount of missed runs. This goes back to the units. $10,000 was set aside to get a more targeted recruitment program. They haven’t really made any firm decision on the recruitment. They want to have an agreement on ow this will be accomplished. McHenry already signed this. This agreement is with all the volunteer squads. $10,000 annually provided it is granted by the Council annually. Distribution will be at the discretion of the commissioners. Data and results will be provided to see which of their programs are effective. The ways to spend it could be videos, incentives, education rebates, etc.  Ratified McHenry’s signature. [Note:Why did this have to be signed outside of a meeting?]

Insurance Renewal Update- Randall -county has worked to get their fees down. They needed to control their risk and improve safety. She has dogged this to get this down. There were hours and hours of multiple applications for insurance companies to cover us. Minimal WC savings last year. Much better this year. Jail claim that was lopsided. They got the $25,000 down to $7500. Current Insurance company had a $100,000 increase so Travelers rated us much better this year than in previous years and Chubb has the flood coverage. They have to do a structured program of safety skills for Veteran’s services vans.
Savings was $25,000 on the whole. Satisfied with all the work and Sue Ellen in HR and the things that Terri herself has pushed. McHenry signed to bind the coverage. Ratified McHenry’s signatures on insurance renewal forms. [NOTE: this is the 3rd ratified signature at this meeting.]  

Barnes & Thornburg State Legislative Services engagement letter-lobbyists contract is automatically renewed unless not budgeted. There is also a legislative relations counsel and they have weekly phone update with her every Friday. $5,000 fixed fee per month. This drops to $3,000 per month form May to Dec when sessions are wrapped up. Approved.

Additional items not on the agenda - Randall said that Steve Kelly needed copies of the non-collusion acceptance form for the grant a couple month’s ago. Approved.

Cinti Bell needed a right of entry agreement thru March 31, 2015 and needed to research who owned underground conduit. This allows them to run the fiberoptic in plastic conduit we own. They will need to give 90 days to terminate with Century Link and then will contact with into Bell. They are avoiding the termination fees for early termination with Century Link. Approved. 

AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington Claims approved. Both sets of December 2014 Minutes approved.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- Ordinance to Amend the Animal Control Ordinance- looked over our grace period and amended the penalty section. 14 day grace period does not apply if a dog bites a person. They also fixed a scribner’s error. They also can Quarantine at the director’s discretion a dog if a minor bite AND has up to date shots. Approved.
Emery’s resolution on the transfer of property in Aurora - the same as when she was Clerk Treasurer in Moore’s Hill- Baudendistel prepared a similar resolution for Conwell Street property to transfer it to the city of Aurora and demolish it with the outcome of economic growth and development. This is one of the blight resolution properties. Approved. Stratman- Aurora’s attorney was also consulted on this.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch wanted to reiterate the insurance situation and how important it is to get all these people to quote our coverage. He also wants to recognize the passing of Bill McClure- the WW II veteran who advocated for the armed services in our area. Moment of silence for his passing at age 90. 

Little- reiterate that it was  bunch of people who worked on the insurance. McClure was a treasure of stories. Born in northern Dearborn County. Everybody stay warm- a cold week ahead. Hoping the snow misses us Wednesday.



Meeting adjourned at 9:55 AM
Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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