Monday, March 01, 2004

County Commissioners March 1st Meeting

The March 1 Commissioner meeting was over in 50 minutes- a record short meeting.
All three Commissioners were present along with the Auditor, County Attorney, and the new County Administrator (Lorie Howard).
Veteran’s Service Officer (Bill Ewbank) reported that the transportation service would be available up to three times a week beginning in March.
Planning and Zoning received approval for the member list for the Housing Assessment Study Steering Committee. Their first meeting is 3/10 at 6 PM in the Adm. Bldg.
Animal Control (Cheryl Lohmiller) turned in their annual report for 2003 – noting that 1042 dogs came in and 456 were rescued. 667 cats came in and about 20 were rescued. Currently there are 42 dogs and 22 cats at the shelter.
Emergency Management (Bill Black) noted that March 14-20 was Severe Weather Awareness Week. They received a $50,000 grant for Project Hoosier Safety and the Communications Board will probably serve as the committee to decide how it will be used. They are also getting a free automatic defibrillator for the “Sunman area” of the county.
Transportation (Mike Davis) reported that all three districts were working on pothole repair. The slips in the county are beginning to be addressed. Vandalism was reported at the D-3 site. Fences will be added to that and District 1 per County Zoning regulations. Council approved $80,000 for striping, but to do all the main roads about $136,000 is actually needed. Some in house work is being done by the bridge crew to save money. Pre- engineered bridges are being supplied by CPI, Inc.
Vacate Locust Road (David King (citizen) and Mike Davis)- Legal description obtained, need to get certified letter to adjoining property owners. Tabled till next meeting.
Lifetime Resources – release of lien and Safe Passages Advocacy program for abused spouses and families- no one showed for the meeting to present either issue.
County Administrator (Lorie Howard)- Art Exhibit will be at the Courthouse for 3 weeks. Working on delineating the computer services for just the Adm. Bldg. There are space issues in each department. Looking into the possibility of CD-rom and microfiche storage and putting it into next year’s budget to alleviate storage issues. Reviewing the Transportation Plan with Mike Davis and Mark Seiler to obtain a road priority list. Requested that she be given copies of all contracts that are out for the county, to oversee them.
Minutes were tabled to be reviewed.
Claims paid.
Lobbyist will be paid quarterly- no claims for lobbyist yet. Lobbyist reports will now be emailed to the commissioners- they have not been receiving any of them. The Jewell DuBonis lobbyist ( Lewis and Kappes) was the contract signed by commissioners. The second lobbyist contract was with County Council.
Personnel policy was revised. Per Cary Pickens it was pretty much a carbon copy of the one from Clinton County.
Vera Benning- reported on the Sewer Board Meeting that went from 7-10:30. Approximate attendance was 100-120 people. Major worries were the costs of the system. A group is going with Vera Benning to Lawrenceburg to request some aid from Lawrenceburg (Riverboat Revenue). Citizen petitions were presented at the sewer meeting.
Adjourned 10:20 AM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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