Tuesday, March 16, 2004

15 March 2004 Commissioners Meeting

Karen Shell was absent due to illness. Dan Batta arrived shortly after 8 PM. Vera Benning ran the meeting with reports only until Dan Batta arrived for a quorum to be present. Cary Pickens (Auditor) and Lisa Lehner (Cty Att’y) were present.

1. Emergency Management- Bill Black- CERT informational meeting Tues at Tate St. Adult Center. Attended Flood seminar in Indy, looking into the 800 MgHz radio system for the county emergency with part of a $50K grant. Weather tests from Nat’l Weather Service will be this Wednesday. Will get Karen Shell’s signature for the grant application he’s holding.

2. Transportation – Mike Davis – Reported on hwy crews doing hand patching, ditching, grading, guard rail replacements, and culvert replacements. New computer for GIS and transportation inventory is set up. DNR (John Hall) to come down and go over some of the creeks and flood issues this week. Settled up the back billing with Rohe Paving for around $21,000. Base coats being applied to Cole Lane, and some of the other roads in D-3. Tabled the Locust Road vacating issue until certified letters to the adjoiners with the complete legal description of the land vacated have been verified.

3. Health Dept. – Doug Baer- Regional Sewer District Report – 2/18 informational meeting and 2/26 (Aurora) easement meeting and 3/2 (Dillsboro) easement meetings were held. Dillsboro meeting was not as well attended as the Aurora one. Needed some money for the project so he and Vera Benning attended the Lawrenceburg Council meeting tonight and made their request for bond bank money or ... Lawb’g asked them to return with further information. Official Sewer Board meetings are the third Tues of every month at 7 PM. The “Sewer Advisory Board” will meet at 6PM. (This was questioned at the end of the meeting during public comment- I was told by Vera Benning that they were a 10 member board that will “help with easements,” report on their particular road, and support the sewer district concept. They have no vote. They are volunteers and then are “selected” to serve. It was unclear as to WHO selects or directs this advisory board. Commissioner Benning is a Special advisor to the sewer board and reported that she is a liaison between them and the commissioners.)

4. Prosperity Road Damage (Caesar Creek Township)- no one showed up

5. County Administrator – Lorie Howard – Insurance renewals for the county, Draft RFPs going out for Tech Review, Storage in the jail (went on a walk thru with Sheriff Lusby), Thursday 3/18 at 7PM the Transportation Study final report is being given at the Tate Street Adult Center.
Dan Stropes and Alan Cornelius were appointed to the Historic Hoosier Hills.
Snow Alert Ordinance was tabled.

6. County Att’y – Lisa Lehner – CMHC grant – looking to bond bank for $$s and a grant. Made notes on County Personnel policy proposal for commissioners to look over. GASB-34 reviewed - accounting rules on inventory of assets etc. for the Auditor to set up. Per Cary- another UNFUNDED state mandate. Required for bonding etc. Reviewed the rules on county projects- if over $100,000 they have to be bid out- can’t be performed in-house. (related to the Bridge 15 project over Laughery Creek near Bell’s Branch)

7. Auditor – Claims paid – none related to lobbyist yet- question raised by Dan Batta.

Meeting adjourned 8:35 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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