Friday, January 16, 2015


The following was obtained as a request  under the Public Access Law.

From: Terri Randall []
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 8:43 PM
To: 'Aaron Negangard'; 'Art Little'; 'Bill Black '; 'Bill Shelton '; 'Bill Ullrich '; 'BJ Ault '; 'Bryan Messmore '; 'Charles Ashley'; 'Charlie Keyes'; 'Connie Sandbrink (for Judge Humphrey)'; 'Dan Lansing'; 'Dave Lusby'; 'David Hall '; 'Dennis Kraus Jr.'; 'Dennis Kraus, SR'; 'Doug Baer'; 'Dr. Scudder'; 'Eric Hartman'; 'Gary Hensley'; 'Gayle Pennington '; 'Glenn Wright '; 'Jack Prarat'; 'Jennifer Lyness'; 'Judge Humphrey '; 'Judge Jonathan Cleary'; 'Judge Sally Blankenship'; 'Julie Pendergast (for Judge Humphrey)'; 'Kevin Lynch'; 'Liz Morris'; 'Mark McCormack'; 'Marlene Underwood'; 'Mary Calhoun'; 'Michael Burgess'; 'Michelle Blackwell (for Judge Blankenship)'; 'Mike Hornbach'; 'Phil Weaver '; 'Randy Lyness'; 'Rick Probst'; 'Rita Cutter - Soil & Water'; 'Ryan Brandt'; 'Shane McHenry'; 'Sheriff Mike Kreinhop'; 'Sherri Black '; 'Steve Bradley '; 'Steve Callahan'; 'Steve Kelly'; 'Sue Hayden'; 'Suellen Cauble'; 'Terri Randall'; 'Tim Greive'; 'Todd Listerman '; 'Traci Agner'; 'Vera F Benning '
Subject: Courthouse Annex Update

To All Elected Officials and Department Heads:

Many of you have seen recent press regarding the courthouse annex discussion that was scheduled to be held at tonight’s County Council meeting.
Because this is a matter that personally impacts several department heads, I thought I would update you before leaving this evening so you get a timely update from our office.

Tonight, after some discussion, council and commissioners agreed to put together an informal group that includes Council president, Auditor, Treasurer, President of Board of Commissioners, County Administrator, and a handful of other key individuals to meet to review the progress to-date, options researched, open issues/questions, status of finances, funding options, and general consensus on how to proceed.  There was general agreement that the space issues need to be addressed and a commitment to keep the matter moving forward to a decision.  Some members of council voiced their position that, ultimately, Commissioners will have to take all under advisement and provide a recommendation and funding request for a solution in the near future.  However, this will be a productive next step to allow all issues and questions to be discussed and brought to the Commissioners as they make that recommendation.  It was agreed that this meeting would be scheduled in the very near future.

Also, the Commissioners want to thank Dennis Kraus, Sr. for his service to Dearborn County in his role as County Council President these many years.  Due to health concerns, Mr. Kraus suggested the board nominate another member to serve as president.  The board elected Randy Lyness as president and Dennis Kraus, Sr. will serve as vice president.  I know you join the Commissioners in thanking Mr. Kraus for his leadership, commitment, and contributions as president.  We also hope this gives him a well-deserved opportunity to put his health and family first.

Terri Randall
Dearborn County Administrator
215B West High Street
Lawrenceburg, IN  47025
Office:  (812) 532-2085

“You get the best efforts from others not by lighting a fire beneath them,
     but by building a fire within.” --- Bob Nelson

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