Thursday, March 11, 2004

Comments on the Economics of the Proposed Sewer System

The sewer system as proposed by GRW for the area of the District west of Huesman Road has a projected price of 5.8 million dollars. For 303 houses that amounts to $19,140 per house. Even allowing for the 20% additional capacity to bring the total to 364 houses, the cost per house is $15,934. And if the top capacity number is exceeded the package treatment will require additional units and the piping will require up sizing.

A fully functional small treatment plant at each house, which produces virtually clean effluent can be installed for approximately$12,000 and the total project cost can be reduced by not replacing already up to date or functional systems.

The area of the current problem, Highridge estates per the GRW report has 45 houses. A medium size package treatment plant can be installed in the line to the existing lagoon with minimal disruption. Per the GRW report a package treatment plant for all 303 houses would cost $130,000. If a plant of that size were installed for Highridge Estates the average cost per house would be $2,889. Since the number of houses is less than one sixth of the total number (303) it would permit the use of a smaller plant. Even allowing that the plant would be half the cost in lieu of one sixth, the cost per house would $1,444.

These costs should give an idea of options to consider as opposed to just following the single option presented in the GRW report.

Ralph Thompson

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